#spycraft We are showing a…


We are showing a whopping $9 profit on the adjusted call side of the Jan 12 271 long call 6, 272 short call and 276 call 5 of those. I am going to close mine this morning. This could be the start of a 3 point or 30 point reversal but with only 11 DTE there is not much more time to adjust and now we have a slight profit, if we wait until expiration it will be a $410 loss. The hedge worked, time to take it off and will establish new range tomorrow.

Of course you can stay in if you think we are going higher. I personally will close. We made $255 credit on the IC initially. With the adjustment we are now up $9. Not being greedy, just want to keep most of the initial credit and move on and we have the opportunity at the open to do that.