Friday Night Special Surprise

$CELG 1/05/2018 115 put assigned. Basis 112.55

Will sell Tuesday most likely

XRP (Ripple)

#Cryptocurrency never closes. Not sure why this thing spiked today but just can’t pass up these kinds of returns in a few weeks.

Sold 3900 XRP @ 2.12 (bought for .26)

Definitely a happy new year!

Filled on final plunge

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Jan 2nd 2665/2640 put spreads for 1.30. Could have gotten over 2.00 if I had thought the punch down would be so sharp. Looks like it might have gone ITM in the after market. These expire on Tuesday, OTM, I hope.

Options Expiration for 12/29

2 expirations today, no assignments:
$CAT Dec 29 128 puts
$SVXY Dec 29 70 puts

I also got filled after the bell on the move down into the close:
Sold $SVXY Feb 2 75 put @ 1.20

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

#OptionExpiration Hey Gang, hope you…

Hey Gang, hope you had a profitable week. Took the week off to spend with family. Had to make a couple of trades just before the close on some ITM #CoveredCalls.

$SVXY $65 puts
$SVXY $70 puts
$SVXY $75 puts

Allowing to be exercised
$V $112 #CoveredCalls
$DWDP $70.5 #CoveredCall, allowing another 1/3 of position to be called away

Other Trade
Rolled $DWDP $70.5 12/29 #CoveredCalls to 1/12 $71 for $.10 credit

#spxstrategy one more right before…


one more right before bell.
and them I am stepping away from screen looking for an adult beverage.

sto SPX 26 JAN 18 2560/2540 PUT @.80
will place gtc @ 50%
2 accounts/manipulation by market/oh yea/but 28 dte for it to decay.
10.5 implied vol for this expiration and expected move of spx up to then +-$ 64.00.

Dumping LITE

#Earnings #LongStock Dumped these shares for 48.85. Tax loss. Sick of watching it do nothing.

Starting fresh for the new year! See y’all then!