#Fuzzy – BTC UPS Feb23’18 110 calls for 0.05, sold for 0.43. STO UPS Mar02’18 109 calls for 0.43.

STO XBI Mar02’18 95 calls for 0.48


#Fuzzy – BTC SLB Feb23’18 68.5 calls for 0.04, sold on Friday for 0.21.  Gonna wait and see how the market reacts to the Fed minutes before selling calls for next week.


#Fuzzy – I’ve got a LOT going on this week so didn’t even get to watch any of the action today, but I did BTC XBI Feb23’18 95 calls for 0.05, sold for 0.40.  Waiting to sell calls for next week…

Is Iceman ok? He hasn’t posted in a week, maybe he’s on vacation?

Anybody remember the good old days when a major moving average, say the 50 day sma, used to serve as resistance when the price moved up to it?


#Fuzzy – STO MU Feb23’18 45 calls for 0.32.

Also STO XBI Feb23’18 95 calls for 0.40.


#Fuzzy – BTC BMY Feb16’18 63 calls for 1.66 sold for 0.53, STC BMY Mar23’18 60/60/58 Fuzzy for 5.09, bought for 2.09. Hope this one pulls back some and I will do it again maybe. After all is said and done made 1.96 on 10 contracts.