Covered Call / LABU / ETSY / TNDM

$LABU STO 3/1 60 call at 1.75. Sold after the big surge up today. Not sure if it will hold. If I get called away basis is 47 and I am happy camper. If it goes up to 100 next week still a happy camper, just not the happiest camper.

$ETSY STO 3/15 65 calls at 2.35. Part covered, part naked. Naked more exciting. Earlier in day sold some of stock.
$TNDM STO 3/1 50 calls at 2.65 They report soon and I have too large a position. If taken away I am fine. If not I will sell calls again.


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – One late fill…

Sold UVXY MAR 22 2019 55.0 Calls @ 1.10


#CoveredCalls – Rolling one out and up…

Rolled LABU MAR 08 2019 52.0 Call to MAR 29 2019 54.0 Call @ .15 credit

Rolling MU strangle

Rolled $MU Mar 15 41.50/42 strangle out to Apr 18 40/46 strangle for .35 credit.
History so far:
1/29: March 33/42 strangle sold for 1.92 credit
2/6: Rolled 33 puts up to 39 puts, staying in March, for 1.00 credit
2/20: Rolled 39 puts up to 41.50 puts, staying in March, for .64 credit
2/25: Rolled March 41.50/42 strangle out to April 40/46 for .35, widening from 1/2 point to 6 points with the deltas (put/call) at 31 and 38. The fact that earnings come between March and April expiration allowed me to make this roll.

Now I’m just looking for this thing to slow down a bit. Total credit taken in 3.91 so my breakevens are now 36.09 and 49.91, a pretty wide range for the stock to bounce around between now and earnings at which point I’ll have hopefully closed the position for a profit.

SPX 4-dte

#SPX1dte As a roll from the stopped spread today: Sold $SPX March 1st 2715/2740/2845/2870 condors for 2.40. If possible I will close with 60% of profit a day or two early. (.10 delta, 12.5% IV, SpX 2801)

TRADES: Some delayed.

SLDB STC STOCK 10.26 A gift.

#earnings #jadelizard M Sold March…

#earnings #jadelizard M

Sold March 15, 22(put)/25/25.50 for .73, stock at 24.60, recent low of 23.95. I have 100 assigned shares from a while ago. Thanks for the data Jeff.