#VIXIndicator Since 2000, what happened today has happened 8 times previously: a Downside Warning going into effect after it had been canceled, with no Upside Warning in between. On half of those occasions, the subsequent drop in the SPX was lower than the first warning, and in the other half, it was roughly the same. So in other words, every occurrence resulted in at least a test of the lows, and half of those times we went significantly lower.

@fibwizard you on line? Are…

@fibwizard you on line?

Are you using tick or range charts currently? I am finding the range charts are responding too slowly now with the increased volatility.

Any suggestions for tick settings for say /es, /ym. /nq, /cl, /gc if you are trading those?


#spycraft Booking profits already on…


Booking profits already on the call side of the /ES 37DTE 2480/2900 strangle. Sold the call side for 3.50, BTC after hours (it trades 23/5) for 2.05. 42% profit in few hours so I will book it.

Will leave the put side on and if we get a bounce sell calls again after runup. If we roll down will short 2 futures which would offset the loss all the way down to 2300 or lower, actually the p/l graph at that point shows a 13k profit. The cool thing with futures is you do not always need the same # of contracts as options because of the delta weighting. A future contract carries a hard delta of +-50 and these options are so far OTM you do not need 1:1 ratio for covering like a stock ticker.


#Fuzzy – Had a fill while I was out today, BTC UPS Mar02’18 109 calls for 0.05, sold for 0.43. My core position UPS Mar29’18 108/108/106 Fuzzy is currently unhedged.

SPX trades

Stopped: $SPX March 29th 2625/2600 put spreads for 2.85. Sold yesterday for 1.45.
#Rolling: Sold April 6th 2550/2525 put spreads for 2.00, 1.5x position size.

Stopped: March 2nd 2725/2700 put spreads for 9.60. Sold for 5.20 on Friday.


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls -With 5 wide strikes out in Jan 2019 I just decided to buy the calls outright instead of going synthetic. A little more out of pocket up front but a much lower max loss due to the “5 wide”. This replaces my MU position..

Bought to Open CRUS JAN 18 2019 45.0 Calls @ 6.90

46 week to go so 15 cents a week required….didn’t get a chance to sell the first hedge yet.

Downside Warning reinstated at close

#VIXIndicator A rare occurrence so soon after a cancelation.