$NFLX 345 and 352.50 calls (Covered)
$TLRY 85 call (Covered)
$AMD 20 put
$WYNN 116 put
$EXAS 82 put

$T 31 put Basis 30.21 Stock at 30. Will sell calls until someone takes it away for the dividend. ;-}

Relax and enjoy the super bowl. You are all CHAMPIONS – thank you.

Downside Warning canceled!

#VIXIndicator Today’s $VIX close ends the 4-month Downside Warning. If we get two more closes at or below 16.47, it will trigger an Upside Warning, which usually means a strong rally for a few days or weeks.

Expirations AMZN SPX / Closed Early AMZN / ROKU BUPS / Roll TQQQ

$AMZN STO 2/1 1605/1610 BUPS at .50 Expired same day. Thank you @honkhonk81 and jojo mojo
$SPX 2630/2650/2765/2745

Closed Early
$AMZN BTC 2/1 1590/1600 BUPS as part of earnings IC at .20 Made 85% of max. Stock started to look soft in late afternoon and I did not want to be correct, I just wanted a profit. Thank you @jeffcp66 BECS expired!

$ROKU BTO 3/15 40/50 BUCS at 4.80. Earnings Feb 21st

$TQQQ BTC 2/1 46 call and STO 2/15 48.50 call at .15 credit. Sold against leap.

SPX 1-dte long

#SPX1dte Bought to open $SPX Feb 4th 2645/2660-2740/2755 condors for .55. (IV 7.94%: SPX 2704)

I reduced to 15-wide to make it cheaper, and also went to the strike below .06 on each side. This lowers probability, but short strikes are only 80 apart, which is the lowest I have had on any condor in this strategy, long or short.

#shortstock IP Sold short 100…

#shortstock IP

Sold short 100 shares of IP for 46.31

#earnings #closing IBM January 22…

#earnings #closing IBM

January 22 sold a Feb. 15, 105/135 strangle for .90, turned profitable today, took the small gain, bought for .66

SPX 1-dte switch

#SPX1dte My short condor from yesterday will expire worthless (sold for 1.00)

I am going to BUY the condor for Monday, since volatility on the options chain plummeted to below 9%, after being above 15% all week. (today would have been a good day to sell a condor in the morning, and close it by day’s end)

AMZN closed

#Earnings BTC $AMZN Feb 1st 1600/1590 put spreads for .25. Not going to mess with this one if it decides to get cute. Condors sold yesterday for 2.00.

Econ Calendar for week of 2/4/18

**Jerome Powell speaks Wednesday at 7pm ET

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.22.28 AM
Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.22.28 AM

Link to calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=4&month=2&year=2019&cust=us&lid=0

EW closed, and remaining earnings trades

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar
Sold to close $EW Feb01/Feb08 170 dbl cals for 3.25 (avg price). Bought yesterday for 1.57.

#IronButterfly $NOW expiring at max loss of .65.
#IronCondor $AMZN expiring at full profit, sold yesterday for 2.00.
#LongStraddle $EBAY straddle bought for 2.23 on Tuesday. It had a subtle move, so I played the swings and managed to sell for 1.168. Even when long straddles miss, they aren’t too bad provided you have a few days and some swings.


#CoveredCalls – My other one is ITM and requiring lengthy rolls. Trying to stay out of the way on this one. Hopefully they’ll be adding strikes eventually. Pretty poor selection right now.

Rolled LABU FEB 15 2019 49.0 Call to MAR 08 2019 52.0 Call @ .25 credit

INTC trades

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #CoveredCalls #Dividends
Lat week’s double cal didn’t work but I stuck with the trade, selling the long put and taking assignment, cost basis of 47.34.

Today I lightened the load, selling slightly less than half of the stock for 49.00.

I’m converting the rest into a #PieTrade, so I sold to Open $INTC March 15th 50 covered calls for 1.01.


#CoveredCalls – Looked safe a couple days ago but not now. Rolling out a week and up 5 points. Earnings the following week so very nice premium coming up. Have to do this now since I’ve gotta leave before the close.

Rolled NVDA FEB 01 2019 145.0 Call to FEB 08 2019 150.0 Call @ .30 credit

Short a 145.0 Put next week also. Setting up for the roll into earnings if needed.

#pietrades STO EOG Feb 8…


STO EOG Feb 8 98.5 put for 1.10. Cb 97.4 if assigned.
Another batch of 3 in another account for 1.05 or 97.45 if assigned.

WDC so far ITM now that can’t roll. Closed the 40/40 for 6.45 credit resulting in 11.26 loss per contract. However, this is much better than if I had held the stock, would have been a 74 point loss as I originially had sold the 100 and 98 puts before Oct.

I will take the cash and use it for a better trade 🙂


#ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – Assigned early at 30.21 basis which I don’t mind. Can get the call sales done now.

Sold T MAR 15 2019 31.0 Calls @ .41

#earnings #doublecalendar INTC January 24,…

#earnings #doublecalendar INTC

January 24, bought a Jan. 25/Feb 1, strike 50 double calendar (following Jeff), Jan. 25, rolled the short put to March and sold the long put as INTC went down after earnings. Closed the March put today making 98.93 after all transactions.


SFIX BTO STOCK @22.47 A Day trade.

Double Cals

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar For 2nd quarter in a row, $EW is killing it on this strategy. The long options (Feb 8th) retain a lot of value, but because stock price is so close to my 170 strike, I was able to exit partial for 4.30 near the open. Now waiting for even a better price as the Feb 1st short options decay.

$MRK was the loser…. Sold to close $MRK Feb01/Feb08 74.5 dbl cals for .30. bought yesterday for .47

Working on the $HON exit. Looks like I’ll be able to get a slight profit.

BA earnings closed

#Earnings #Iron Condor This one is close to full loss, but I closed the call side for 4.50, a discount from what is likely to be an expiration of 5.00. Sold the condors for 1.75. Closed the $BA Feb 1st 380/385 call spreads for 4.50. Fortunately, earnings wins from this week will easily exceed this loss!

NUGT calls

#ContangoETFs Yesterday, Sold $NUGT Sept 35 calls for 2.06. First time back in NUGT in a long time, and currently my only ContangoETF position.

SPX 1dte petri dish

Entering one lot at a time based on 5min and 30min MT signals. Will only take additional lots if they improve average credit or strikes. Quick experiment to see if this helps with defense. The last four trades I’ve defended didn’t need to be defended. Even though all but one were profitable, I don’t like being nervous all day.:-)
STO SPX Feb4 2745/2750 BeCS for .25 @ 7:33 am
STO SPX Feb4 2670/2665 BuPS for .30 @ 8:07 am
STO SPX Feb4 2740/2745 BeCS for .35 @ 8:50. This converts the ccs to a 10w @ .60 credit
STO SPX Feb4 2680/2675 BuPS for .35 @ 10:15
STO SPX Feb4 2670/2665 x2 @ .30 and .35 later in the day. Got busy so couldn’t do JIT posts.
All up 2x call side, 4x put side.

January Jobs Report

#Jobs Much higher than expected, again. December revised lower.

+304,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. 170K expected
Unemployment at 4.0%, up 0.1%
U6 unemployment at 8.1%, up 0.5%
Wages up 0.1%, 3.2% year over year
Labor force participation 63.2%, up by 0.1

December revised down from 312K to 222K
November revised up from 176K to 196K

Good Morning

Good Morning