PYPL Earnings

#Earnings – Great timing…LOL

Plan for now is to close the short puts (depending on how the open goes). Then…open synthetic stock positions in EBAY and PYPL out to next Jan. Should only add a few pennies to the weekly sales requirement to cover it.

We shall see….

#spycraft Sold the 44 DTE…


Sold the 44 DTE /ES 2955 call as the market was pulling back for 3.55. That gives strangle at 2575p and 2955 c, 2 contracts. Of course after hours now the market is up again. For those that wanted the SMI settings I will post later, crazy at work and the code is on an old computer and have to dig it out.

Jan 31 #Fuzzy Land Hello…

Jan 31 #Fuzzy Land
Hello Everyone! Goodbye January, you were incredible! Good day here, the mix of long and short Fuzzies netted out for green today, hedges worked great, F-bears worked great.

1. ANSS took Fuzzy profit just shy of my target on a price spike, will look to get back in
2. Closed a tiny DIA long fuzzy on the highs today
3. Added 25 SPY Fuzzy Bear contracts across several accounts. Mar283/283/285 @ 2.58 with a 278 hedge @.84
4. Rolled DIS hedge collecting $550 profit
5. Rolled CAT hedge collecting $1270 profit
6. Opened new EA fuzzy on UOA, Mar 130/130/125 for 1.21, no hedge yet (the UOA was a buy of Mar 135 calls, + June 135 and 140 large call buys)
7. Rolled JNJ hedge collecting $400 profit.
8. Yesterday I cut the KBH fuzzy for $2400 loss, saved a little by selling one round of calls on it, sold Feb 30-strike puts to recoup a little (or not).
9. Rolled IWM hedge collecting $330.

Fuzzies that need management this week: CELG, 1-MU, 1-QQQ, 1-SPY,

Total Closed Fuzzy Profit: $49,383; Hedge collection on open positions: $24,260

Oh, one thing I forgot to add: Trader’s Almanac has been pretty good so far this year. It shows tomorrow (Thur) is the biggest day for bulls for the whole month of February. 🙂




#RocketManHedge – Great market for these…double dip selling Friday.

Bought to Close SPX JAN 31 2018 2820.0 Put @ 0.30 (sold for 5.00)

Sold SPX FEB 2 2018 2820.0 Put @ 7.00

$FB #ShortPuts – Sold 1…

$FB #ShortPuts – Sold 1 FB FEB 2 2018 175.0 Put @ 1.12
Immediate fill

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Today’s action is not too pretty and it looks like the Downside Warning may hang on the market longer. I’m selling these as hedges against my short put spreads. If we move much in either direction tomorrow, there will be rolling.

Sold $SPX Feb 9th 2825/2850 call spreads for 10.40.
Sold $SPX Mar 2nd 2925/2950 call spreads for 1.55.

NFLX flat

#Earnings Closed these two puts as they take up margin and I have retained the majority of premium. These recouped my losses from earnings short calls and left me with a small profit on the trades.

BTC $NFLX Feb 2nd 260 put for .30. Sold for 2.55 on Jan 26th.
BTC $NFLX Feb 16th 240 out for .74. Sold for 3.30 on Jan 23rd.

PYPL Earnings

#Earnings – Wouldn’t mind getting into #SyntheticStock on a pullback so aggressively selling half size here. Maybe get lucky and it takes off, otherwise double up and load up lower.

Sold PYPL FEB 2 2018 85.0 Put @ 1.92
Sold PYPL FEB 2 2018 84.0 Put @ 1.50
Sold PYPL FEB 2 2018 83.0 Put @ 1.13
Sold PYPL FEB 2 2018 82.0 Put @ 0.86
Sold PYPL FEB 2 2018 81.0 Put @ 0.64

FED no change

SPX going up mistake going down