Need my portfolio margin account back!

Interesting efficiency changes with portfolio margin vs regular margin accounts.

Closed Early SPX BECS and BUCS / VXX Game / Short Puts

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 12/1 2650/2625 BECS @ 6.50 STO 10/31 @ 1.85 Still very slow on trigger
$SPX STC 12/1 2615/2630 BUCS @ 11.25 BTO 11/24 @ 2.15 Thank you @ jeff

$SVXY STO 3/16/2018 75 put @ 4.20 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SVXY BTC 1/19/2018 25 put @ .15 STO @ 5.50 1/6/2017

$SQ STO 12/15 38.50 put @ .75
$NTNX STO 12/15 35 puts @ 2.60 Earnings play Thank you @smasty160
$AMZN STO 12/15 1060/1110 BUPS @ 1.05 Thank you @jsd501 Also have order in for the 990/1040 BUPS
$AGN STO 1/19/2018160/170 BUPS @ 2.30
$MZOR STO 12/15 60 puts @ 1.80
$PVH STO 12/15 120/130 BUPS @ 1.20 Earnings Trade (DeBeers inspired at SMM)

GILD accidental straddle/strangle as recovery trial.

Did not have time to post earlier.

BTC the 71.5/72 straddle strangle and STO 23 DTE for 1.21 credit. Originally sold for 2.12 so total credit now 3.33 on stock assigned at 79 (CB 78.06) so now down to 74.73 in 2 weeks. One more roll should be break even but I also opened some 77.5 LEAPs so will be rolling those puts next week. Once I break even may keep going with the straddles as an experiment. LEAPS expire Jan 2019 and I can hold the stock for the dividends and sell call side and the puts against the leaps.

Looks like by selling an ATM or close to the money straddle can bring in 2-4 credit each week on most stocks going out 1-4 weeks and may result in quicker profitability than just converting to CC. Will see over time how it works.

The LEAPS only cost 12.26 so should be able to cover those in about 12 weeks.

# debit call ditm


has anyone tried doing a ditm call spread like 5 dollar wide like qqq and
say a 145/150, debit 4.00 ish and let it go to expiration and assigned on both.
and your profit would be difference between fees and 5.00 spread?


Promised Daddy for two weeks I’d get him shares for the $2.00 dividend tomorrow. It kept running away from me though! But Dad loves free things. Free Big Macs when the Broncos win (yeah, been awhile), free ipads from TD Ameritrade (despite that he’s too old to use them), and perceived free money that are dividends. Had to cave.
200 Shares at $320.45, Sold Dec 22 325 calls for 1.45

This is a @fuzzballl trade, kind of. #Diagonal using #syntheticstock
BTO Feb 65 Call, STO Feb 65 (net .35 cr), STO Dec 66 call 1.32 cr
BE 63.44, Max profit $2600
Will watch for opp to add some put protection in Feb

AAOI closing a Dec position

Bought to close $AAOI Dec 15 30 puts @ .05. Sold for 1.60 on 9/25.

Very strange market today. The…

Very strange market today. The $IYT is trading like they are hauling bitcoin, retailers are acting like they are selling bitcoin in the stores, the banks are apparently converting all of their deposits into bitcoin and $/NQ is flailing like a scuba diver 110 pts below the surface stuck under a rock with an empty air tank.