#rolling GUSH High stakes trading-rolled…

#rolling GUSH

High stakes trading-rolled my March 20, 1 put to April 17 for .05.

#rolling TSLA For the feint…

#rolling TSLA

For the feint of heart who haven’t been following this, prepare yourself.

Rolled Feb. 21 inverted 300/430 short strangle to March 20 for 2.69. TSLA up to 770 today, uggh
I’ve now taken in $10,756, trying to avoid assignment.

#earnings #rolling JPM Rolled Feb….

#earnings #rolling JPM

Rolled Feb. 21, 130 put to 135 for .66, now have 135/140 strangle with JPM at 140.

UBER out

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Jan 10th 31.5 calls for 2.00. Strangles sold for .80 on Dec 6th for .80. Puts previously closed for .05.

#Rolling : Sold $UBER Jan 31st 32/36 strangles for .86. Won’t make up for the loss but will keep it going

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX Rolled 85…

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX

Rolled 85 call to February bringing cost basis to 84.21, may pick up dividend of .40. This was an October ratio spread that went bad, was assigned at 92.50.

#rolling TSLA Have I said…

#rolling TSLA

Have I said lately that I hate TSLA.
I rolled a Jan. 3, 350 put to Jan. 3, 430 for 11.68, giving me a Jan. 3, 300/430 inverted strangle. I have collected 62.37 over 6 rolls. Next week I’ll likely roll again, earnings are coming up argghh.

#earnings #rolling STT October 17,…

#earnings #rolling STT

October 17, sold a Nov. 55/65 strangle, Nov. 7 rolled to Dec. 20, today rolled to a Jan. inverted strangle.
I don’t even want to look at TSLA.