#Fuzzy – STC MU Mar16’18 44/44/42 Fuzzy for 2.57, bought for 0.76.

BTC MU Feb23’18 45 calls for 1.17, sold for 0.31.

This ticker took off this morning plus March is just around the corner. All said and done made 0.91 on 10 contracts.


Feb 21 #Fuzzy Land Hi…

Feb 21 #Fuzzy Land
Hi there everyone! It’s been a couple days since I’ve posted, but I didn’t want to bore you with the same trades. As it turns out, I’m really liking the #AtomicFuzzy! The built in hedge is working really great this week. I was having problems sleeping over the weekend, when I can’t sleep I plan out trades in my head. The first trade I mapped out was a series of laddered SPY fuzzies in Apr/May/Jun, unhedged, totaling 250 contracts (across multiple accounts) when fully built. This would equal 25,000 shares of SPY, total risk approx $175,000, with about $87,500 profit on every $5.00 up move in SPY (assuming .7 delta). That was a fun dream. The next night I designed the same trade but as an Atomic Fuzzy. 250 contracts, risk is now aprox $87,500, and a $5 move in spy = $43,750 (assuming .35 delta).
I’ve got Atomics now on SPY, QQQ, TBT, JPM (based on #UOA today–Mar 120 calls). 45 SPY contracts, 40 in QQQ. I won’t be adding anymore unless I can get some good strike diversification.
Q’s: May 166/166/164 @ 5.86 170/175 Call Credit Spread @ 2.00 double size.
SPY: Apr 272/272/270@ 5.91 278/283 Call Credit Spread @ 1.69 double size.
There’s a chance we’re entering a range bound market here for awhile, meaning I will need to be opportunistic on taking profits, vs if we are in a trending market (that’s another reason why I went heavy on Atomics vs Unhedged). But I am trying to set up longer term trades that require little management. I do realize that SPY and Q are heavily correlated. Until more profits start getting booked, it’s still an experiment! BTW, Atomics won’t work on Fuzzy Bears due to the put skew, you can’t get enough selling put spreads to even come close to covering the cost of the protective calls.
p.s. My 45 SPY contracts have about $18,000 total risk, for virtual control of $1,215,000 of SPY shares. The beauty of fuzzies! I probably won’t post a lot unless some of these start coming off, or need some kind of management.


Sold to open September 21, 16 puts @.60


SPX #UOA The Trader held…

The Trader held this one until right after the regular close. Big trade for mid-week next week, selling 2790/2775 Bull Put Spread


CMCSA #UOA In the last…

In the last 1/2 hour today, a lot of block trades and call buying.


#UOA – Alert saying bullish but I’m not sure why…LOL @smasty ? Any ideas?

Jan 22 #PieTrades LMT is…

Jan 22 #PieTrades
LMT is one of my all time favorite tickers. I feel like I’ve been a grimy street urchin staring in the the window of a sweet shop as I missed the last LMT swing, and also w/ earnings next week, been covering my eyes on it. But, today gave a great opp for my first Pie Trades! Sold this week 327 puts for .90 x 8.

Boatloads of #Fuzzy trades
1. Closed all the “twisted fuzzy” trades for small gains/losses (less than $100 per)
2 Opened new unhedged fuzzies on SPY, Feb 282/282/279 for 1.93 (only 4-lots)
3. I’ve mentioned the “Gorilla Trades” service before. Pretty great service. Their picks are very often best played with shares vs. options (monthlies, thin). But I’m tired of getting left behind on the myriad of explosive moves in their portfolio. So I’m using unhedged fuzzies, small lot, to create a shotgun approach in building a Gorilla portfolio. On Friday I put on a 3-lot unhedged fuzzy on Gorilla pick INGN, it was closed today for 357% gain. Additional openings today: BAH, MYGN, IP.
4. Unhedged fuzzy on MSFT from Friday was closed for 40% gain, then placed again immediately after seeing #UOA on it. I now have Apr 90/90/85 for 2.45 x 10.