Closed Early Short Puts / SVXY Strangle / Rolled Short Puts

Closed Early
$CREE BTC 12/15 35 put @ .05 STO @ 1.50
$OSTK BTC 12/15 30/40 BUPS @ .05 STO @ 1.82
$BABA BTC 12/15 170/180 BUPS @ 3.00 STO @ 1.15

$SVXY STO 6/15/2018 85/160 @ 17.85

$MZOR BTC 12/15 60 put STO 1/19/2018 put at additional 1.50 credit

SPX puts

#SPXcampaign I sold one more put spread, but now not liking how we closed. Hoping for another push UP this week and a chance to start adding call spreads and even myself out. We may be topping out, but if they do manage to pass tax bill we could see another push up.

Sold $SPX Dec 18th 2660/2635 put spreads for 3.65.

Day Done

Here’s the rest of my trades today:
1. I used the AS-BB indicator to scalp /ES, /NQ, /YM multiple times today, for a net of $625 and no losses. I trade futures really teensy, but love this indicator for keeping me in when I would normally bail.
2 ETFC closed the contrarian short for the green-side-of-scratch
3. DLTR same as ETFC
4. SPX #FuzzyBear I’m kind of running in place with this trade on. I’m making nice money on other positions which are financing the move against me with this position. I’m using the AS-BB indicator to leg in/out on the short put hedge, which got me an extra $300 today in debit reduction. As mentioned before I took off 1 of 10 of my short calls in the synthetic to give me some allowance to the upside. I’m at about -120 deltas. Trying really hard to not over-correct on this.
5. AAPL closed my defended put spread that didn’t need defending. 1/2 of max loss, -$225.00

Profitable open positions: ABBV, ADSK, AFL, CELG, DHI, FLIR, JPM (really smart that I rolled this fuzzy yesterday), LMT, MNST, MSFT, NTNX (picked up 400 shares yesterday), NUE, QQQ, RCII, SPX (bitty, not fuzzy), SPY, TXN
Losing open positions: AOBC, COT, DWDP, LKQ, MU, SHAK, ULTA, SPX Fuzzy

Trying to slow it down now for the rest of the year, only take new positions if really compelling.


STO March 60 puts @ 1.80



#ShortStrangles – I don’t think it’s going to zero so balancing out my 500 and 510 short calls…

Sold TSLA JUN 15 2018 180.0 Put @ 1.95


#ShortStrangles – Short term but aggressive. Counting on the 100ma and the all time highs to contain this. This is also a couple weeks before next earnings…

Sold ISRG JAN 12 2018 350.0/400.0 Strangle @ 6.00

#shortcalls X Followed Mike at…

#shortcalls X

Followed Mike at TastyTrade, sold a Jan. 34 call for 1.13

$COO Falling Knife-ish

With the stock at 225.32, a better representation of the Iceman #FallingKnife strategy might be selling the 170 puts, midprice around 1.30 right now. The 170 would take you back to Dec 2016 as the last time the stock was at that level. In this case I’m going higher for more premium–190 puts, a strike last seen in Feb of this year. Delta is 14.
Sold $COO May 18 190 put @ 3.00.


#CoveredCalls – Pounded this thing all the way down. It’s now back above the 20ma and looking like it could continue. Getting out of the way but keeping it just short of next earnings. Saving the high IV for another roll if needed.

Rolled REGN DEC 29 2017 385.0 Call to REGN JAN 19 2018 400.0 Call @ .53 debit


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Trying to be careful here but it’s very possible this thing could be at 300 in a week after my sale. 🙂 Dan over at OMM just put on a Jan monthly 200/220 BeCS so I’m using his short strike but bringing it in a couple weeks. This particular trade only needs 42 cents a week to insure breakeven.

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 15 2017 197.5 Calls @ .14 (sold for 1.50)

Sold NVDA JAN 5 2018 200.0 Calls @ 1.57

First day all week I…

First day all week I actually get a lunch break so a few trades mostly to adjust margin and take off risk.

BTO WDC Jan 20 90 calls at 14.10. Now long the 2020 straddle at 90 and short the 90 straddle at 37 DTE, basically a bi directional calendar. My plan is to sell the weekly ATM straddle once the 37 days is close to the end. The recovery is already profitable ($4410) but if I can keep bringing in weekly premium extra gravy. This is from an earnings gone wrong. Originally sold the 90 puts, it dropped from 107 to as low as 77. After multiple rolls ended up with a 15+ point credit then spread it off to lower the margin. Now have 109 weeks left to sell straddles/strangles semi-covered.

GILD rolled the 9 DTE 72.5 put to 23 DTE at 76 for 1.3. Sold for 1.46. Another problem child. Now have 300 shares, 8 contracts of Jan 19 put leaps at 77.5. Almost break even, few more weeks of sales will take a small profit and move on.

SWKS BTC the 107 call for 0.18. Sold for 0.95. Still have 102 and 104 puts and Jan 107 call as a semi strangle. Break even only 2 points to the upside. Leaving this one naked as it seems to be finding a bottom.


#SyntheticShort – This was another one that got run over to the downside. Learning my lesson here…LOL With it starting to bounce a little I’m booking it for a small profit and looking to reset on the next run higher.

Sold to Close NUGT 42 synthetic short and 47 disaster calls
Bought to Close NUGT 20 puts

These were all in the same expiration since I had rolled the short puts out and down after the initial imoplosion (right after setting the trade of course!)

All said and done made 50 cents on a 10 lot but learned a whole lot more! Now I’m a cheerleader….gold to 1500!


#SkewedIronCondor This is kind of like a #BrokenWingButterfly. I’m working off the assumption that this has topped out for the near future. Jan exp: 49/50/50/55 for 1.73 cr, no downside risk, upside break even is 51.73. Lots of time for defense on this if it heads back up.


@vxxkelly did a recent trade on this and it reminded me it’s been on my watch list. There’s a lot of block trades on it today, and some calls being bought. So I did an unprotected #Fuzzy . I did a Mar 70/70 synthetic and sold Dec 22 71.5. I will add protection after an up move, for a better price. In a squeeze right now.
Didn’t capture my trades from yesterday, but a couple highlights:
1. Rolled the JPM Fuzzy hedge into strength to collect more on the next week
2. MAR #JadeLizard closed for 50% target
3. My SPX #FuzzyBear is troublesome. I didn’t set it with correct timing, so now I’m doing battle. I took off one short call on the synthetic turning it into a back ratio like @hcgdavis mentioned yesterday. I’m also using the AS-BB indicator for legging in and out of the hedge puts to get a few extra $$ on it.
#Fuzzies need rolls as Friday approaches: LMT, CELG, NUE. I’ve got substantial net profit on LMT so may close it all rather than roll.


#VXXGame #ShortCalls #ReverseRolling – Various adjustments in SVXY today. Mainly getting the short calls to slightly safer areas…

Reverse Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 135.0 Call to SVXY JAN 18 2019 25.0/235.0 Strangle @ .20 credit

Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 140.0 Call to JUN 15 2018 165.0 Call @ .13 credit
Rolled SVXY MAR 16 2018 145.0 Call to JUN 15 2018 170.0 Call @ .70 credit


#SyntheticStock – Getting a tiny bounce today…selling next week’s…

Bought to Close GLD DEC 15 2017 122.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for .23)

Sold GLD DEC 22 2017 120.0 Calls @ .27

VXX 2020

#LEAPS – Is anyone showing these available?