#bitty first bitty btc qqq…

first bitty
btc qqq 149.50\140 put@ .39,.40 had sto @ .87 opened five days ago.

50% ish

thanks sue

12/8 Happy Friday

1. NVDA: Fully closed the #JadeLizard sold for 3.62, partial cover at 1.62 yesterday, rest covered today at 1.35
2. BA: Closed the contrarian BePS, closed for .66 shy of full loss. Prob of touch is still high enough I should have held, but it’s just continuing to be a train.
3. LRCX: Closed the #PutRatioSpread for over 50% gain, 1.45, $1555.00. Recovery mission on big loss last week.
4. MSFT: #Bitty closed for 50%, this was Jan 80/75 BuPS for .82 cr, covered .41
5. SPX : I’m kind of thinking we see a strong market into next week’s expiration, so rolled the short puts on the #RocketManHedge from 2605 to 2625. Realized $2820 in the roll.
6. SPY: Opened #SpikedLizard for January. Part 1: 264/265/267 for 3.74 cr Part 2 (spike) 260/253 ratio put spread for .05. No upside risk, downside BE is 253 due to the spike. Need SPY price above $260 for meaningful profit. 50% target. I’d like to ladder these every 2 weeks.
7. SPX: Opened 7DTE #Bitty I said I didn’t want to do 7DTE Bitties any more, but betting we see an upside into next week’s expiration. Of course I could be all wrong. Got more credit than usual on these. Dec 15 2630/2625 BuPS for average price of .875 credit, 50% target
8. TXN: Opened BuPS for January 97.5/95 for .72, 50% target
9. TJX: Continued defense. Sold Dec 15 calls to adjust deltas
10. MU: Opened #EarningsRunUp trade based on historical backtesting. Partial position. Dec 22 47.5 call for 1.04.
11. PIR: Closed #EarningsRunUp trade for 28% profit, bought at .35, sold at .45
12. ABBV: Opened #BuPS for January 92.5/90 for .56, target 50%
13. FLIR: Opened #SyntheticCoveredCall for January 47 puts for 1.40, very high historical win rate on short puts for this company
14. BBY: Closed the contrarian BePS for loss, salvaging .60 from max loss
15. AAPL: I already have a BuPS on for next week, used this little upswing today to sell calls converting it to an #IronButterfly.

Opening trades:

SPX: #rocketmanhedge thank you @fuzzballl Feb +2635 put, -2635c, +2640c for 40.15 net, -Dec 2605p for $5.40, Basis = 34.62.
COT: Last month there was a day with 4 large block trades totaling over 4 million in shares. It sparked a lot of call activity. I’ve been waiting for closer to 13f releases for Dec to see if call activity picks up again, it sure did today, so I have a little spec play on for COT for next week. 17.5 calls for .34
MAR: #JadeLizard for next week Dec -126p/-130c/+132 c for 1.21 net cr, 50% target
TJX: Added #BECS to #BUPS to convert to iron fly for defense

Closing Trades:
BA #Bitty Closed at 50% target, sold at .50, bought at .25
TTWO #BUCS Bought 2.65 sold 3.10 net .45/contract
FB #shortputs covered for 50% Sold at 1.10, covered at .55
NVDA #JadeLizard from last week is beginning to cover for 50% Sold 185/205/207.5 for 3.62, cover order is partially filled at 1.62

Dec 6th Trades

Pretty quiet trading day for me, thanks again for everyone’s good ideas:

1. Took the HD BePS profit I was expecting this morning (Bought 1.09, sold 1.59)
2. Bought PIR long calls for Earnings run up (closes 1 day before earnings), target 40%
3. SHAK BePS for retracement from extreme up move, .84 debit, target 50%, trade is green
4. BA BePS for retracement from extreme up move, 1.21 debit, 50% target, trade is red
5. ADSK #ShortPuts for Mar, thank you for the idea @jsd501
6. I’m keeping 2 short /ES contracts hedged with short puts, rolled short puts to next week for additional credit. This “Z” contract will run out pretty soon.
7. CVX closed BuCS for 50% loss (I’m testing using “probability of touch” as a stop on debit trades)
8. RCII There was an almost 10,000 contract opening call sale today for Jan 13 calls, so I bought a BePS Jan 13/11 for 1.14 (paid less than intrinsic). Following the “smart money” fund flow on this (I realize this may be Trader setting a hedge vs a spec trade, but it’s limited risk)
9. New NDX #Bitty Dec 29 6125/6120 for .85 cr, 50% target

Active Reds: AAPL, ALGN, DLTR, JPM, LMT, NUE, PIR, QQQ, SPY, ULTA, /ES, BA (net green)

3% return on capital today

#hedge, #rocketmanhedge, #syntheticshort


NDX: Rolled BeCS from 6460/70 to 6360/70, took profit, reset for delta control against BuPS
PYPL: Covered short calls (Covered Call) and reset on upswing
MOMO: Closed defended earnings trade for net $97.00 profit, used #Inversion defense
ALGN: Added a BeCS to my BuPS for delta management
BA: Bruce Marshall did a class last night at ST, I bought the #Butterfly setup from the class, it’s a directional Butterfly: Jan 18 265/275/285 10×20 for 2.55 debit, target 3.06
NVDA: Fuzzball reminded me to get an NVDA position open, put on a #JadeLizard Dec 15 short 185 put, short 205 call, long 207.5 call for net credit of 3.23, up nicely now, target cover 1.62.
KORS: This started as a post-earnings Iron Condor with good backtest history, but it has gone through SO much defense. Very happy to take it off today. I show a profit after many adjustments, but I don’t quite trust that I have the right baseline number.
SPX: I closed 3 of 4 #Bitty for a +$50 scratch. I added a BeCS to the 4th 2650/2655 for 1.45 cr for delta management.
I know these posts are lacking proper detail, but it’s been a very challenging day for me, trying to get the cows back into the corral!

NDX #Bitty Conversion 2 more…

NDX #Bitty Conversion

2 more orders slipped in before the close. I have a special indicator I’ll share with everyone soon, but it gave me a flag on QQQ, so I quickly layered on a BeCS onto my NDX Bitty from yesterday to flatten deltas, extend range, raise max loss, and increase max profit:
On already from yesterday: Dec 8 6330/6325 BuPS for .80 cr x10
Added: Dec 8 6460/6470 BeCS for 3.26 cr x 5 (half size due to 10-wide)

Also added QQQ #JadeLizard due to backtest study I’ve run for timing.
Dec 15 Short 154 put/ Short 158 call/long 159 call for net credit of .90 x 5 BE 153.07 to down side, there’s .10 of upside risk.

BA #Bitty roll You guys…

BA #Bitty roll
You guys are probably ready to boot me? Sorry I’m a very active trader, will try to consolidate more. Rolled a Boeing Bitty (that’s fun to say). Closed a Dec 8 260/257 bitty for $220 profit, opened a new one: Dec 15 262.5/260 BuPS for .45 x 12.