#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW May18’18 48.5 calls  for 0.03, sold for 0.31. STO EWW May25’18 47.5 calls for 0.31.


STC $SPX May 18th 2770/2790 bull call spreads for 1.60, bought for 0.80. Thanks @jeffcp66!  I saw some green and decided to not roll the dice for Friday expiration.  Maybe these will go to 10.00 now!!


#SyntheticStock – Walking some short calls up that got run over this week:

Roll SLB May11’18 70 calls to SLB May18’18 70.5 calls for 0.05 credit.

Roll MU May11’18 50 calls to MU May25’18 52 calls for 0.20 credit.

Roll JPM May11’18 110 calls to May 25’18 111 calls for 0.41 debit. Giving up some of the premium I’ve collected on this one.


#Fuzzy – Closing down my Fuzzy while the gettin’s good, BTC XBI May11’18 90 calls and STC XBI Jun’18 88/88/86 fuzzy, all said and done I made 1.30 per contract on the trade. That’s the good news, the bad news is that all of my other short calls have been runned the hell over this week, got some rolling to do when the boss ain’t lookin.


#SyntheticStock – STO EWW May18’18 48.5 calls for 0.31


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW May11’18 50 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.25. Waiting a bit to sell for next week, hoping as usual that dogs can bounce?

Selling Calls (Finally!)


STO EWW May11’18 50 calls for 0.25

STO JPM May11’18 110 calls for 0.39

STO SLB May11’18 70 calls for 0.37


STO MU May11’18 50 calls for 0.27

STO XBI May11’18 90 calls for 0.45. My XBI Fuzzy is based in June so it’s pretty long in the tooth, hoping I get to close with a profit next week. Everyone cross your fingers please!


#Fuzzy – BTC XBI May04’18 90 calls for 0.04, sold for 0.62. I haven’t had time to sell any calls for next week due to work/life, and since the market may be making a short term bottom I’m gonna wait til tomorrow. Please tell me we get a bounce.


#SyntheticStock –  been closing down some calls today in the hopes that the Fed announcement tomorrow will cheer the market and my stocks will blast off to the moon. Yeah right?

BTC EWW May04’18 52 calls for 0.04,  sold for 0.37

BTC JPM May04’18 112 calls for 0.08, sold for 0.41

BTC SLB May04’18 71 calls for 0.04, sold for 0.31


#Fuzzy – BTC MU May04’18 51 calls for 0.05, sold for 0.51. Waiting to sell calls for next week.  Sure could use a market bounce.