NVDA roll

#Rolling Nice gap fill today… waited for it to go negative then stole @fuzzballl‘s idea on a #ReverseSpreadRoll (a new hashtag!)

Bought to close $NVDA July 21st 150 call for 13.05. Sold for 4.50 on May 19th.
Sold to Open NVDA July 21st 175/145 put spread for 17.00

NVDA freight train

#Earnings #Rolling
Made these trades on today’s obvious bullish action:
BTC NVDA June 30th 150 call for 7.75. Sold for 3.00 on May 24th
STO NVDA June 16th 152.5 put for 2.65 (ATM)
STO NVDA July 21st 160 put for 10.50 (ITM)
STO NVDA Aug 18th 180 call for 4.40

Also still short the July 21st 150 call, which I hope to roll on a pullback but may get stuck further ITM.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX July 7th 2485/2510 call spreads for 1.55. Working on selling a put spread, too.

STOPPED: Bought to close $SPX June 16th (Friday PM) 2445/2470 call spreads for 4.75. Sold for 2.35 on May 31st. This one filled at 4am during the SPX overnight lows. That gave me the opportunity to roll to higher call spread with no increase in size:
#Rolling: Sold SPX June 23rd 2455/2480 call spreads for 4.80.

SPX trades yesterday and this morning

#SPXcampaign We got another push higher so some stops were hit.
STOPPED: Closed $SPX June 14th 2440/2465 call spreads for 4.90. Sold for 2.35 on May 30th.
#CondorRoll (legs sold separately):
Sold SPX June 21st 2360/2385 put spreads for 2.45
Sold SPX June 21st 2460/2485 call spreads for 2.55

STOPPED: Closed June 30th 2460/2485 call spreads for 4.85. Sold for 1.75 on Tuesday.
#Rolling: Sold SPX Aug 18th 2500/2525 for 4.50 (usually don’t go out this far, but I’m mixing things up)

Sold to Open SPX June 30th 2345/2320 put spreads for 1.50, with SPX at 2430.

All of the following closed on GTC orders:
June 15th 2265/2240 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.40 on May 17.
June 7th 2390/2365 put spreads for .50. Sold as part of an #IBroll, 5.95 for the put side on May 22.
June 15th 2275/2250 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.35 on May 19.

PANW patience

#Earnings #Rolling #CoveredCalls #StockTrades

Relieved to see a big spike UP in this one, reverse of last quarter’s spike down. This should pay off holding the underwater position for three months. (sorry, @fuzzballl)

PANW rolling

#Earnings #Rolling
BTC $PANW March 26th 120 put for 2.20 to avoid assignment. Sold for 2.50 on May 15th
STO $PANW June 23rd 110 put for 2.65. Moved down 10 points for a .45 credit.

#rolling #coveredcalls Rolled June 2…

#rolling #coveredcalls EWZ
Rolled June 2 35.5 to June 16, 36.5 for a credit of .22.
This is the fuzzball inspired trade, covered with a Jan. 2019, 30 call. EWZ broke 35.5 this morning.