#rolling WDC Rolled ITM 55…

#rolling WDC

Rolled ITM 55 covered calls from Aug. 16 to Aug. 23 for 1.04.

#earnings #rolling ANET pain August…

#earnings #rolling ANET pain
August 1 I sold a jade lizard with protection/margin help, 210/230/270/272.50 for 2.46. ANET was around 270 on August 1, around 215 today. I rolled the 210/230 to Sept. 20, 210/240 for 4.82. If it ever goes up, I’ll add a call spread.

#rolling ROKU Rolled Sept. 20…

#rolling ROKU

Rolled Sept. 20 60 put to 90 for 1.34, put is from 60/140 earnings strangle. ROKU is at 120.

NUGT’s up

#ContangoETFs NUGT is reaching highest levels since Sept 2017. These are my first sales where I am #Rolling from stopped 35 calls.

Sold $NUGT Jan 2020 50 calls for 5.75.

UBER closed

#Earnings #Rolling #ShortStrangles
BTC $UBER Aug 2nd 41 put for .05. Leaving the call to expire.
41/47 strangles sold for .85 on July 12th. This was my fourth strangle and has me breaking even from busted earnings long straddle. UBER is definitely NOT a mover. I’ll wait for earnings and then consider whether to keep the strangles as an ongoing strategy.

SWK roll

#Earnings #Rolling My earnings condor is a bust, with the 148/150 call side set to expire ITM, which will be a 2.00 debit, against the .80- credit for selling it on Tuesday. So I’m trying a one-week move to breakeven.

Sold $SWK Aug 2 148/150-152.5/155 condors for 1.30. If we can hold tight enough to expire I should come out flat after accounting for commissions.

SPX roll

#SPX1dte #Rolling from the stopped spread: Sold $SPX July 31st 2910/2935-3055/3080 condors for 3.00.

Note these expire on same day as FOMC decision.