AMAT analysis — Got anything…

AMAT analysis — Got anything on $AMAT for tomorrow, @Jeff?


STO Feb 21 105/110 BeCS for 1.18 when stock just above 100.
Looks like it could pull back or settle here around 100.
Earnings Feb 19, but hope to be out before then.


Appears to be in a nice volatility squeeze without increase in volume. Looks like it could pop to the upside, but hasn’t yet.
Any ideas on how to play this, or just watch? Thoughts appreciated?


$AMAT STO Feb 21 57.50 P @1.52
Earnings Feb 12 and probably out by then, but may stay and would take assignment.

Sorry I was a little slow to post this, I was in with the stock at about 60.30


STO Feb 1 225/230 BeCS for 1.75
Trying to salvage the iron condor that was totally busted by the extreme move this morning.


STO Feb 1 2019 42.50/45 BeCS @ 1.10 with stock at 43.30.
Expecting STX to come back down some prior to earnings on Feb 5.


BTC WDC Feb 1 2019 33.0 put @ 0.05. Sold 2 days ago for 0.50.


Sold WDC Feb 01 2019 33.0 Put @ 0.50
Willing to take stock if it falls that much after earnings this week.


STO Feb 15 2019 37.50 P @ 1.15
After earnings, would be glad to take the stock down there and then write calls and take dividends.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything as I needed to take a complete break from options as I was trading too much for me. Glad to see some new names and “faces” and ideas.


STO $SVXY Sep 15 60 put @ 1.65