Hello all

I have been following along time permitting but no trading. I’m slowly getting the place back to normal. The crawl space is drained and mostly dry. I replaced all the insulation. Last bit is a new vapor barrier. A bunch of niggling back burner chores that had accumulated for years have been ground through. (The wife no longer puts them under my pillow). My other distraction as a property master and set designer for a film will wrap up mid March. I hope to ease back in to trading soon after. To that rebirth this morning I sold NUGT Mar 15th 27 Calls when NUGT was at 23.55 against my underwater stock that I was assigned what seems like eons ago at 26.50. Catch you all later.

EVTC Short Puts

$EVTC STO 3/15 30 put at 1.00. I sold partial stock position before earnings.

SPX 44-dte

#SPX1dte Selling a longer-term to make up for today’s loss and also for the helluvit.

Sold to Open $SPX April 5th 2525/2550/2925/2950 condors for 2.60. (IV 14.54%, SPX 2785)

BTO NSpC @ 24.84 divdend…

BTO NSpC @ 24.84 divdend pays quarterly ex date 2/28/
9.06% for year/.5625 a share


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – Selling diagonals against free March 90 short calls.

Bought to Close UVXY FEB 22 2019 57.5 Calls @ .02 (sold for 1.23)

I’ll be looking to sell again on any tiny little bounce in volatility…

NTES Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizard – Haven’t had a chance to mess with much earnings this quarter other than NVDA last week. I’ll take a shot at NTES today with a slightly bearish play since the stock is up today and at resistance. Using a Jade Lizard (no upside risk). This position would need the stock to trade lower on the announcement but no lower than slightly more than the expected move (212.30 b/e). Worse case scenario it turns into a covered call position with nice weekly premium.

Sold NTES FEB 22 2019 217.5/232.5/237.5 Jade lizard @ 5.20

SQ calls closed

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Bougt to close $SQ Feb 22nd 77 calls for .50. Sold for 2.05 last Wednesday


STO 29 MAR 2019 2580/2560 BuPS at $1.05

#bullputspreads, #spxcampaign

Exiting NTAP

#Earnings #LongStock #Assignment #DoubleCalendar
Sold half of my stock for 65.00 and 65.45. Assigned via 68 puts last week… cost basis 64.79. Looking to unload all of it; no interest in making this a longer term holding.


PYX BTO STOCK @25.69 A starter.

Looking to add to HIIQ & SLDB on a pull back.