#pietrades FAS Rolled June 22…

#pietrades FAS
Rolled June 22 68 Puts out and down to June 29th 67 Puts for 0.61 credit

#pietrades ROKU rolled my Jun22…

ROKU rolled my Jun22 SP 46 to Jun29 and collected some much needed extra premium of 79 Cents

#pietrade MU STO 59.5 put…


MU STO 59.5 put at 1.06 for next week.

Last trade until next week.

One more note on #pietrades. I have moved 60-80% of my portfolio to true #pietrades. 20-35% is one time opportunities and usually a #pietrade type scalp or earnings play or a #fuzzy, and 5% true speculative. I am trying to create and income replacement machine and seems to be working. Just need to avoid big losses like SVXY.

Adding disaster puts? Hmmmm….

Something my brother came up with that seems interesting. Ticker isn’t important or the length of trade or the strikes. The point of the exercise is the curve on the graph during an implosion. Adding disaster puts only adds a few pennies to weekly sales required on these 2020 positions while practically eliminating long term downside risk. This example is FAS buying LEAPS slightly ITM and disaster puts 20 percent below the current stock price.

You can play with the numbers and strikes to get a suitable position. I’m kinda liking the disaster puts idea though…



#Shortputs #pietrades Sold ROKU June…

#Shortputs #pietrades
Sold ROKU June 22nd 46 Put @.50

#pietrade updates. When the market…

#pietrade updates.

When the market gives you a gift early, take it an don’t ask questions so rolling/closing early and set up new trades.

Ok, so after #pietrades for 15 months straight here is what I have figured out works the best. Need a little bit of timing and a directional bias. Personally use the 4 hour chart as that seems to correlate well with the next week.
Higher premiums = easier to manage.
I am moving towards more ETFs as it gets rid of some of the single stock risk.
My current bull pen has contracted dramatically. Here is what I am trading and only about 3-6 on an every week basis, others are more weekly scalps.
True weeklies: AAPL, EOG, EXPE, IBB, XBI, LABU, FAS, TQQQ, TNA, UPRO, WDC, AMAT, SMH. Even with these I will try to time and do not trade every one every week.
All the others I trade are set up like #pietrades but they may only run a week or 2 depending on movement. LABU is on hold until a pull back. Up 25% in 3 weeks and I am not going to chase it but great premiums and will re-enter when we have even a little pull back. It was in the 80s 3 weeks ago, hit 112 today.

BTC LABU 96 and 92.5 puts for 0.1, 0.15 and 0.15 across 3 accounts.

New trades
EOG STO the next week 115 put for 1.1. Plan to trade this true #pietrade week to week. Has stabolized now that oil is in a range again.
WDC STO next week 78.5 put for 1.13 same as above but its range is now 78-87.5 or so.
FAS STO next week 66 p for 1.18 and will roll week to week.
STO TQQQ next week 61 p for 1.05 same.

Old trades still on
AMAT 51 CC rolled to 49 next week for 0.69 credit. Cost basis 51.54. Few more weeks and should be able to cover the earnings drop.
AMAT 50.5 cc rolled to next week 49 for 0.64 credit. Cost basis now 48.42 so will probably let is close and start over or use a different ticker.

Total income $3147 for the week so not a bad weekly pay check for a vacation week. Now go sit on my hands at the beach, actually can’t sit still that long. Will surf, SUP, kiteboard, windsurf, bike, depending on weather 🙂

Have a great week!

$SBUX – largest decliner in…

$SBUX – largest decliner in the SP500 this morning – too early for a #FallingKnife Put? Ideas?


The 5 year chart shows several years of only sideways movement