Today’s Trades

This working for a living thing is really cramping my ability to trade and post.
At lunch today I was able to place a couple of trades that filled this afternoon. Took a little risk off the table and booked some profits just in case tomorrow got ugly.
$EA BTC Dec 15 $101 puts @ $0.60, break even, don’t like the way the these stocks have been trading.
$FB BTC Dec 15 $170 puts @ $0.38, sold for $0.93, still have more sold at $1.72
$UVXY BTC Dec 8 $12.5 calls @ $0.55, sold for $1.20 as part of a $12.5/$13.5 spread. Closed the $13.50’s for a small profit yesterday, never got a chance to post.

SPX Campaign / Short Puts / Long Calls / Short Calls

$SPX STO 12/18 2665/2640 BECS @ 8.70
$SPX STO 1/5/2018 2730/2705 BECS @ 1.55 Thank you @jeffcp66

$BA STO 12/29 270/275 BUPS @ 1.00
$GS STO 1/19/2018 230/240 BUPS @ 2.06 Helping pay for

$GS BTO 1/19/2018 245/255 BUCS @ 4.20
$IWM BTO 1/19/2018 154 calls @ 1.60 Dr Science idea at OMM

$LABU STO 12/8 73 calls @ .90 (covered)

For you falling knife traders,…

For you falling knife traders, looks like SWKS finally put in a bottom the last 2 days.


$NUGT #ShortCalls – Bought to…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Bought to close NUGT1 25/100 Jan 19 2018 16.0 Calls @ 0.01.
Originally sold these on 08/29/2017 at 0.58

Imagine This

@fuzzballl —- Imagine a room full of 10 talented beautiful women option traders debating the merits of your #syntheticstock diagonals. Some of the women like the LEAP setups, some don’t (me). My thought is if there’s a melt up move on bullish setups, I’d rather close everything (for profit) than roll short-dated positions for significant debits. If I expect a full close in 3-4 months, why do LEAPs . All of these women say “thank you” by the way for your ideas and posts.



#ShortStrangles – An #Earnings play that turned into strangles. Oversold the call side and now seeing a nice bounce. Booking this week’s.

Bought to Close ADSK DEC 8 2017 111.0 Calls @ .27 (sold for .85)


STO February 16, 55 puts @1.30