SPLK trade

#Earnings. Bought to Open $SPLK 124/130/133 #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.02. Breakeven is down around 125.00, so some room below. No upside risk.


SPX Expiring / LULU

Expiring $SPX 8/19/2019 2880/2895/2940/2955 #IC Was STO @1.00.

STO 150/160 $LULU Sept-20-2019 #BuPS @1.59. Earnings on the 29th, stock @178.67. IV 28.94, 160 put is 20 delta.


Expiring SPX 8/12/2019 2845/2860/2970/2985 #IC. Was STO 8/9 @0.95.


STO $AMD Sept 20 2019 34 puts @2.23. Was ATM when sold. Cash Secured. Willing to own the stock.
Expiring $SPX 2850/2865//2965/2980 #IC. Was STO @1.05 yesterday following Jeff.

Have rolled pretty much everything else out and or up this week. Sorry haven’t posted all of the trades. Finding that some have turned out to be unneeded, as things generally recovered. I need to be more patient.

SPX 1-dte expiring

STO #spx1dte 6/10 2860/2875 #BuPS @0.85 early today. Expiring worthless.

Chipping away at an SPX #IC loss from last week that I waited too long to close.


BTC $SPX 2750/2760/2860/2870 #IC for .15. Was STO on 5/23 for 1.25. Could have waited a bit longer, or likely just let it expire, but… short trading day.

STO $ADBE 6/7 255/265 #BuPS @1.65

STO $NVDA 6/21 125/135 #BuPS @1.5

Waiting on a $TSLA 5/24 210/220 #BeCS to expire today.