SPX 1-dte IC

Sold layers of SPX Feb8 BuPS x6 and BeCS x4 at different strikes for total credit of $412. So far, so good. I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.


#CoveredCalls – I did a trade! Woohoo! Have to say I don’t hate the pullback. Helps out some of the ITM positions.

Rolled TQQQ FEB 15 2019 44.0 Call to MAR 1 2019 45.0 Call @ .21 credit

Adding 1.21 of upside while still keeping a little more downside help.

SPX 1 die

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Feb 8th 2630/2655-2730/2755 condors for .90 (IV: 12.8%, SPX 2697)

#shortcallspreads TSLA yesterday sold 350/360…

#shortcallspreads TSLA

yesterday sold 350/360 call spread for 1.02, bought today for .40 on the $10 move down.

#assignment NTGR Back in July…

#assignment NTGR

Back in July I sold a Dec. NTGR 55 put, rolled it to January, then February, then March. It had become an NS option. I was assigned and also received 198 shares of ARLO, a spin-off. I was assigned at 41.25, even though it was a 55 put. ARLO is going for 3.83, but TDA says I was assigned at 6.93. I’m down about $500 on the two positions. Always something new.

#earnings MAT Sold March 15,…

#earnings MAT

Sold March 15, 13 straddle for 1.92.

Closing UPS

Bought to close $UPS Jul 19 75 puts @ .37-.38. Sold for 1.35 on 12/13. Taking the 70%+ off the table with over 5 months to go.