SPX 1-dte IC

Building an SPX Feb13 IC position today. Will keep tabs on it here.
Sold Feb13 2760/2765 BeCS @ .50 x1
Sold Feb13 2760/2765 BeCS @ .45 x2
Sold Feb13 2695/2690 BuPS @ .25 x2
Sold Feb13 2705/2700 BuPS @ .25 x2
Sold Feb13 2765/2775 BeCS @ .30 x1. Converted one of the 2760/2765 to 10w for .30 credit.
Sold Feb13 2715/2710 BuPS @ .30 x2
Total credit $380.
Will let you know how it closes tomorrow. May have to buy back a short call or two.

When all was said and done, I lost $419 on this batch of spreads. I bought back the 2760 calls on a breach early in the morning. It dropped soon after and never went ITM again. These trades continue to make the case for price staying within EM most of the time. Gotta stick to my rules of adjusting on a breach. Only lost about one day’s profits. Back to work tomorrow.