LTC (Litecoin)

#Litecoin – Still playing in the middle of a busy street. Not sure how safe this is but have added some more Litecoin over the last couple weeks.

Bought to Open Litecoin @ 54.46 (earlier)
Bought to Open Litecoin @ 62.60 (tonight)

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – Bought…

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – Bought to close Jan 19 2018 32.0 Puts/ Sold DUST Mar 16 2018 30.0 Puts @ 0.25 Credit.
Originally sold the Jan 32.0 Puts @ 14.67 on a #Rolldown in April and covered them today at 6.46.
I didn’t “need” to make this trade today, but I wanted to get the strike price down on an up day in the stock. (at least it was up this morning) 🙂

End of day SPX trades

Sold $SPX Dec 14th (monthly) 2635/2660 call spreads for 1.90
Sold $SPX Nov 17th 2590/2615 call spreads for 2.50. Expire this Friday at the close.

#shortcallspreads GOOGL Followed a Tastytrade…

#shortcallspreads GOOGL
Followed a Tastytrade trade Dec. 15, 1070/1080 BeCS for 2.40, GOOGL is at 1041

GILD rolled 24 DTE 78…

GILD rolled 24 DTE 78 put to 45 DTE for 0.65 credit as a calendar now. Only had 0.15 time value left. Going @fuzzballl style, stay 45 DTE and roll them when 20 or so DTE left and most of the time value has been sucked out.

Decreases max loss to $2525 now so will be rolling and adjusting these for a while!

IBB split

Was looking at some of our old friends…BIB XBI LABU and IBB for maybe some potential #FallingKnife possibilities when I stumbled on this for IBB:

The Board has approved a 3-for-1 split for this fund for shareholders of record as of the close of business on November 28, 2017, payable after the close of trading on November 30, 2017. The 3-for-1 split will lower the share price and increase the number of outstanding shares. The total value of shares outstanding is not affected by a split.

Could be interesting. Just watching for now but out next year at 220-240 looks like it could get juicy.

Boring day so step right up!

Options question on a Whiz trade from this morning. What is wrong with this? I’ll post my reply to him at the close today…LOL For the record, I DID NOT take the trade for a few reasons. Trade is a #LongCallDiagonals with protective put. He says max loss is around $5500 for 10 contracts…Hmmm


New XOM long call diagonal w/protective put 10 contracts

Initial trade:

Buy Jan 2020 65 calls & 65 puts @ 20.75 debit

Weekly sale:

Sell Dec 1 2017 83.5 calls