STO Feb 15 2019 37.50 P @ 1.15
After earnings, would be glad to take the stock down there and then write calls and take dividends.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything as I needed to take a complete break from options as I was trading too much for me. Glad to see some new names and “faces” and ideas.


STO $SVXY Sep 15 60 put @ 1.65

AAOI puts

STO Dec 15 55 P @ 5.10 with stock at 72.40


BTC Aug 18 40 P for 0.40. Originally sold for 0.90.
Will take my 50+%. Market seems uncertain with some big implosions on some stocks. With this one being Chinese, hard to understand or trust their financials and where they may be going.

$BA damage control.

After earnings had sold Jul 28 230/235 BeCS for 1.45 when stock was at about 230, but stock went into orbit after that. Can’t stay there forever (maybe), so just rolled same spread out a week to Aug 4, for 0.47 debit. Still have profit and perhaps it will come back to earth a bit so I can get out better, or roll up and out.

$BA flying high

My BeCS yesterday is way underwater. Would have never thought BA would have continued to scream higher with all the afterburners turned on. Should have waited to enter any position (unless I could have foreseen just buying calls). Forgetting that position, any thoughts now with this stock now in orbit?

$BA call spread

Post earnings, looks like it may have reached a high at 230.
STO BA Jul 28 230/235 BeCS @ 1.45
Will have to watch this closely and will close it if going against me.