#putratiospread #ironcondor #rolling KRE JPM…

#putratiospread #ironcondor #rolling KRE JPM OXY VIAC

KRE sold Aug. 21, 32/32/35 ratio put spread for .58
JPM sold Aug. 21, 80/85/110/115 iron condor for 2.06
OXY rolled July 17, 30 put to August 17, 30 put for .20, I’ve had it since March 4, going to have it for a while longer.
VIAC rolled July 17, 25 put to August 21 for .87


#ShortPuts #Rolling – Finally out. Rolled 116 to 114 to 112 to 108 accumulating premium. Not even going to risk holding another day.

Bought to Close ROKU JUN 19 2020 108.0 Put @ .05 (sold for 2.80)

#rolling VIAC Rolled June 19,…

#rolling VIAC #shortputs CCL

VIAC Rolled June 19, 25 put to July 17 for .37
CCL sold June 5, 11 put for .40


TLRY sold May 29, 9.50 put for .61 #shortputs
TSLA Sold May 29, 760/765 put spread for .68 #shortputspread
LUV rolled June 19 40 put to August for .50 #rolling #shortputs
HTZ sold my 200 shares, risk off, for traditional Chicago Bears first play from scrimmage-no gain
FB Sold June 19, 242.50/245 #shortcallspreads for .83
TWTR sold July 17, 27/38 #shortstrangles strangle for 1.24
BABA Sold July 17, 170/175/230/235 #ironcondor for 1.39

#shortputs #coveredcalls #rolling HTZ CCL…

#shortputs #coveredcalls #rolling HTZ CCL M SDC SBUX GPS
CCL Sold May 22, 14 put for .45
HTZ sold May 22, covered call for .10
M sold May 22, 5 put for .16
M sold June 19 covered call for .21
SDC sold June 5 covered call for .41
SBUX rolled long suffering May 22 73.50/85 put spread to June 19, 76/87.50 for a lousy .12
GPS Bought 100 shares and sold May 22, 8 call for 7.45

#rolling APA Rolled May 15,…

#rolling APA #ironcondor QQQ

Rolled May 15, 11 put to June 12 for .85, APA down $1.00 below 11 today.

QQQ Sold June 19, 185/195/235/246 for 2.68.

#rolling #shortputs LUV 3rd roll…

#rolling #shortputs LUV

3rd roll of 40 put sold March 3 (how’s that for timing). Out to June from May 15, earnings today. Cost bais is 417, LUV is around 29.

#rolling TSLA Rolled May 15,…

#rolling TSLA

Rolled May 15, 320/450 inverted strangle to June 19 325/450 for 8.19. I picked up 5 more points on the call side.
I have taken in $14,526 in premium.

#rolling TSLA Rolled April 17,…

#rolling TSLA

Rolled April 17, inverted 300/450 to May 15, 320/450 inverted ugly strangle for 3.24. This deep in the money call move is essentially receiving $2,000.
Earnings are coming up April 22 according to TDA. I’ll add some upside protection next week.

#coveredcalls #rolling T Rolled 29.50…

#coveredcalls #rolling T AAL

T Rolled 29.50 covered call to April 17 for .38
AAL Rolled 10 call to April 17 for .38

#rolling #coveredcalls #shortputs SLB FEYE…

#rolling #coveredcalls #shortputs SLB FEYE HAL CCL SVXY
SLB rolled April 3, 13 covered call to April 9 for .43
HAL rolled April 3, 7 call to April 9 for .35
FEYE rolled April 3, 10.50 put to April 17 for .10
CCL bought May 15, 20 call for .13, sold on March 31 for 1.09
SVXY bought 5 more shares @ 30.66, giving me 60 shares at a basis of 32.76

#rolling GUSH High stakes trading-rolled…

#rolling GUSH

High stakes trading-rolled my March 20, 1 put to April 17 for .05.

#rolling TSLA For the feint…

#rolling TSLA

For the feint of heart who haven’t been following this, prepare yourself.

Rolled Feb. 21 inverted 300/430 short strangle to March 20 for 2.69. TSLA up to 770 today, uggh
I’ve now taken in $10,756, trying to avoid assignment.

#earnings #rolling JPM Rolled Feb….

#earnings #rolling JPM

Rolled Feb. 21, 130 put to 135 for .66, now have 135/140 strangle with JPM at 140.

UBER out

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Jan 10th 31.5 calls for 2.00. Strangles sold for .80 on Dec 6th for .80. Puts previously closed for .05.

#Rolling : Sold $UBER Jan 31st 32/36 strangles for .86. Won’t make up for the loss but will keep it going

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX Rolled 85…

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX

Rolled 85 call to February bringing cost basis to 84.21, may pick up dividend of .40. This was an October ratio spread that went bad, was assigned at 92.50.

#rolling TSLA Have I said…

#rolling TSLA

Have I said lately that I hate TSLA.
I rolled a Jan. 3, 350 put to Jan. 3, 430 for 11.68, giving me a Jan. 3, 300/430 inverted strangle. I have collected 62.37 over 6 rolls. Next week I’ll likely roll again, earnings are coming up argghh.

#earnings #rolling STT October 17,…

#earnings #rolling STT

October 17, sold a Nov. 55/65 strangle, Nov. 7 rolled to Dec. 20, today rolled to a Jan. inverted strangle.
I don’t even want to look at TSLA.

#rolling TSLA Rolled Dec. 20…

#rolling TSLA

Rolled Dec. 20 inverted 300/350 strangle to Jan. 3. I Have collected $5,046 in premium. This started as a 210/300 earnings strangle on Oct. 3.

#rolling SMH October 8, sold…

#rolling SMH

October 8, sold a 97/128 strangle for 1.05. October 9 SMH started going up and up. Today rolled to Dec. 105/128 for 2.01. SMH is at 133.

#earnings #rolling TSLA October 23…

#earnings #rolling TSLA

October 23 sold a Nov. 15, 210/300 strangle for 3.92. TSLA went to the moon.
Rolled to an inverted Dec. 20 300c/320p strangle for 28.96 for a total of 32.88 in premium received.

#earnings #rolling FDX Rolled Oct….

#earnings #rolling FDX

Rolled Oct. 18, 190 call to 150 for 2.36, making a straddle, collected 4.46 total. FDX is down around 146 today.

#rolling #coveredcalls WDC Rolled ITM…

#rolling #coveredcalls WDC

Rolled ITM 55 calls from Sept. 6 to Oct. 18 for .97 each, holding through another .50 dividend on October 3 unless there is assignment, stock is at 61.

#earnings #rolling SPLK August 21,…

#earnings #rolling SPLK

August 21, sold Sept. 20, 110/150- strangle for 2.04. SPLK is below 110 today.
Rolled 150 call to 110 for 3.80. Have a 110 straddle and have collected 5.84 in premium.

#rolling WDC Rolled ITM 55…

#rolling WDC

Rolled ITM 55 covered calls from Aug. 16 to Aug. 23 for 1.04.

#earnings #rolling ANET pain August…

#earnings #rolling ANET pain
August 1 I sold a jade lizard with protection/margin help, 210/230/270/272.50 for 2.46. ANET was around 270 on August 1, around 215 today. I rolled the 210/230 to Sept. 20, 210/240 for 4.82. If it ever goes up, I’ll add a call spread.

#rolling ROKU Rolled Sept. 20…

#rolling ROKU

Rolled Sept. 20 60 put to 90 for 1.34, put is from 60/140 earnings strangle. ROKU is at 120.

NUGT’s up

#ContangoETFs NUGT is reaching highest levels since Sept 2017. These are my first sales where I am #Rolling from stopped 35 calls.

Sold $NUGT Jan 2020 50 calls for 5.75.

UBER closed

#Earnings #Rolling #ShortStrangles
BTC $UBER Aug 2nd 41 put for .05. Leaving the call to expire.
41/47 strangles sold for .85 on July 12th. This was my fourth strangle and has me breaking even from busted earnings long straddle. UBER is definitely NOT a mover. I’ll wait for earnings and then consider whether to keep the strangles as an ongoing strategy.

SWK roll

#Earnings #Rolling My earnings condor is a bust, with the 148/150 call side set to expire ITM, which will be a 2.00 debit, against the .80- credit for selling it on Tuesday. So I’m trying a one-week move to breakeven.

Sold $SWK Aug 2 148/150-152.5/155 condors for 1.30. If we can hold tight enough to expire I should come out flat after accounting for commissions.

SPX roll

#SPX1dte #Rolling from the stopped spread: Sold $SPX July 31st 2910/2935-3055/3080 condors for 3.00.

Note these expire on same day as FOMC decision.

Uber strangle

#Earnings #Rolling
Continuing my revenge campaign on $UBER,
Sold UBER Aug 2nd 41/47 strangles for .85.
Earnings are Aug 8th. On last earnings I bought a long straddle, but stock decided not to move. So now I’m selling strangles, and its working because it still ain’t moving much.

UBER strangle closed

#Earnings #Rolling
Both sides of $UBER July 12th 42/48 strangle closed for .05. Sold on June 20th for 1.25. I’ll do this again later in the week.

UBER rolling continues

#Earnings BTC $UBER June 21st 40/46 strangles for .15. Sold for 1.05 on June 5th, as a roll from busted earnings trade.

#Rolling again: Sold $UBER July 12th 42/48 strangles for 1.25. Only partial fill, may have to lower to 1.20.

Closed AVGO

#Earnings #Rolling BTC $AVGO June 21st 267.5/262.5 put spreads for .40. Sold Friday for 2.40 as a roll from busted earnings trade. Ending profit from original condor sale: .85.

AVGO roll

#Earnings #Rolling Sold $AVGO June 21st 267.5/262.5 put spreads for 2.40.

I have the 270/267.5 put spread expiring today, so at the moment it will be max loss of 2.50. So I rolled to next week, going down ne stark and also widening to 5.

But it is rallying now so loss may be less than 2.50. I wanted to sell the roll before its price dropped much more.

SPX roll

#SPX1dte #Rolling Maybe a period of consolidation after hitting against 2900 resistance?

Sold $SPX June 20th (monthlys) 2765/2785/2960/2980 condors for 2.50.

UBER bad

#Earnings So much for my speculative play of a #LongStraddle. Seem like the stock really likes 40. Nonetheless it did bounce around today but was unable to sell at the best times because other commitments had me running around the house and town too much.

Sold $UBER 40 straddle for .45. Bought yesterday for 3.15
#Rolling: Sold $UBER Jun 14th 37/43 #ShortStrangle for 1.00. See if I can work that three times and get back the losses.

That loss erases my decent win on $ANF straddle, leaving me flat for the week.

Also, Sold to close $DG call calendar for .10. Bought #DoubleCalendar for .39 on Wednesday. Long 118 put as lottery ticket for next week.

SPX duck, stop and roll

#SPX1dte Stopped $SPX May 29th 2770/2750 put spreads for 2.70. Condors sold yesterday for 1.05.

#Rolling Sold June 5th 2700/2675 put spreads for 2.70. (IV: 18%, SPX 2778, expected move 59.00)


#Earnings #Rolling #revengetrade
Sold $GOOGL May 17th 1220/1210 put spreads for 7.75. Replacing my fully ITM spread of the same strikes expiring today.

SPX rolling

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Apr 30th 2950/2970 call spreads for 4.05. Sold condors for 3.80 on Apr 15th. Too close for comfort.

#Rolling Sold SPX May 8th 2865/2890/2985/3010 condors for 4.55. My first 3,000+ strike!

Also, BTC Today’s 2955 calls for .10. Sold in the call spread this morning for .75.

#earnings #rolling TWTR Yesterday sold…

#earnings #rolling TWTR

Yesterday sold May 17, 30/39 strangle. Following a TastyTrade adjustment, rolled May 17, 30 put to a 39 put for 1.11, giving me a 39 straddle. I’ve taken in about $207 in premium.

Closed Early SPX OKTA LULU / Rolled TNDM / Short Calls GOOS

BTC 4/12 2935/2019 BECS at 2.00 STO at 3.41 Thank you @jeffcp66
BTC 5/17 75 put at .80. STO 1/22 at 7.70. Thank you @jsd501 for following the chart and sharing.
$LULU BTC 4/18 170/175 BECS at .80. STO 3/28 at 2.18

$TNDM BTC 4/12 68.50 and STO 4/18 68.50 put for additional .53 credit

$GOOS STO 4/12 49 call at .60 (covered)

#earnings #rolling EA Rolled an…

#earnings #rolling EA
Rolled an inverted strangle from Feb. earnings that has been rolled a couple times to May 3, just before next earnings. I am short a 90 call and a 105 put and have collected $1, 552 in premium.

BURL TQQQ Roll / SFLY Covered Call

$BURL BTC 4/5 155 call and STO 4/18 160 call at .03 debit. Stock at 156.50
$TQQQ BTC 4/18/56 call and STO 5/17 58 call at .35 added credit. Sold against 1/2020 66.67 call. Stock at 60.48

$SFLY STO 4/18 42.50 call at .60 (Covered)

SPX roll

#SPX1dte Stopped on $SPX April 17th (monthlys) 2600/2625-2925/2950 condors for 3.10. Sold for 3.65 on March 22nd. #Rolling Sold (same expiry) 2725/2750-2940/2965 condors for 2.85.

The monthly contracts stop trading Wednesday this month due to the Good Friday holiday on 4/19.

SPX 27-dte roll

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX April 17th (monthlys) 2600/2625/2925/2950 condors for 3.65, #Rolling from recently stopped daily spreads.

Expiration / Lost My Shirt GOOGL LULU/ Rolled HIIQ Puts TNDM Calls

$AMRN 16 put
$HIIQ 31 and 33 puts Thank you @honkhonk81
$EVTC 30 puts
$PYX 25Puts
$TNDM 59.50 puts
$NTNX 35 put Thank you @honkhonk81
$AVGO 260/265/267.5 #BrokenWingButterfly (calls), exercising for 2.20 credit (bought for 1.65).
$ADBE 245/250/280/285 condors, sold for 1.20 yesterday. Thank you @jeffcp66 for both.
$NFLX 325/335 BUPS STO Valentine’s Day for 2.50.
Lost My Shirt Much too much patience. Threw away rabbit’s foot and four leaf clover. We will see what happens
$GOOGL 1180/1160 BECS STO 2/28 for 3.10
$LULU 145/155 BUCS BTO at 4.75 on 2/5

$TNDM BTC 3/15 70 call and STO 3/22 73 call at $1 cost. Stock at 73.14
$HIIQ BTC 3/15 40 put and STO 3/22 40 put at $1.30 credit. Stock at 34.17

Have a great and green weekend, and a greener remainder of the year. If you drink, do not trade! 😉

Short Puts NTNX HIIQ / Assigned BURL / Rolled SOXL Calls

$NTNX STO 3/15 35 put at 1.00 Thank you @honkhonk81
$HIIQ STO 3/15 39 put at 2.30 I am being goosed along by @honkhonk81. Thank you my feathered friend.

$BURL Assigned shares at 165 and 167.5 via a bullish trade on earnings. Stock currently at 143.52. Plan to sell calls if stock stabilizes. Right now it looks to be made of lead.

$SOXL BTC 5/17 100 call and STO 5/17 125 call at even. Stock currently at 117

SPX 4-dte stopped

#SPX1dte Stopped $SPX March 8th 2720/2700 put spreads for 2.10. Condors sold Monday for 2.03 as a roll.

Expected move breached this morning so this is too risky to hold longer. Was able to get out near break-even on the bounce. I’ll let the 2830/2850 call side expire.


Expired SPX / Roll SQ BUPS / Closed NVDA Strangle

$SPX 2740/2760/2830/2810 IC 1 DTE Thank you @jeffcp66
$NFLX 370 calls (covered)

$SQ BTC 4/18 60/70 BUPS and STO 4/18 65/75 BUPS for added a.12 credit. Thank you @ramie77

$NVDA BTC 3/15 120/185 straddle @ .20 STO 2/14 for 1.74 Thank you @thomberg1201

Rolling LABU Covered Calls

$LABU BTC 2/15 51.5 call and STO 2/22 54 call at .16 credit

SPX roll

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Feb 22nd 2670/2650 put spreads for 3.45. #Rolling the condor closed earlier. Selling only puts on presumption we are going higher in near-term.

FB Roll

This seems like a stretch but I will watch closely

$FB BTC 2/1 152.50 call and STO 2/15 165 call at 9.70 debit but would gain 12.50 if called away.

EXAS Short Puts / Close T Short Puts / Roll PVTLCalls / Buy AMZN Calls

$EXAS STO 2/8 85 put @ 1.05
$T BTC 2/15 29 put at .20 STO 1/3 at 1.20

$PVTL BTC 2/15 18 call and STO 3/15 19 call for .40 added credit. Covered

$AMZN BTO 2/1 1695 calls at 44

#rolling, adjustments, and new trades…

#rolling, adjustments, and new trades

MU rolled the 35/35 out 16 DTE for 0.5 credit. Cb now 14.30
WDC 40/40 rolled out 9 DTE for 0.33 credit. Cb now 17.71

I was going to close these at a loss but figure if I can get at least 0.25 per roll will keep rolling to generate cash and lower cost basis. 10 contracts each so decent income.

SQ STO the 9 DTE Feb 8-9 68 put for 1.53. Decided not to jade lizard until after FOMC and see what the market does. If we gap up I will sell the CCS once it has a top or range.

FOMC must have just released up 10 more on /ES. I may #jadelizard SQ into the close if it slows down to the upside.

After 4-5 months of crap trading, finally making some income/cash and money again but I still have a long way to go to recover the SVXY fiasco.

#earnings #rolling LRCX Jan. 23…

#earnings #rolling LRCX
Jan. 23 sold a Feb. 15, 120/160 strangle for 1.78, rolled today to March 15 125/160 for 2.59, LRCX up to 166 today.

#shortstrangles GM Sold Jan. 18,…

#shortstrangles GM #rolling #shortputs AA
GM Sold Jan. 18, 33/38 strangle for 1.17.
AA rolled Jan. 38 put to February for .15, AA is at 29.

#rolling #coveredcalls WYNN Rolled Dec….

#rolling #coveredcalls WYNN
Rolled Dec. 7, 106 call to Dec. 21 for .65. WYNN is up 11 to 120.

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR Nov….

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR

Nov. 14, sold short 100 shares at 45.94. Nov. 15 sold a Nov. 23, 46 put for .60, Nov. 20 rolled it to Nov. 30 for 2.56, rolled it today to Dec. 7, have net 185 in premium, CLR is at 44.33.

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes Beside…

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes
Besides being assigned shares at an outrageous basis, I have a Dec. 21 110/120 put spread that was meant to help me out, has been rolled up and out. Ex-div day is next week, don’t want any more underwater shares, so just in case I rolled to January and paid a debit of .50 for the privilege. Expanding the spread by 5 points would bring in about 2.50.
A short 110 call expires in a few minutes. I recommend they reprogram the slots and lower the payback rate.

#earnings #rolling TEVA October 31,…

#earnings #rolling TEVA

October 31, sold a Nov. 16, 20 straddle for 2.55, TEVA jumped to about 24, today rolled the call to Dec. for a measly .24.

Friday clean up

Had some things expiring and others just out of time value so #rolling, closing, adjusting.

TQQQ CC 63 rolled out to 42 DTE and down to 61 for 1.55 credit. CB now 59.10.
TQQQ lot 2 CC 63 same as above. Cb now 59.45.

QQQ 7 DTE 150/155 #supercharger sold to close for 4.92. Bought for 4.52 so about $132 profit on a 3 lot.

New TQQQ #supercharger 21 DTE 40/45 bought for 4.50.

Now just sitting on my hands until next week. Wish I had time to trade /NQ this morning, that would have been profitable.

Have a great weekend 🙂

#shortputs #rolling Z Oct. 1…

#shortputs #rolling #shortstraddle Z

Oct. 1 sold a 35/50 strangle in Z, big drop after earnings, rolled the 35 put to Dec. 21 for .55, sold Dec. 35 call for .70, stock is at 30


#SyntheticCoveredCalls BTC $PYPL Nov 2nd 88 calls for .11. Sold for 1.20 on Oct 19th.

#ContagoETFs BTC $SOXL Dec 85 put for 9.00.
#Rolling Sold $SOXL May 65 put for 9.25

#rolling and recovery Scalped a…

#rolling and recovery

Scalped a few more trades on /NQ and gave back my gains. But learned that 15 min and 30 minute chart is probably ideal for scalping. 1 and 5 minute too much chop. I will be adding some more directional trades and using my tools.

XBI 80/97 rolled to 80/90 for 0.49 credit. Cb 17.84
LNG 50/66.5 rolled to 22 DTE 65 for 0.49 credit. Cb 17.84
XBI lot 1,2,3 closed for losses totaling 620. With only until Jan 2019 and hardly any cash in this account did not think it was worth trying to recover and losing more.

LNG Lot 1 66 cc rolled down to 65 and 43 DTE for 0.83 credit. Cb 60.99
LNG lot 2 66 cc rolled the same for 0.9 credit. cb 61.00

#supercharger all I had left for in this tiny IRA.
QQQ 22 DTE 150/155 for 4.53. Will have to manage if we drop more.

#shortstock #shortputs #rolling #closing MRO…

#shortstock #shortputs #rolling #closing MRO
Sept. 10 sold short 100 shares @ 20.40 and MRO started going up. Bought to cover today for 19.66 after rolling an Oct. 26, 20.50 put to Nov. 23, 20 put for .30, making me long MRO.

What are you guys doing?!…

What are you guys doing?! I go mt bike for 2 hours and the market is melting down again.

#rolling and adjusting. Everything hedged so not too bad on paper, still waiting for a ton of short options to decay but the volatility is keeping the prices up. Good for when I can roll.

/CL I had a stop loss on the strangle and it must have triggered early in the morning when oil was down 2. Lost $750 as it closed at 0.87. Re-entered 57 DTE strangle but went wider, delta 4s and sold the 55/86 strangle at 0.28.

LNG lot 1 66 cc rolled out 22 DTE for 1.25. Cb now 61.28
LNG lot 2 66 CC rolled out 22 DTE for 1.24 credit. Cb 62.39

XBI 87/95 2019 LEAP rolled out to 43 DTE for 0.28 credit. Cb now 4.05.

Sitting on my hands for another 1-3 weeks, then big expirations which should free up a lot of cash. Hopefully things stay on sale:)

Hope everyone is doing well and making some $ on the volatility.

#shortputs #rolling NKTR Rolled Oct….

#shortputs #rolling NKTR
Rolled Oct. 19, 60 put to Nov. 19 for 3.88, NKTR down over 4 points today, looking like a #fallingknife candidate.

My square rolls as well as any circle would

#Earnings #Rolling
BTC $SQ Oct 19th 88/100 strangles for 5.15. Sold for 5.00 on Wednesday.
STO $SQ Oct 26th 94/105 strangles for 5.50.

#rolling EOG rolled 115 put…


EOG rolled 115 put 18 DTE out to 39 DTE for 0.83 credit. Cost basis now 9.13 and still have 68 weeks to manage. I may unhinge this one and just be short the puts if it keeps moving up.

MU trade from Friday did not have time to post. Rolled 50 call from 8 DTE out to 39 for 0.60 credit. Cost basis now 9.1 and same as above 68 weeks left to sell options.


Covered Calls

#Rolling $BABA hit 170 in the pre-market; I closed one of two calls I had at the 170 strike. Kept the other.
BTC BABA Sep 28th 170 call for 1.95. Sold for 1.55 on Sept 12th
#Rolling Sold BABA Oct 5th 175 call for 1.60

BTC $SQ Oct 5th 97 covered calls for .25. Sold for 2.45 on Sept 13th

Sold $MU Sept 28th 45 covered call for .90. I also am still long Oct 5th 45 calls.

BTC $OLED Sept 21st 122 covered call for .40. Sold for 1.50 last Friday.
Sold Sept 28th 124 call for 1.65.

#shortputs #rolling DUST rolled Sept….

#shortputs #rolling DUST
rolled Sept. 21, 42.50 put to Sept. 28 for .82, originally sold for 1.73 on Aug. 13, DUST is at 40.34.

GOOGL supercharger rolled

#SuperCharger Sold $GOOGL Sep 28th 1155/1165 bull call spreads for 6.50. Bought for 6.99 last Monday.
#Rolling Bought GOOGL Oct 5th 1140/1150 call spreads for 6.85.

I’m getting leery, however, of staying long anything.

AAPL call roll

#CoveredCallCampaign BTC $AAPL Sep 28th 227.5 covered calls for 3.55. Sold for 3.60 on Tuesday, so broke even and covered commissions.

#Rolling Sold AAPL Oct 5th 230 calls for 3.60.