Expiration / Lost My Shirt GOOGL LULU/ Rolled HIIQ Puts TNDM Calls

$AMRN 16 put
$HIIQ 31 and 33 puts Thank you @honkhonk81
$EVTC 30 puts
$PYX 25Puts
$TNDM 59.50 puts
$NTNX 35 put Thank you @honkhonk81
$AVGO 260/265/267.5 #BrokenWingButterfly (calls), exercising for 2.20 credit (bought for 1.65).
$ADBE 245/250/280/285 condors, sold for 1.20 yesterday. Thank you @jeffcp66 for both.
$NFLX 325/335 BUPS STO Valentine’s Day for 2.50.
Lost My Shirt Much too much patience. Threw away rabbit’s foot and four leaf clover. We will see what happens
$GOOGL 1180/1160 BECS STO 2/28 for 3.10
$LULU 145/155 BUCS BTO at 4.75 on 2/5

$TNDM BTC 3/15 70 call and STO 3/22 73 call at $1 cost. Stock at 73.14
$HIIQ BTC 3/15 40 put and STO 3/22 40 put at $1.30 credit. Stock at 34.17

Have a great and green weekend, and a greener remainder of the year. If you drink, do not trade! 😉

Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar Sold to close $SFIX Mar 22nd 25 calls for 6.80. Waited since Wednesday for this to bounce meaningfully above 32.00, but it didn’t. So I lost a few extra cents on closing, since I covered the short puts and stock for 6.90.

Sold final batch of $ORCL 53 dub cals for .80. Also legged out of a couple to get .85 total. Never has there been a more perfect Friday for a double calendar. Bought for .23 & .24 yesterday.

Bought to close $INTC Mar 15th 50 #CoveredCalls for 4.30 to avoid assignment. Will replace with new calls or sell stock next week.

$AVGO 260/265/267.5 #BrokenWingButterfly (calls), exercising for 2.50 credit (bought for 1.70 yesterday).
$ADBE 245/250/280/285 condors, sold for 1.12 yesterday.
$SPX 2755/2775-2835/2855 condors, sold yesterday for .75

AVGO earnings trade

#Earnings Bpought to open $AVGO Mar 15th 260/265/267.5 call #BrokenWingButterfly for 1.70. No upside risk. Allows for a 3% downside move.

BURL trade

#Earnings Bought to open $BURL Mar 8th 167.5/172.5/175 #BrokenWingButterfly (calls) for 1.40. No upside risk…

Max loss debit paid (1.40) if below 167.25.
Breakeven 168.85.
Max gain, 3.60 if Friday pin at 172.50.
Capped gain if over 175.00, 1.10.

Earnings trades

#Earnings Sold to close $BUD 75 call calendar for .07. This one moved farther up today, so profit’s not possible. Closed the call side to avoid assignment.

$MNST I’ll get a small profit out of the 62 calendar, but not moving down enough to make the ATM 58 #DoubleCalendar work. Will be closing the call side to avoid assignment, but will wait until later in case we get a drop.

$VMW This one moved up, but should still turn a small profit.

$SPLK #BrokenWingButterfly Looking for this to rise into the close so I can take profit. It passed through my center strike in the morning but volatility was too wild to close with enough profit.

SPLK trade

#Earnings #BrokenWingButterfly This trade worked last quarter, and with positive bias in $SPLK I like it. Still, the stock is a bit extended so I see it as riskier than last quarter.

Bought $SPLK March 1st 137/142/145 Broken wing CALL butterfly for 1.20. buy (1) 137, sell (2) 142, buy (1) 145
(stock at 137.00 at time of trade)

Trade has no upside risk. Max loss, debit paid (1.20). Max gain: 3.80 (if pin at 142). Capped gain: .80 if above 145. Goal will be to close for profit during the day when price passes through the 142 area. If it explodes higher or gaps lower, trade can be ignored for exercise to cancel out (or, if above 145, close all to avoid exercise fees). BUT if price ends day between 137 and 145, you WILL BE ASSIGNED if you don’t close the necessary options. I can help if you follow this trade.

SPLK earnings

#Earnings Expiring: $SPLK Nov 30th 102/107/109 #BrokenWingButterfly, for a 3.00 credit at Exercise. Bought for 1.60 yesterday. I was trying to close for 3.05 or more, but wasn’t possible after stock moved above 110 and didn’t come back. My broker charges little to none for exercising ITM spreads.