SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX July 15th 3140/3160-3170/3190 condors for 17.20, with SPX at 3167.
Wasn’t filled on trying to sell my put side on the lows…. I called the pullback but thought it would go a bit deeper.

#SPX1dte Expiring: July 8th 3045/3065-3205/3225 condors, sold yesterday for 1.10.


GSX SAVE Puts / AAPL BUPS Closed / OKTA PLAN Calls Rolled / SPX Campaign

$GSX STO 2/21/30 puts at 31
$SAVE BTC 2/21 40 put at .60. STO 1/13 at 2.35

$AAPL BTC 2/21 340/350 BUPS at .50. STO 1/28 for 1.91

$OKTA BTC 2/7 132 and STO 2/14 134 at added .40. Too bad stock tanked.
$PLAN BTC 2/21 and STO 3/20 65 at .40 debit. Then stock tanked. Quite the pattern. )-:

#optionsexpiration #spx1-dte
Thank you @jeffcp66

SPX puts closed

#SPX1-dte Two extra roll spreads closed:

BTC $SPX June 5th 2700/2675 put spread for .25. Sold for 2.70 last Wednesday.
BTC $SPX June 7th 2675/2650 put spreads for .60. Sold yesterday for 3.10.

June 7th call spread at 2810 under pressure, but not too worries yet. This is a bear trend rally; at least until it isn’t.

SPX 4-dte

#SPX1-dte As another short term trade, replacing call spreads closed Friday,
Sold $SPX March 17th (weeklys) 2890/2915 call spreads for 2.95.

Also, closed today’s 2790/2770 put spreads for .30. Hovering between 1.00 and 4.00 all day, finally got out. I had to close the call spread at Friday’s close, unfortunately; it would not have been a concern today!

SPX 9-dte

#SPX1-dte Sold $SPX Apr 24th 2900/2875 put spreads for 6.95. Aggressive ATM position in response to minor upside warning that fired Friday. If index has not moved higher by Wednesday, I will consider rolling.
(IV 10%, SPX: 2903)

SPX 1-dte closed

BTC SPX Feb27 2845/2850 BeCS @ .05 x2. STO @ .35 x2. $60 profit
BTC SPX Feb27 2825/2830 BeCS @ .05 x4. STO @ .35 x4. $120 profit
BTC SPX Feb27 2755/2750 BuPS @ .05 x2. STO @ .25 x2. $40 profit
BTC SPX Feb27 2765/2760 BuPS @ .05 x2. STO @ .25 x2. $40 profit
Total profit $280

SPX 1-dte

Sold Feb15 2690/2685 BuPS @ .30 x2. Based on 2730 support and Theo gravity level.
Sold Feb15 2700/2695 BuPS @ .35 x4, .30×2. Based on Tide and MACD.
Sold Feb15 2775/2780 BeCS @ .25 x2, .35 x2, .45 x2. Call shorts are tight but market showing some weakness
Sold Feb15 2785/2790 BeCS @ .25 x2
Done for today. Total credit $510.
Closing trades: Closed BuPS .05 x8. Closed 2785/2890 BeCS @ .05. Closed 2775/2780 ccs @.90×2 and .60×4.
Profit $290 before commissions. Twas a serious nail biter.

SPX 1-dte

Sold Feb14 IC (monthly) 2790/2795/2720/2715 @.50 x2
2/14 update: Closed call spreads for .05 and put spreads for .10. Total profit $70.

SPX 1-dte IC

Building an SPX Feb13 IC position today. Will keep tabs on it here.
Sold Feb13 2760/2765 BeCS @ .50 x1
Sold Feb13 2760/2765 BeCS @ .45 x2
Sold Feb13 2695/2690 BuPS @ .25 x2
Sold Feb13 2705/2700 BuPS @ .25 x2
Sold Feb13 2765/2775 BeCS @ .30 x1. Converted one of the 2760/2765 to 10w for .30 credit.
Sold Feb13 2715/2710 BuPS @ .30 x2
Total credit $380.
Will let you know how it closes tomorrow. May have to buy back a short call or two.

When all was said and done, I lost $419 on this batch of spreads. I bought back the 2760 calls on a breach early in the morning. It dropped soon after and never went ITM again. These trades continue to make the case for price staying within EM most of the time. Gotta stick to my rules of adjusting on a breach. Only lost about one day’s profits. Back to work tomorrow.


SPX 1-dte IC

Closed Feb11 put spreads (8) and call spreads (4) spreads for .05 each. Total credit $450. Total profit $390.

SPX 1-dte IC

Sold Feb 11 2650/2645 BuPS, 4@.50, 2@.45, and 2 @.30. Total credit $350
Sold Feb 11 2735/2740 BeCS @ .25 x4. Total credit $100

SPX 1-dte IC

Feb 8 positions all closed for .05. Total profit $362. Did not defend the put credit spread with 2670 short puts.

SPX 1-dte IC

Sold layers of SPX Feb8 BuPS x6 and BeCS x4 at different strikes for total credit of $412. So far, so good. I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

SPX 1-dte IC

Building an SPX 1dte position throughout the day. First trade is a ccs based on Theo 2731 gravity point, too many up days, other possible one or two day dampers. Adding trades as I take them.
STO SPX Feb6 2755/2760 BeCS @ .45 x1
STO SPX Feb6 2705/2700 BuPS @ .30 x2. Didn’t get the pullback after PMI/ISM that I expected.
STO SPX Feb6 2760/2765 BeCS @ .35 x1. This converts one 10w spread for .80 credit
STO SPX Feb6 2705/2700 BuPS @ .30 x1. Willing to go up to 8 BuPS.
STO SPX Feb6 2705/2700 BuPS @ .60 x1. 4 pcs total
Flied off the risk on the call spread for 2.30 debit. New position SPX Feb6 2745/2755/2565 call fly.

Update: BuPS x4 closed at .05 for $100 total profit.

Don’t want short risk tomorrow due to VIX upside warning potential at the close today.


SPX 1-dte IC

Closed the SPX Feb4 IC from Friday where I added one spread at a time based on Tide
BTC Feb4 2740/2750 BeCS @. 05. STO @.90
BTC Feb4 2670/2665 BuPS @ .05 x3. STO @ .30, .25, .25
BTC Feb4 2680/2675 BuPS @ .05 x1. STO @ .35
Total profit $200

SPX 1dte petri dish

Entering one lot at a time based on 5min and 30min MT signals. Will only take additional lots if they improve average credit or strikes. Quick experiment to see if this helps with defense. The last four trades I’ve defended didn’t need to be defended. Even though all but one were profitable, I don’t like being nervous all day.:-)
STO SPX Feb4 2745/2750 BeCS for .25 @ 7:33 am
STO SPX Feb4 2670/2665 BuPS for .30 @ 8:07 am
STO SPX Feb4 2740/2745 BeCS for .35 @ 8:50. This converts the ccs to a 10w @ .60 credit
STO SPX Feb4 2680/2675 BuPS for .35 @ 10:15
STO SPX Feb4 2670/2665 x2 @ .30 and .35 later in the day. Got busy so couldn’t do JIT posts.
All up 2x call side, 4x put side.

SPX 1-dte

STO SPX Feb1 IC 2650/2655/2740/2745 put/call @.50 x6
BTC early for .10. With the VIX drop at the open, couldn’t resist the quick win.:-)
Profit $240

SPX 1-dte defense

Cut risk to zero and made a small profit my SPX Jan31 2710/2715 ccs by buying back the three 2710 calls in the spread I STO near the close yesterday. Position is now a bullish backratio.
Ended up making $430 on this 6 lot trade.


Closed Jan30 SPX 1dte IC early

Closed for .20. Sold for .55 x 6. Total profit $210

SPX 1-dte IC

Sold SPX Jan30 2710/2715 ccs @ .25 x 6 across two accounts. Will add pcs on reversal.
Sold SPX Jan30 2600/2595 pcs @ .25 x6 across two accounts to complete the IC
Sold 3 more Jan31 2710/2715 ccs @ .75 after fed announcement. This is based on the usual reversal after a spike on the announcement.

SPX 1-dte IC defense again

Converted SPX Jan28 2625/2620 put side to Jan28 2630/2625/2620 fly @ 1.55. With credit received on IC, net debit is 1.05 per lot x6. This either locks in a loss or a possible profit if SPX closes between 2625 and 2630. Decision made on breach of 2625 level and then waited for bounce to enter.

Defending every other trade is getting old so will probably stay on sidelines or use long ICs as @jeffcp66 is doing. All depends on the HV/IV ratio on SPX after today.


#pietrades, #spycraft

SPX 1-dte

Sold SPX Jan28 2625/2620 BuPS @ .25 x6 in two accounts. The ES appears to be finding a new higher range in which to bounce around.:-)
Sold SPX Jan28 2700/2705 @.30 x6 to complete the IC.

SPX 1-dte defense time

Converted SPX Jan25 call spread to fly 2675/2680/2685 for .85 debit (net cost of .30 per lot). This locks in a loss of $360 across two accounts unless price goes above 2675 before the close.
On a positive note, I reduced risk from $5280 to $360 on 12 lots.

SPX 1-dte

Sold SPX Jan25 2680/2685 call credit spread @ .30 x 12 @ 7:36 am.
Tide agreement on 5 min and 30 min. Waiting for tide reversal to sell put credit spread.

Sold SPX Jan25 2595/2590 put credit spread @ .25x 12 @ 8:25 am to complete the IC.
Breakout on 5 min chart, down signal ghosted out on 30 min chart. Not the best entry but following my rules.

With defense, trade closed for $420 loss on 12 lots. If the regular profit on one of these trades exceeds the loss on a defended trade, I’m good with that. On to the next SPX 1-dte IC.


SPX 1-dte, legging in

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 22nd 2715/2735 call spreads for .45. Legging in as I see us going lower into the close. Will sell puts soon.


SPX 1-dte IC

Sold SPX Jan9 2635/2640 BeCS @ .25 x5. Will buy bull put spread later today when conditions look a little better to do so.
Sold SPX Jan9 2495/2490 BuPS @ .30 x5 to complete the IC.
Defense plan: use @hcgdavis tactic to buy back 2 or 3 of the shorts to create a ratio should either of these credit spreads get in trouble.


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1-dte — in trouble again, last week to upside, today on downside. If we get no bounce I’m going to roll into an ATM or ITM put spread a week or two out.