#ShortPuts #IRA – One of my favorite tickers so adding here. Seems to be stabilizing above it’s 50ma but still near the bottom of it’s recent implosion. Based on the April expected move 137 is a possibility so selling near that area. 15.2% annualized if it goes to expiration…

Sold NVDA APR 18 2019 140.0 Put @ 3.30

A TRADE: Seems I’m a…

A TRADE: Seems I’m a 2 trick pony today. HIIQ & SLDB

HIIQ STO 3/15/19 PUT @5.10

HLF dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $HLF Feb22/Mar01 57.5 #DoubleCalendar for .45. (Got it for .42 in a TOS account)

SPX 1-dte LONG

#SPX1dte Premium just too low to sell, so I chose long today.
Bought to Open $SPX Feb 20th 2735/2750-2815/2820 condors for .50. (IV 9.56%, SPX 2786)

15-wide on put side and only 5-wide on call side. Not too far OTM so any reasonable move toward these should give me at least a small profit… but not expecting much!

HIIQ Broke a double top…

HIIQ Broke a double top at 42.0 today on the Point & Figure chart, a buy signal.


HIIQ BTO STOCK @32.95 Adding in small increments. Redundant. ;>)


SLDB BTO STOCK @8.30 An add. Have some from lower.

WTW keeps going down. Is…

WTW keeps going down. Is it going to recover? 😉


HIIQ STO 3/15/19 41.0 PUTS @3.50
HIIQ STO 3/15/19 42.0 PUTS @4.10
HIIQ BTO STOCK @42.65 Chased a little.
HIIQ BTC 3/15/19 44.0 CALLS @3.70, STO this morning, a mistake, not in my plan. Will be out of HIIQ before expiration next week.

#earnings #assignment #coveredputs GLW January…

#earnings #assignment #coveredputs GLW

January 28, sold a Feb. 15, earnings 25/30/30/35 iron fly that should have worked, (they all should work of course). I was assigned 100 short shares, basis just under 31, stock at 34. Sold a March 15, 32.50 put for .24.