Trade day

Rolled a bunch of small SVXY positions, 100 puts this week to 15 DTE for credits of 1.85, 1.89, 1.88. Sold for 4.2, 4.05, 4.15 on last vol bump.

Rolled TQQQ 120 puts from tomorrow to 15 DTE for 1.49 credit. Sold for 1.35.

Even on a big down week with WDC, SWKS and still adjusting GILD made $3482, just have to love theta decay! Down on the computer screen but net worth still climbs.

1 week DTE for you other Stars Wars fans out there! And there should be skiing in the mid atlantic next week, finally cold enough 🙂

Nothing else for me until next Thurs. Lots of expirations next week. Hope everyone has a good close to the week and a fun weekend!