Rolling LABU Covered Calls

$LABU BTC 2/15 51.5 call and STO 2/22 54 call at .16 credit

SPX roll

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Feb 22nd 2670/2650 put spreads for 3.45. #Rolling the condor closed earlier. Selling only puts on presumption we are going higher in near-term.

FB Roll

This seems like a stretch but I will watch closely

$FB BTC 2/1 152.50 call and STO 2/15 165 call at 9.70 debit but would gain 12.50 if called away.

EXAS Short Puts / Close T Short Puts / Roll PVTLCalls / Buy AMZN Calls

$EXAS STO 2/8 85 put @ 1.05
$T BTC 2/15 29 put at .20 STO 1/3 at 1.20

$PVTL BTC 2/15 18 call and STO 3/15 19 call for .40 added credit. Covered

$AMZN BTO 2/1 1695 calls at 44

#rolling, adjustments, and new trades…

#rolling, adjustments, and new trades

MU rolled the 35/35 out 16 DTE for 0.5 credit. Cb now 14.30
WDC 40/40 rolled out 9 DTE for 0.33 credit. Cb now 17.71

I was going to close these at a loss but figure if I can get at least 0.25 per roll will keep rolling to generate cash and lower cost basis. 10 contracts each so decent income.

SQ STO the 9 DTE Feb 8-9 68 put for 1.53. Decided not to jade lizard until after FOMC and see what the market does. If we gap up I will sell the CCS once it has a top or range.

FOMC must have just released up 10 more on /ES. I may #jadelizard SQ into the close if it slows down to the upside.

After 4-5 months of crap trading, finally making some income/cash and money again but I still have a long way to go to recover the SVXY fiasco.

#earnings #rolling LRCX Jan. 23…

#earnings #rolling LRCX
Jan. 23 sold a Feb. 15, 120/160 strangle for 1.78, rolled today to March 15 125/160 for 2.59, LRCX up to 166 today.

#shortstrangles GM Sold Jan. 18,…

#shortstrangles GM #rolling #shortputs AA
GM Sold Jan. 18, 33/38 strangle for 1.17.
AA rolled Jan. 38 put to February for .15, AA is at 29.