#rolling #diagonal SPY #coveredcalls CC…

#rolling #diagonal SPY #coveredcalls CC

SPY Rolled Oct. 7, 335 calls to Oct. 12, 336 for .43
CC sold Oct. 16, 24 covered call for .33

#rolling #diagonal SPY Rolled Oct….

#rolling #diagonal SPY
Rolled Oct. 5 334 call to Oct. 7, 335 for .27, rolled Oct. 5, 335 to Oct. 7, 335 for 1.22

#rolling #diagonal SPY Rollups This…

#rolling #diagonal SPY Rollups

This morning rolled Sept. 30, 333 call to next week, Oct. 5, 335 call for 1.17
Rolled Sept. 30, 332 call to Oct. 5, 334 call for .92

#rolling #diagonal SPY Rolled Sept….

#rolling #diagonal SPY

Rolled Sept. 28, 331 to Sept. 30, 332 for .53

#diagonal SPY Rolled Sept. 25,…

#diagonal SPY

Rolled Sept. 25, 330 call to Sept. 28, 331 for .68



Rolled $NUGT Sept-13 30 Puts for Sept-27 @ 1.00 against existing Oct-19-2019 20 puts.

Jun 19 Sue Thread

Hi Everyone! I’ve got a little rolling activity here:

BA: First this was a #DoubleUndie from Jun 14. In two accounts I had to close the 2×1 put ratios due to the extrinsic on the short puts running out of gas. This brought a profit of about $2900. Then I rolled my Jun 22 365 and 372 calls to July 6 365 calls, and added extra calls to convert the trade from an Undie to a #Diagonal . I netted $2742 on the Jun 22 calls. My net credit accrual on BA = 73% of the losses (I rechecked my math, was way better than I thought). So there is damage control to be done. One of my longs is Aug, one is Sep….so lots of rolling opps here. I have the spirit on this one to fight it out 🙂 I’ve got good starting baseline numbers, so I’ll always know where I am in recovery of losses.

SPY: Rolled some #Saf-T trade calls from Jun 20 to Jun 27. Netted $737 on the rolls. The Jun 20 calls were pretty cheap due to divs last week and lowered premium. I rolled from 278 to 277 for .71 on the new 277’s. BTW, all the Saf-T puts are up huge…they be doing their job.

Coming into the week I had $17,917 in short call premium (Jun 22 exp)….it’s helping, but it’s quite an ugly day here.

MCD: Rolled Jun 22 calls to Jun 29, collected $444 on the jun 22 170’s and rolled to 167.5 @.94 and added qty 2. This converts Undie to #Diagonal.

NFLX: Converted #Fundie to #DoubleFundie using this strong day to cut risk. Added a Jul 13/Jun 29 2×1 put ratio. Before add on max risk: $4000; after add max risk: $1110. Nice profit opp still in the trade, $800-$1200 on small continued upside. Downside BE shifted to $386. Jul 13 397.5 p x2 @14.05, Jun 29 390 p x -1 @7.05.

NFLX: Closed full position for $789 net profit

LMT: I guess the senate blocked their delivery of jets to Turkey. Did a partial roll of calls (qty 4 in 2 accts) from Jun 22 to Jun 29 rolled from 317 to 315. Netted $1208 on the Jun 22. Sold Jun 29 for only .68. Still have 2 calls at a diff strike to roll this week.


Promised Daddy for two weeks I’d get him shares for the $2.00 dividend tomorrow. It kept running away from me though! But Dad loves free things. Free Big Macs when the Broncos win (yeah, been awhile), free ipads from TD Ameritrade (despite that he’s too old to use them), and perceived free money that are dividends. Had to cave.
200 Shares at $320.45, Sold Dec 22 325 calls for 1.45

This is a @fuzzballl trade, kind of. #Diagonal using #syntheticstock
BTO Feb 65 Call, STO Feb 65 (net .35 cr), STO Dec 66 call 1.32 cr
BE 63.44, Max profit $2600
Will watch for opp to add some put protection in Feb