12/18 Day Done

11. Added an RCL #Fuzzy Mar 125/125/115 for 3.59 and Dec 29 128 short calls for 1.00
12. Added CSX #Fuzzy May 52.5/52.5/46 for 2.24 and Dec 29 54 short calls for .60
13. Scratched the SPX #bitty in the #FuzzyBear account because this market is nuts and wanted to re-establish as much negative delta as I can
14. LMT #Fuzzy Closed it out! These are not meant to be day-traded, but I put it on at the low and quickly got $773 net profit (20%), so closed it to take off risk. A lot of slippage when these are day-traded.
15. 2 short /NQ for overnight