SPX Campaign / Short Puts / Roll / Closing Fairy Tale

$SPX STO 12/20 2635/2660 BUPS @ 10.70
$SPX BTO 12/15 2665/2685 BUCS @ 2.72 Thank you @jeffcp66

$NFLX STO 1/19/2018 160/175 BUPS @ 2.70

$CELG BTC 12/15 115 put @ 9.68 and STO 1/5 115 put @ 10.02

Closed Real Early
$SPX BTC 12/18 2665/2640 @ 11.00 STO yesterday @ 8.70
Closed Real Late
$NFLX BTC 12/8 190/195 BUPS @ 4.75. Saved enough for an early bird special tonight.
Closed Just Right ( A Fairy Tale Ending)
$EMR BTC 12/15 60/62.50 BUPS @ .05

Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend. First snowfall expected tomorrow in NYC area.

#bitty first bitty btc qqq…

first bitty
btc qqq 149.50\140 put@ .39,.40 had sto @ .87 opened five days ago.

50% ish

thanks sue

$SVXY #coveredcalls rolled out Dec…

$SVXY #coveredcalls
rolled out Dec 08 $114 calls to Dec 15 $116 calls for 0.10cr, gain $2 for week long wait.

SPX – Final trades and expiration

#SPXcampaign The VIX ended th day on its lows, signaling the likelihood of a new Upside Warning next week. So I closed the two Jan 5th call spreads I sold this week, one with sufficient profit and one with a loss, but easy to roll next week.
Closed $SPX Jan 5th 2740/2765 call spreads for .40. Sold for 1.50 on Monday.
Closed $SPX Jan 5th 2705/2730 call spreads for 2.10. Sold for 1.50 yesterday.

#OptionsExpiration, closed 1/3 of this position for 11.50 on Wednesday, and now the rest expires at the max profit.
#Exercised: Dec 8th 2520/2540 LONG call spreads for 20.00. Bought for 3.50 on Nov 27th.


CELG 101/99 107/109 IC
CELG 101/100

Have a great WE people

Have a great WE people


Only 3 today but a lot more next week. Have a nice weekend everyone.

SVXY 60 puts

SVXY 65 puts,

SVXY 70 puts

snowing virtually here and in…

snowing virtually here and in real life outside 🙂

Everyone have a good weekend!

SVXY again

#VXXGame #ReverseRolls – Now that I’ve added some new put spreads with reverse rolls I’m taking off some others that were former reverse rolls. Really taking some risk off allowing some more sales if we ever get a pullback.

Bought to Close SVXY JAN 19 2018 100.0/95.0 Bull Put Spreads @ .79 debit (sold for 3.60)

I’ll take that since these were all rolled up calls at one point….good riddance!


#ShortCalls #Rolling #ReverseRolling – This thing is relentless. I’m rolling some Jan short calls early. A combination of reversing into bull put spreads and rolling up and out. This gives March and June 120/105 bull put spreads with short calls above them. Is that a #CoveredBullPutSpread ?? 🙂 🙂

These add to some previous rolls to similar positions…

Rolled SVXY JAN 19 2018 122.5 Call to JUN 15 2018 165.0 Call @ .40 credit
Rolled SVXY JAN 19 2018 122.5 Call to JUN 15 2018 120.0/105.0 Bull Put Spread @ .50 credit

Rolled SVXY JAN 19 2018 125.0 Call to MAR 16 2018 140.0 Call @ 1.19 credit
Rolled SVXY JAN 19 2018 125.0 Call to MAR 16 2018 145.0 Call @ .29 debit


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Didn’t want to do this yet but ex-dividend today and ITM so taking it out a couple weeks to be safe. Should be the last one today…

Rolled MGM DEC 15 2017 32.0 Calls to DEC 29 2017 32.0 Calls @ .22 credit


#ShortStrangles – Getting weak this afternoon so going ahead with the roll for another week. Still selling against DITM short calls. Raising basis on those. Another one I’ve been in all year just rolling around so let’s call it a #PerpetualRollingStrangles now. It’s in third place YTD trailing only TLT and NVDA in this account. Up 100 percent on margin. Overall SVXY and UVXY near the lead too as usual.

Rolled WYNN DEC 8 2017 160.0 Puts to DEC 15 2017 160.0 Puts @ 1.60 credit

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Second and final standard spread for this week:
Sold $SPX Jan 5th 2570/2545 put spreads for 1.50.


#VXXGame – New ATH and ATL across the board…like a broken record or groundhog day…LOL


#SyntheticStock – In an #IRA so can’t double sell. Need to close then open.

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 8 2017 195.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for only .48 since it was just 2 days.)

Sold NVDA DEC 15 2017 197.5 Calls @ 1.50

Been messing around with EWW

For most of they year, rolling and adjusting a strangle that went wrong. I just rolled it again and was able to widen it by 1 point, this time recapturing a good portion of the loss and hopefully ending this thing by January if it can finish anywhere near the strikes, if not between them.
Rolled $EWW Dec 15 51/53 strangles out to Jan 50/53 strangles for .41 credit.

#spxcampaigne BTC 2455/2555 BuPS 18…

BTC 2455/2555 BuPS 18 DEC 2017 for $0.55 sold it yesterday for $1.30
STO 2485/2585 BuPS 22 DEC 2017 for $1.70
I have been milking this for a while. Milked it again today for $1.70

12/8 Happy Friday

1. NVDA: Fully closed the #JadeLizard sold for 3.62, partial cover at 1.62 yesterday, rest covered today at 1.35
2. BA: Closed the contrarian BePS, closed for .66 shy of full loss. Prob of touch is still high enough I should have held, but it’s just continuing to be a train.
3. LRCX: Closed the #PutRatioSpread for over 50% gain, 1.45, $1555.00. Recovery mission on big loss last week.
4. MSFT: #Bitty closed for 50%, this was Jan 80/75 BuPS for .82 cr, covered .41
5. SPX : I’m kind of thinking we see a strong market into next week’s expiration, so rolled the short puts on the #RocketManHedge from 2605 to 2625. Realized $2820 in the roll.
6. SPY: Opened #SpikedLizard for January. Part 1: 264/265/267 for 3.74 cr Part 2 (spike) 260/253 ratio put spread for .05. No upside risk, downside BE is 253 due to the spike. Need SPY price above $260 for meaningful profit. 50% target. I’d like to ladder these every 2 weeks.
7. SPX: Opened 7DTE #Bitty I said I didn’t want to do 7DTE Bitties any more, but betting we see an upside into next week’s expiration. Of course I could be all wrong. Got more credit than usual on these. Dec 15 2630/2625 BuPS for average price of .875 credit, 50% target
8. TXN: Opened BuPS for January 97.5/95 for .72, 50% target
9. TJX: Continued defense. Sold Dec 15 calls to adjust deltas
10. MU: Opened #EarningsRunUp trade based on historical backtesting. Partial position. Dec 22 47.5 call for 1.04.
11. PIR: Closed #EarningsRunUp trade for 28% profit, bought at .35, sold at .45
12. ABBV: Opened #BuPS for January 92.5/90 for .56, target 50%
13. FLIR: Opened #SyntheticCoveredCall for January 47 puts for 1.40, very high historical win rate on short puts for this company
14. BBY: Closed the contrarian BePS for loss, salvaging .60 from max loss
15. AAPL: I already have a BuPS on for next week, used this little upswing today to sell calls converting it to an #IronButterfly.

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Sold these only yesterday, but no reason to sit and watch them go further in the hole. Based on today’s action I’m expecting more upside next week so I’m not letting call spreads ride.

Closed $SPX Dec 18th 2640/2665 call spreads for 12.40. Sold yesterday for 8.75.
#ReverseRoll Sold Dec 20th 2660/2635 put spreads for 10.55. I’ll add another put spread later to make up difference.

Closed on GTC order:
Dec 22nd 2510/2485 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.45 on Nov 22nd.


#ShortStrangles #ReverseRolling – Screwed the pooch on my roll to inverted by being impatient so reverse rolling calls into low risk put spreads for a credit. Going directional since it’s one I wouldn’t mind trading around for awhile. Went inverted on the original strangle WAY too early.

Rolled WDC DEC 29 2017 79.5 Calls to JAN 19 2018 85.0/80.0 Bull Put Spreads @ .43 credit.

This is another one of those where it doesn’t really matter to me how low it goes. With 3.80 of accumulated premium on the 5 wide spread the worse case scenario is owning the stock at a basis only 1.20 above where it happens to be at expiration…(as long as I book the long put gains late on expiration day and let the shorts get exercised)

Still holding short 82.5 puts from original strangle….


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Weekly sale not quite going to expire today…

Rolled BIDU DEC 8 2017 235.0 Calls to DEC 15 2017 240.0 Calls @ .40 credit (4.85 accumulated premium on this one)


#ShortPuts – Bottom of the Jan ladder starting to get taken out…

Bought to Close SVXY JAN 19 2018 35.0 Puts @ .25 (sold for 1.28)

TOS range bars

Thank you @hcgdavis for pointing these out! Even without day trading I think these are going to help a lot with entries. Had I been watching them could’ve easily waited a little before selling that SPX put. When red turns green sell it!

BTW…just swing trading the second bar of a color change on a slow mover like BIDU since Dec 1st would’ve made (you do the math) on 200 shares. I know…woulda coulda shoulda but something I’ll be watching…especially for catching some reversals on XIV and SVXY on those crazy days.


#RocketManHedge – Booking and selling…this sale completes the covering of max loss on the hedge with another month to run. After this I’ll start giving it a little more downside room. Make a little but keep a strong hedge though Jan expiration.

Skipping Friday since it only trades thru Thursday close. Selling the following Monday instead.

Bought to Close SPX DEC 8 2017 2625.0 Put @ .15 (sold for 7.10)

Sold SPX DEC 18 2017 2625.0 Put @ 5.40



Sold EWZ Dec15’17 40.5 calls at 0.29. Wish I’d sold them on Wednesday but my crystal ball was broke.

Another LONG SPX

#SPXcampaign Since I have a long $SPX spread expiring at full profit today, adding a new one with the possibility of a further rally shaping up for next week.

Bought SPX Dec 15th 2665/2685 LONG call spreads for 3.00.

Also, closed on GTC order:
SPX Dec 22nd 2495/2470 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.45 on Nov 21st.

TEVA Covered Calls

Sold $TEVA Jan 19 17.50 calls @ .53

Futures UP

#Markets #SPXcampaign Jobs report surging the markets higher. If the day remains positive and VIX drops, we are setting up for a new Upside Warning next week. This could mean a rally toward 2700 into the end of the month, which is typical for December. I’ll be watching to once again #ReverseRoll call spreads and get long.

November JOBS report

+228,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs 200K expected
Unemployment holds steady at 4.1%
U6 unemployment up one tenth to 8.0%
Wages up 0.2%, one-tenth below estimates, totaling +2.5% for the year
Labor force participation holds at 62.9%