Expiration $SPX 1 DTE / Closed Early COST UA

$SPX 2690/2710/2795/2775 STO at .80

$COST 2/15 207.5/212.50 BUPS at 1.00 STO at 2.20 54% of max. I am treading lightly. Erring on the side of keeping my money.
$UAL BTC 2/15 90 call at .20 STO on 1/15 as part of earnings strangle at .61. The put side which brought in .49 will, I expect, expire Friday. STO at .49. Thank you @thomberg1201 for the trade and @jeffcp66 for supporting data.

NFLX put spread

Sold $NFLX Mar 15 335/325 BuPS for 2.55.

SHOP fully closed

#Earnings Sold the last batch of $SHOP Feb15/Feb22 #DoubleCalendar for 3.10. Bought for 1.60 on Monday.

SPX 1-dte

Sold Feb14 IC (monthly) 2790/2795/2720/2715 @.50 x2
2/14 update: Closed call spreads for .05 and put spreads for .10. Total profit $70.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Feb 14th (monthlys) 2690/2710-2790/2810 condors for 1.00. These are monthlys, so they stop trading at Thursday’s close but settle Friday morning. I will close the trade before tomorrow’s close to avoid gap risk.

Expiring: Feb 13th condor, sold yesterday for 1.00.

NTAP dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $NTAP Feb15/Feb22 68 #DoubleCalendar for .39.

CSCO dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $CSCO Feb15/Feb22 47.5 #DoubleCalendar for .18.

Price has gone up on NTAP so looking to buy now.