STO Apr 5 275/277.5 BeCS $.38


SPX 1dte IC

Legging into an SPX Jan11 IC. Sold SPX Jan11 2520/2515 pcs @.30 x6. Will sell CCS to complete IC on 5-min Tide reversal with upper study set to 0.5 and lower 0.25.
Update: Sold Jan11 2630/2635 call credit spread @.25 x6 to complete the IC based on 5-min Tide short signal.
Total credit $330 on the trade.


SPX 7dte IC ladder strategy

Sold SPX Jan18 IC 2635/2640/2480/2475 CALL/PUT @1.30 x2



SPX 1dte IC expired

SPX Jan9 2640/2635/2495/2490 IC expired worthless. Sold 5 contracts yesterday for $275 credit total.

SPX 1-dte IC

Sold SPX Jan9 2635/2640 BeCS @ .25 x5. Will buy bull put spread later today when conditions look a little better to do so.
Sold SPX Jan9 2495/2490 BuPS @ .30 x5 to complete the IC.
Defense plan: use @hcgdavis tactic to buy back 2 or 3 of the shorts to create a ratio should either of these credit spreads get in trouble.



BTO Oct 5 87/85 BePS .99 #in-out


STO Sept 21 77/75 BePS $1.01 #In-Out #Bitty
STC GTC 1.65 DK Special