#shortstrangles GM Sold Jan. 18,…

#shortstrangles GM #rolling #shortputs AA
GM Sold Jan. 18, 33/38 strangle for 1.17.
AA rolled Jan. 38 put to February for .15, AA is at 29.

#rolling #coveredcalls WYNN Rolled Dec….

#rolling #coveredcalls WYNN
Rolled Dec. 7, 106 call to Dec. 21 for .65. WYNN is up 11 to 120.

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR Nov….

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR

Nov. 14, sold short 100 shares at 45.94. Nov. 15 sold a Nov. 23, 46 put for .60, Nov. 20 rolled it to Nov. 30 for 2.56, rolled it today to Dec. 7, have net 185 in premium, CLR is at 44.33.

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes Beside…

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes
Besides being assigned shares at an outrageous basis, I have a Dec. 21 110/120 put spread that was meant to help me out, has been rolled up and out. Ex-div day is next week, don’t want any more underwater shares, so just in case I rolled to January and paid a debit of .50 for the privilege. Expanding the spread by 5 points would bring in about 2.50.
A short 110 call expires in a few minutes. I recommend they reprogram the slots and lower the payback rate.

#earnings #rolling TEVA October 31,…

#earnings #rolling TEVA

October 31, sold a Nov. 16, 20 straddle for 2.55, TEVA jumped to about 24, today rolled the call to Dec. for a measly .24.

Friday clean up

Had some things expiring and others just out of time value so #rolling, closing, adjusting.

TQQQ CC 63 rolled out to 42 DTE and down to 61 for 1.55 credit. CB now 59.10.
TQQQ lot 2 CC 63 same as above. Cb now 59.45.

QQQ 7 DTE 150/155 #supercharger sold to close for 4.92. Bought for 4.52 so about $132 profit on a 3 lot.

New TQQQ #supercharger 21 DTE 40/45 bought for 4.50.

Now just sitting on my hands until next week. Wish I had time to trade /NQ this morning, that would have been profitable.

Have a great weekend 🙂

#shortputs #rolling Z Oct. 1…

#shortputs #rolling #shortstraddle Z

Oct. 1 sold a 35/50 strangle in Z, big drop after earnings, rolled the 35 put to Dec. 21 for .55, sold Dec. 35 call for .70, stock is at 30