SPX roll sold

#SPXcampaign #CondorRoll Sold to Open Dec 2nd 1900/1925/2225/2250 iron condors for 2.10. Rolled from Nov 25th spread stopped earlier, using 1.5x position size.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 25th 2210/2235 call spreads for 1.50, with SPX at 2126.

SPX puts stopped

#SPXcampaign STOPPED Bought to close $SPX Nov 25th 2025/2000 put spreads for 2.85. Sold for 1.55 on Tuesday. Looking to roll into an iron condor, Dec 2 expiration.

SPX same-day puts closed with loss

#SPXcampaign STOPPED Bought to close $SPX Oct 28th 2120/21000 put spreads for 2.85. Sold a few minutes ago for 1.35. Can’t bat a thousand on ’em all! Ugly looking, and with the spread ATM, this price can move against me super fast. Will consider rolls next week. For now, looking to take a stop on a Nov 25th spread.

VIX Indicator signal fired

#VIXIndicator A third signal fired today. After the Warning fired (Oct 13th), additional warnings mean continued volatility but can also signal a market bottom. So it is best to remain on guard after the Warning until it is canceled.

SPX same-day puts

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Oct 28th 2120/2100 put spreads for 1.35. Expiring in 2.5 hours.

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Nov 4th 2185/2210 call spreads for .20. Sold for 2.25 on Oct 19th. I’ve been trying to sell a call spread, but instead one closed.

Some Trades

Expecting good Christmas sales
$AMZN 1/20/2017 720/770 BUPS @ 15.50
$AMZN 12/16/2016 720/770 BUPS @ 13.85
$AMZN 11/18 730/740 BUPS @ 1.40
$AMZN 11/18 760/770 BUPS @ 3.25
$SPX 11/23 1955/1980 BUPS @ 1.25
$UVXY 12/2 35 call @ .39

$CMG 10/28 370 put to 11/11 360 put for 2.20 credit

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Fourteen minutes after the close, Sold to Open $SPX Nov 25th 1980/1955 put spreads for 1.40.

SPX call spread

SPX nov wk2 2195/2220 STO for $1.80

completes condor.