$HSIC #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$HSIC #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 HSIC APR 20 2018 62.5 Put @ 1.95 with the stock at 70.0


#ShortPuts #IRA – Bought to Close SVXY NOV 17 2017 80.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 2.50)


Interesting research by the TT…

Interesting research by the TT team just the other day. Looks like the sweet spot on strangles is 10-20 deltas.


Pattern Day Trader?

Gotta Question for someone. Yesterday I was selling some synthetic stock that I’ve had for several months (buy a call, sell a put, buy a lower put).  I was trying to sell two contracts but fat fingered it and sold three, so I had to buy one back. This was in a small account that I have. When I try to sell some calls for next week, I got the pattern day trader warning and they would not let me trade.  Is it common practice to count a combo like that as three trades? This was with IB.

OPHT…blast from the past

Looks like they’re still alive and kicking. Anybody that’s still at OMM…has @scottto mentioned it lately? These guys and REGN both had good earnings today.

SVXY stock

#CoveredCalls – Received this stock from reverse rolling some threatened calls quite awhile back. Lot’s of things I could do with it to squeeze a little extra out of it but I’m not gonna look a gift chicken…errr….horse in the mouth. Breakeven was my original goal and with plenty of Jan risk I’m booking and raising the cash.

Sold to Close SVXY covered stock @ 91.25 (basis 83.22)
Sold to Close SVXY covered stock @ 93.25 (basis 84.07)


#ShortPuts – For some reason today (maybe it’s the chicken) I’m feeling like trimming some risk. Also, clearing out a little to take a slightly bigger position than normal in NVDA earnings tomorrow.

Bought to Close WDC NOV 17 2017 85.0 Puts @ 1.00 (sold for 1.55)

Short Puts / Closed early

$GILD 12/15 67.5/72.5 BUPS @ 1.55 (Dr Science at OMM)
$SVXY STO 12/15 85 put @ 2.50 Thank you @jdietz1954
$SVXY STO 12/8 70 put @ 1.45 Thank you @jsd501

Closed Early
$AAOI BTC 11/17 50 puts @ 8.70 Getting out with small loss after a few rolls of the AAOI
$COST BTC 11/17 150 put @ .05 STO 10/6 @ 1.74
$SPX 11/10 2625/2600 BECS @ 54% profit Thank you @jeffcp66

$C, $RHT, $SPX, $RCL

STO $C Nov 24 $71/$68 put spreads @ $0.50
BTO $RHT Dec 15 $120 calls @ $4.80
STO $SPX Nov 15 $2570/$2565 put spreads @ $0.75
STO $RCL Nov 17 $124/$120 puts spreads @ $0.33

Do we kill the chicken?