NBR puts sold

STO $NBR Jan 19 2018 7.00 puts @ 1.07

AAOI puts

STO Jul 21 50 P at 1.00

Short call assignment question:

This is a first for me, I think. I was holding an 88/93 BeCS on TSO that expired Friday. TSO closed at 92.43. I had received 2.48 credit for the spread about 2 weeks ago. Today I open my account to see that I’m short a position in TSO at 88. I got TSO called away from me, and the long call I had at 93 was not exercised automatically by TDA. It also showed I was in a maintenance call. Was able to go ahead and buy back the short position, but the rep at TDA couldn’t really explain to me very well why it wasn’t automatically taken care of. Any ideas? Thoughts? Recommendations? Is this normal?
The only good thing out of this was they threw in a few free trades for the hassle.


STO $COST Jul 21 165/160 BuPS @ 1.31 when at 168.10


STO Jun 16 92 C @ 0.20 with stock at 85.45
This is covering stock and would put it back up near the recent highs. Don’t think it will get back there by Friday. This lowers my cost basis a bit more to 74.20.
0.20 is not much, but anything helps in an uncertain market now for tech.


Taking a chance that we’ve reached the short-term top here at about 90.50.
STO Jun 16 93/88 BeCS for 2.48.
When this thing pulls back, it usually does so in large jumps. Would look to book profits at 50% on a quick pullback or wait until expiration if needed.
Of course now that I’ve declared the top, you should probably just buy some calls or sell puts. Ha!

EWZ @fuzzballl OK, gonna try…

EWZ @fuzzballl
OK, gonna try your long call diagonal with the BuPS.
BTO Jan 2019 30 call, STO Jan 2019 25/20 BuPS, and STO Jul 21 2017 37 call for 6.22 debit. Will look to sell the monthly calls and see where this takes me for the next year and a half. Will also check the weekly calls after July expiration. Thanks for the tip, @fuzzballl and @jsd501.