VXX/XIV possible trigger

@jeffcp66, think I have the tool for the upside/downside warning and the trigger we have been discussing for going long/short VXX/XIV or the leveraged versions. Not doing any sales here but alphashark has a new tool that uses a hybrid indicator and the triggers are almost instantaneous for VIX because it was designed for futures. It is in beta test mode and because I have some other tools from them I am getting it at a discount. I reviewed some recent triggers with the developer tonight on VIX and it looks like it will give us a real time warning (or within 1 bar). I will buy it (only $299), install it this weekend and get it up and running. It may even give a signal faster than @fibwizard charts because it is adaptive. Based on BB, MACD, ATR and some other voodoo math but adapts as the volatility and ATR changes so it constantly updates itself and even sets targets based on ATR.

Not saying I am going directional here, but it should help with selling options in the right direction. Once I load it will show you guys and will set alerts for /VX and after we see how accurate it is that might be our new upside/downside trigger (if you want).

As a former ski racer, love the snow and let it keep snowing all the way through March!

Snow! Go $MTN Plus Today’s Trades

$AMZN STO 1/19/20181070/1080 BUPS @ 1.56

Closed Early
$GME BTC 12/1 18 call @.88 BTO 11/24 @ .29
$SPX STC Remaining 12/1 2615/2630 BUCS @ 82% profit Thank you @jeffcp66 aka the snow maker.

Trade Recap

Here’s trades not already mentioned today:
CVX: Closed #JadeLizard for $230 profit before it “slid down the slope” on the right-side P/L graph
QQQ: Opened #SharkfinHedge (as coined by Bruce Marshall) before market direction became solidified today. Dec 8 153/148/146 put fly for .53 (called sharkfin because of the P/L picture). Wanted just a bit of tech protection in case sell off continued.
NDX: Managed BeCS hedge, took 1/2 off, rolled other half to new strikes.
RH: Opened long calls (Dec 8 106) for earnings run up trade, will be closed day before earnings, high historical win rate
BA: Bitty hit profit target for $276, rolled to new expiration (Dec 15 270/267 for .50)
SPX: Rolled BeCS to new strikes for extra range
IWM: Closed JadeLizard early for $25.00 scratch (it was kind of a hedgie jade lizard, no longer needed)
NTNX: Added last tranche of short puts before earnings, trade is up very nicely after hours
PLAY: Closed long calls on Earnings run up trade for $165 (40%) profit, trade based on historical win rate.

Net Liq repair project still underway, but nice progress today

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ClassicVXXGame – removing…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ClassicVXXGame – removing tail risk and clearing the decks so I can sell more calls on the next spike.
Bought to close 13 UVXY1 DEC 15 2017 37.0 Calls @ 0.01 – sold at an avg price of 1.60
Bought to close 11 UVXY DEC 15 2017 91.0 Calls @ 0.01 – sold at an avg price of 2.29 but my highest sale price was 8.10 in August.

More puts

#SPXcampaign After the bell, this filled: $SPX Dec 29th 2540/2515 put spreads for 1.50. Standard weekly spread, the highest I’ve ever sold.

$WDC #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$WDC #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 WDC Apr 20 2018 65.0 Put @ 2.05 with the stock at 78.97.
Adding to my position.

SVXY put butterfly

#Hedge – Thanks to @vxxkelly …giving this a try.

Bought SVXY JAN 19 2018 110.0/105.0/97.5 Put Butterfly @ .22 credit