#FallingKnife possibilities tonight. I think the UAL conference call mentioned a slight increase in capacity and everything sold off after hours…

AAL UAL LUV DAL all down…


Jan 23 #Fuzzy Land 45…

Jan 23 #Fuzzy Land
45 order fills for me today, whew! A lot of it was NFLX defense on a diagonal, managing deltas back and forth to orchestrate a nice landing (I hope!). It’s ok if you think I’m nuts. Last week I was contracting my holdings, reeling in profits for protection. But I got lured back in this week. So now I’d like to once again pare down a little as the week progresses. 80% of my trades now are some kind of Fuzzy. Unhedged Fuzzies for runners, straight up Hedged Fuzzies for consolidations (hedges are still getting steamrolled), Fuzzies for momo, Fuzzies for pullbacks, Fuzzies for pre-earnings run ups, Gorilla Fuzzies (unhedged) waiting for their moves.

1. New Hedged Fuzzy on AMTD Mar2 57.5/57.5/55.5 @1.14 with Feb 2 58 hedge for -.62 I used the Mar2 expiration to get 2.5-wide strikes.
2. BABA Earnings run-up Fuzzy was closed for 40% profit, then re-entered again when I saw a lot of bullish option activity. New fuzzy, which must be closed BEFORE the report is Feb2 192.5/192.5/190 @4.70, 40% target for profit. These pre-earnings fuzzies are unhedged. @MamaCash is due total credit for earnings run up trades, and figuring out that Fuzzies worked better than long calls is all due her.
3. MSFT Earnings run up fuzzy closed for 40%, this is the one I opened yesterday based on UOA, but since it hit 40% so quickly I took the profit.
4. Here’s a loser Fuzzy: HTHT was really running yesterday so I put on a momo fuzzy, Feb 160/160/155, only a 3-lot, but it quickly lost 70% today before I cut it loose. About a $1600 loss.
5. IBM new fuzzy Mar2 162.5/162.5/160 @3.21 with Feb2 167.5 hedge @.74, thanks to @Kathy1111 for finding the turn around today on IBM.
6. VZ new fuzzy Mar 52.5/52.5/50 for 1.54 with Feb2 54 hedge @.47, UOA on this, buyers came looking for the 52.5 calls this morning.
7. Closed all the 4-lot SPY unhedged fuzzies for a net $1225 profit. Was ready to just sit for a bit until I saw some big SPY buyers come into the market with a Feb 286+ target (look at that volume today, 265,000, they were actually buying 286/291 bull call spreads). So new Unhedged (for now) SPY Fuzzies Feb 282/282/279 @2.40 x 5 lots
8. IWM Fuzzies….hedges got run over today, so I closed just half of the hedge, which eliminates the ceiling for it to run, but leaves just a little hedge protection still on.
9. EA Earnings run up Fuzzy Feb2 117/117/115 @2.75, 40% target
10. FLIR–This is both Gorilla and Earnings Run up. Feb 50/50/48 @1.77. 40% target.

Hedges to manage for this week: AXP, DIS, EXAS (ITM after a nice move today), IWM, JPM, MU. There’s some really nice profits here that haven’t been obliterated for once, but there’s lots of time left in the week.

$SPX SPXCanpaign Opened two additional…

$SPX SPXCanpaign Opened two additional spreads today. Filled while I was away.
Sold to open SPX Feb 02 2750/2730 for 0.65 credit when SPX was at 2837.05.
Sold to open SPX Feb 09 2730/2710 for 0.80 credit when SPX was at 2836.93


Another big #Squeeze setting up. Kinda scary though with the move it’s already had but looks like it wants to go up…


@Iceman – Nice catch on this one!


#ContangoETFs #VXXGame Following @optioniceman in spirit:

Sold $NUGT Jan 2019 50 call for 5.95, adding to my position.
Sold $SVXY Feb 16th 120/100 put spread for 2.15. Margin cost to sell naked is too steep.

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18…

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18 2635/2535 BuPS @1.45 sold on 1/10/2018 @ 5.00