AMAT analysis — Got anything…

AMAT analysis — Got anything on $AMAT for tomorrow, @Jeff?


STO Feb 21 105/110 BeCS for 1.18 when stock just above 100.
Looks like it could pull back or settle here around 100.
Earnings Feb 19, but hope to be out before then.


Appears to be in a nice volatility squeeze without increase in volume. Looks like it could pop to the upside, but hasn’t yet.
Any ideas on how to play this, or just watch? Thoughts appreciated?


$AMAT STO Feb 21 57.50 P @1.52
Earnings Feb 12 and probably out by then, but may stay and would take assignment.

Sorry I was a little slow to post this, I was in with the stock at about 60.30


STO Feb 1 225/230 BeCS for 1.75
Trying to salvage the iron condor that was totally busted by the extreme move this morning.


STO Feb 1 2019 42.50/45 BeCS @ 1.10 with stock at 43.30.
Expecting STX to come back down some prior to earnings on Feb 5.


BTC WDC Feb 1 2019 33.0 put @ 0.05. Sold 2 days ago for 0.50.


Sold WDC Feb 01 2019 33.0 Put @ 0.50
Willing to take stock if it falls that much after earnings this week.


STO Feb 15 2019 37.50 P @ 1.15
After earnings, would be glad to take the stock down there and then write calls and take dividends.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything as I needed to take a complete break from options as I was trading too much for me. Glad to see some new names and “faces” and ideas.


STO $SVXY Sep 15 60 put @ 1.65

AAOI puts

STO Dec 15 55 P @ 5.10 with stock at 72.40


BTC Aug 18 40 P for 0.40. Originally sold for 0.90.
Will take my 50+%. Market seems uncertain with some big implosions on some stocks. With this one being Chinese, hard to understand or trust their financials and where they may be going.

$BA damage control.

After earnings had sold Jul 28 230/235 BeCS for 1.45 when stock was at about 230, but stock went into orbit after that. Can’t stay there forever (maybe), so just rolled same spread out a week to Aug 4, for 0.47 debit. Still have profit and perhaps it will come back to earth a bit so I can get out better, or roll up and out.

$BA flying high

My BeCS yesterday is way underwater. Would have never thought BA would have continued to scream higher with all the afterburners turned on. Should have waited to enter any position (unless I could have foreseen just buying calls). Forgetting that position, any thoughts now with this stock now in orbit?

$BA call spread

Post earnings, looks like it may have reached a high at 230.
STO BA Jul 28 230/235 BeCS @ 1.45
Will have to watch this closely and will close it if going against me.


Have been writing covered calls on WDC since February. Had been rolling the 90C recently, but decided to get out of that position today on the dip, so closed all for about a 20.5% gain. Now just selling puts like @hcgdavis.
STO Aug 4 88 put for 1.20.

$AAOI – BTC Jul 28…

$AAOI – BTC Jul 28 65P for .05. Originally sold for 1.45 on 7/13.

Question on Collars???

Anyone here use collars on a stock you still want? Buying a protective put and selling a covered call? Pros and cons? Put it on for even or skew it slightly? What say you?
Expiration before or after earnings and how far?

$AAOI puts

STO Aug 11 65 P @ 2.40
I’ll take assignment there if it drops that much after earnings.


STO $CC Aug 18 34 put @ 1.65
This stock has been a good one. If assigned at expiration will start selling calls.

MU and NKE earnings today…

MU and NKE earnings today after close. Any trades?

NBR puts sold

STO $NBR Jan 19 2018 7.00 puts @ 1.07

AAOI puts

STO Jul 21 50 P at 1.00

Short call assignment question:

This is a first for me, I think. I was holding an 88/93 BeCS on TSO that expired Friday. TSO closed at 92.43. I had received 2.48 credit for the spread about 2 weeks ago. Today I open my account to see that I’m short a position in TSO at 88. I got TSO called away from me, and the long call I had at 93 was not exercised automatically by TDA. It also showed I was in a maintenance call. Was able to go ahead and buy back the short position, but the rep at TDA couldn’t really explain to me very well why it wasn’t automatically taken care of. Any ideas? Thoughts? Recommendations? Is this normal?
The only good thing out of this was they threw in a few free trades for the hassle.


STO $COST Jul 21 165/160 BuPS @ 1.31 when at 168.10


STO Jun 16 92 C @ 0.20 with stock at 85.45
This is covering stock and would put it back up near the recent highs. Don’t think it will get back there by Friday. This lowers my cost basis a bit more to 74.20.
0.20 is not much, but anything helps in an uncertain market now for tech.


Taking a chance that we’ve reached the short-term top here at about 90.50.
STO Jun 16 93/88 BeCS for 2.48.
When this thing pulls back, it usually does so in large jumps. Would look to book profits at 50% on a quick pullback or wait until expiration if needed.
Of course now that I’ve declared the top, you should probably just buy some calls or sell puts. Ha!

EWZ @fuzzballl OK, gonna try…

EWZ @fuzzballl
OK, gonna try your long call diagonal with the BuPS.
BTO Jan 2019 30 call, STO Jan 2019 25/20 BuPS, and STO Jul 21 2017 37 call for 6.22 debit. Will look to sell the monthly calls and see where this takes me for the next year and a half. Will also check the weekly calls after July expiration. Thanks for the tip, @fuzzballl and @jsd501.

TSO puts

BTC Jun 16 82.50 put early. Sold Monday for 0.56 in #IRA, bought back today for 0.04 to free up funds to do it again on any pullback.


STO AMZN Jun 16 1042.5/1037.5/977.5/972.5 BuPS @ 1.15

$SPX iron condor

STO Jul 21 2520/2510/2285/2275 @1.25

$TSO put

STO Jun 16 82.50 P @ 0.56


STO WDC Jun 16 95 C for 0.95.

This covers my stock again. Have been selling-buying these with the steady upward momentum of WDC since first getting into this stock in Febuary. Cost basis of my stock now down to 74.32.
Love this stock, but also love lowering the cost basis this way.


CRM covered call idea

Looking at CRM for ITM covered call for May 26. Earnings on May 18.
Buy-write the May 26 85 covered call for 83.97 debit.
If it tanks on earnings, I’ve got the stock at the 50 day ma. If called away next week, I’ve got about 1.00 profit. Not high dollar return, but would get me some lunch money or the stock at a decent price.

WDC covered calls

Rolling covered calls on this since 2/10. Just rolled again out to Jun 16. 87.50 calls.
Cost basis now down to 73.57 from original of 78.14 in Feb.

NVDA ideas???

Any thoughts on this rocketship? Previous high on Feb 10 of 120.70. This baby looks to be trying to go in orbit today, but can’t see it continuing up this week after already up almost 16% today.
Currently in a BeCS 114/117 for May 12. I’m inclined to wait until at least tomorrow to see if this re-enters the atmosphere. Have been looking for ways to roll, but haven’t decided. Ditch it now, roll it, or wait until tomorrow or Friday? Any ideas @jeffcp66 or @fuzzballl as I know you’ve been in this one (not the same way as I am)?


$AMZN BuPS to complete IC

Sold BeCS May 19 1030/1020 last week for 1.22 when AMZN at about 922.
Today completing IC on this bounce with BuPS May 19 835/825 for 1.58.
Will look to manage either leg at about 50-60% max profit.

$SPX Iron Condor

STO May 19 2450/2440/2190/2180 @1.45

#NotTradingMuch Just wanted to let…

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m not doing much trading at this time. I’m here in the background watching and listening, but have dialed back my trading. I came to realize I was trading too much and too big and too narrow (focus) for my account size. Putting on way too much risk.
So, I guess this is true confessions. Lost some and that makes you take a closer look at things. I’m not out of the game, just dialing it back and being more careful and trading smaller. Also sleeping better and not worrying as much! Been here with @jeffcp66 since the beginning and appreciate everything so much. Have learned much and this may just be the best lesson I’ve learned.
Not sure if this helps anyone else, but hope it does. So, trade safe! I’m watchin’ and learnin’. Thanks.

$ADBE earnings today. Any trades?

$ADBE earnings today. Any trades?

$SPY broken wing butterfly

STO Mar 17 237/238/239.5 for 1.06
Max possible loss 0.44 if closes above 239.06. Profitable anywhere below that.

$WDC covered call

$WDC Feb 17 80.00 covered call in #IRA.
Cost 78.14 when stock at 78.55.
Wanted the stock, but if called away on Friday it is a nice bit of cash.

$IBB iron condor closed

BTC Feb 17 305/300/260/255 for 0.50. Originally sold for 1.50. Will take the 66% max profit and looking to reload something similar for March expiration.

$RAD puts

Had sold Feb 17 6.00 puts on 1/20 for 0.45 in the midst of all the struggles with Walgreens.
Now with the further issues and the crush in $RAD today, decided to get rid of this one as I really don’t think I want the stock put to me. Was able to buy back for only 0.33, so made some lunch money anyway.

$SPX put spread

STO Mar 17 2160/2150 @ 0.95

$RAD puts

STO Feb 17 6.00 P @ 0.45 with stock at 7.21.
If assigned would have cost basis 5.55 for stock. Hasn’t been below there in over a year. Yes, it is in a hassle-fest with Walgreens and the government right now, but taking a chance here that this will stay above the 6 level by Feb 17. Good return on capital if it does.

$NFLX earnings IC — out :)

Got out of my IC from yesterday. Sold for 1.22, got out for 0.25 as I have to leave my desk for the day and can’t watch it if it bounces up now.
Glad to take the money and run.

$NFLX earnings iron condor

STO Jan 20 147/144/121/118 @ 1.22

$LULU put closed

BTC $LULU Jan 20 60.00 put for 0.05.
Had sold for 0.77 in #IRA. Freeing up some cap.

$IWM Feb Iron Condor from TT

STO $IWM Feb 17 143/140/130/127 @1.05

$ILMN off the charts!

Wow, $ILMN up 15+% this morning.
Closed my ILMN Jan 20 130/125 BuPS for 0.08. Sold it 1/6 for 1.02. 🙂

$ILMN put spread

STO Jan 20 130/125 BuPS for 1.03
$ILMN has broken upward above the 50 day moving average. Certainly could pull back to it, but suspect 130 is safe in 2 weeks. Will manage at 50-60% profit if I’m correct.

$SPX iron condor

STO Feb 17 2370/2360/2120/2110 @ 1.20

$SPY iron butterfly consideration… Looking…

$SPY iron butterfly consideration…
Looking at $SPY iron butterfly for Friday expiration. Looks rather rangebound around this 225 or 226 area.
Looking at 223/225/227 for 1.30 credit…risking 0.70
Also, considering 224/226/228 for 1.23 credit…risking 0.77
Any thoughts or concerns here. $SPY currently at 225.54.

$NUGT ideas anyone? Currently holding…

$NUGT ideas anyone?
Currently holding calls, yes calls that I bought last month (not sure what possessed me to buy those calls, but I’ve got them). Have the Feb 17 8.00 calls with a cost basis of 1.57.
Still have some time to wait on this, but any ideas of selling some puts to cover this or bring in some cash while I wait?

$DUST closed Had Jan 20…

$DUST closed
Had Jan 20 85/90 call spread for 1.05 credit.
BTC for 0.50. So, about 50% profit after commissions.
Getting out of $DUST as who knows what can happen after the New Year. Will wait and see if another bounce.

$SPX roll. Had Dec 30…

$SPX roll.
Had Dec 30 2280/2290 originally looked untouchable. Decided to go ahead and roll it.
Rolled to Jan 6 and widened the spread to 2290/2305 for additional 0.40 credit.
Expecting pullback after Jan 1, but still watching. May have to roll again.
Not exactly like @jeff, but can’t take any more big hits like I have this month.

$LULU puts STO Jan 20…

$LULU puts
STO Jan 20 60.00 put for 0.77 in my IRA, with stock at 65.98

$DUST call spread Can’t sell…

$DUST call spread
Can’t sell naked calls in my account, but sold Jan 20 85/90 BeCS for 1.05.

$NUGT synthetic covered calls

STO Jan 20 10.00 calls @ 0.60 to cover Feb 17 8.00 calls that I’m long. Lowering cost basis and if called in Jan then still a decent profit. Have only held the Feb calls for a week. If not called, then I’ll cover again for Feb.

$SPX wild one

Took a chance on last hour pull back. STO Dec 7 $SPX 2235/2230/2230/2225 IC for 3.70, with $SPX at about 2234.

$SPX iron condor

STO $SPX Jan 20 2310/2300/2100/2090 for 1.60.

Dough platform

Anyone else using the #Dough platform and linking it with TDA for trading? Looks like after December you will have to use their new brokerage firm in order to use Dough. Hmm…any thoughts?

Back in…

Been out of country for the past 8 days, but now back. Hope you were bullish while I was out. I was not this bullish and now have to manage some stuff before this Friday. May have to ask for some advice as I get readjusted to time zones and this market.

SPX put spreads

Premium high this week.
STO Nov 9 2035/2025 put spread for 0.95
STO Nov 11 2020/2010 put spread for 0.80
These “look” safe, can’t see basically a 90 and 100 point crash in this short time span, but hey, what do I know. I thought my calls were safe yesterday and they weren’t.

SPX calls rolled

$SPX Nov 7 2125/2135 calls rolled to Friday, Nov 11 2150/2160 for additional credit.
Never thought 2125 would be breached on the upside today, but it has, so gotta go with the flow.
Will Friday hold after the market settles in after the election? Who knows, I sure don’t.
Anyone have a crystal ball that’s not in the shop?

$SPX iron condor today – a bust.

So much for my prediction of a close around 2095 today. Closed the put side of today’s iron condor for a loss, but not the max loss. Sold another put spread for Monday 2060/2050 to recover some of the loss and will look to recover more Monday or Wednesday.
Whew, what a crazy market. Setting records for down days in a row is not to my liking, except there has to eventually be an up day, right? Right? Maybe? :0

Sell program?

Did a sell program kick in right at 1:30 pm central time?

$SPX iron condor for today

STO $SPX Nov 4 2120/2110/2090/2080 for 1.05.
Is it safe? Not sure ANTHING is safe in this market, but it looks pretty probable to make money today with SPX hanging around the 2100 area.

$FB #earningstrade STO $FB Nov…

$FB #earningstrade
STO $FB Nov 4 140/135/120/115 IC for 0.99.
Don’t trust this market. Wide swings could happen. Going a little more conservative here, but still with decent return.

Closing some trades

Closing all my November trades early, fortunately for profits. This market just feels super heavy to me, VIX is up, and with the election things could go crazy (crazier) in a hurry. Still have two $SPX trades in December and will hold these for now unless it really gets nasty.
Also will be going out of country for Thanksgiving week and don’t want to have to watch or worry while gone.
Might still consider some short-term, earnings-type trades, but not holding anything else this month. Call me chicken if you will, but this chicken is gonna keep the eggs I have for now! 🙂

$SPX iron condor

STO Dec 9 2230/2220/1950/1940 @ 1.70

Managing earnings on $AAPL, $V, $CMG

On my $AAPL 124/118/118/112 IC expiring today, originally STO for $4.13. BTC the $118 put for 3.45 as this just looks like it could stagnate here or sink lower today. Not a huge profit, but a profit. If we sink quickly, still time to sell the 112 and maybe get a little more profit.

$V 85/83/83/81 IC, originally sold for 1.55. BTC the 83 put on this little rally today, for 0.32 and the 83 call for 0.21. Still got 1.02 profit.

$CMG 450/445/370/365 IC for today. Sold for 1.35. BTC the 370 put for 1.13 on this rally. Probably closed it too early, but this stock could go anywhere now. At least no loss and can buy some lunch with this slight profit…well, no lunch at Chipotle, but something.

AAPL and CMG fills.

AAPL 124/118/118/112 for 4.13 credit
CMG 450/445/370/365 for 1.35 credit

SPX IC closed

$SPX Nov 9 2250/2240/2010/2000 closed for 0.45.
Originally sold for 1.20 on 10/10. 62.5% max profit.
While this market remains in this trading range, this approach to profits is working well.