Missed the segment on TT this morning about utilities. Searched back through the forum here and see some of you guys have played it over the last year or two.

Looking like a nice possibility as a #SyntheticStock or a #Fuzzy. Probably low risk and slow moving for a long term play…

For example:

Jan 2020 52/52/50 Synthetic would only require selling about a nickel per week to cover max loss. Take the trade with a decent size and get a little bounce could be a nice winner.

STO WDC Jan 12 79/77…

STO WDC Jan 12 79/77 .17

SPX Campaign / Rolled DVN Put / Short Puts CRZO / Closed Early FB TRU

$SPX STO 1/19 2715/2740 BUPS @ 5.80 Thank you @jeffcp66
$DVN BTC 2/16 39 put STO 2/16 41 put at additional .43 credit

$CRZO STO 2/16 22.50 puts @ .95

Closed Early
$FB BTC 1/19/2018 BUPS @.10 STO 11/22 @ 1.85 94% of max profit
$TRU BTC 3/16 35 puts @ .05 STO @ 1.40


I wonder what the odds are for going another 11 months without a correction?

$SVXY Also sold Jan 19th…

$SVXY Also sold Jan 19th 130 Puts @ 2.00 when SVXY was at 137.15. Some times I think I should just sell puts on SVXY and forget equities entirely.


Well  I closed out my Jan 19th short 45 Put this morning with the sell off after the down grades last week.  A 2.40 loss.  I didn’t roll it as it looked to have more down side to go.  I went off to work my set gig just before it started the day’s recovery.  Now it is back up and I feel foolish for closing it out.  I’m considering the Jan 26th 45 Puts for 2.25.  Is this a revenge trade?  Probably.  Maybe I should walk away.  I estimate earnings are early Feb.


#ShortPuts -Throwing this out there in an #IRA ….

Sold REGN APR 20 2018 300.0 Put @ 3.20