Missed The Roller Coaster Day But Trades Did Fill

$SPX BTC 1/26 2845/2820 BECS @ 12.00 STO at 4.75
$SPX BTO 2/2 2865/2885 BUCS at 2.40
$SPX STO 2/26 2710/2735 BUPS at 1.60

$LRCX STO 1/26 207.5/212.5 BUPS at 1.60 Looks good after hours
$AMZN STO 2/16 1345/1350 BUPS at 2.08


#SyntheticShortStock – Missed another one from earlier. Filled in tastyworks account. Is there a way to get text alerts on fills there?

Bought to Close UNG Jan 26 2018 24.0 Puts @ .01 (sold for .22)


Sold these this morning before…

Sold these this morning before I had to be away for the day. Saw the apparent carnage on my ticker feed. Must have been an exciting day.
$SVXY Sold Feb 16th 95 Put @ 1.00 when SVXY was at 130.53 Thanks Iceman
$SVXY Sold Feb 23rd 100 Puts @ 1.71 when SVXY was at 132.16

Jan 24 More #Fuzzy 1….

Jan 24 More #Fuzzy
1. New QQQ Fuzzy Bear Feb -168.5calls/+168.5puts/+169.5 calls for 2.47, hedged w/ Feb2 166 puts @.82
2. JNJ, been waiting to see buyers come in on this, there was some nibbling today Apr 140/140/135 @3.85 (has $2.00 intrinsic). Hedged w/ Feb2 145 calls @ .43
3. EA added a 2nd Earnings Run Up fuzzy on the drop today, Feb 2 114/114/112 @3.17, I have 5 of the 117-line fuzzies and 2 of the 114-line. These are unhedged, to be closed before report, profit target is always 40% for me using a GTC order.
4. Hedged AAPL earnings fuzzy on the poor performance this week. Jan 26 175 for 1.26.
Almost all of the Earnings Run Up fuzzies are based on historical 100% win rates (backtested), but AAPL doesn’t have that kind of historical win rate running up to earnings. I went a bit rogue on this one. Keeping the full $1260 on this hedge will go a long ways to fixing this trade. But this is a bit dicey, one news release and the hedge is blown.



#ShortPuts #IRA – Missed this one earlier…

Sold TXN APR 20 2018 105.0 Put @ 3.00

#fuzzys, #syntheticstock

Earnings trades

#Earnings $FFIV strangles and $LRCX bullish trades look good so far.

#coveredcalls $SVXY Buy to close…

#coveredcalls $SVXY
Buy to close Jan 26 $134 calls for 0.38, sold Jan 18 for $2.67