Closed Early SPX Campaign WYNN ALGN (Hearing Footsteps)

$SPX BTC 2/23 2710/2735 @ 8.00 STO for 1.60

$WYNN BTC 3/16 200/190 BECS @ .20 STO 2/7 at 1.82
$ALGN BTC 3/16210/220/BUPS at 82% profit


VXX buy Mar 16 $40 put for $1.87, if volatility settles down even half way to 50 ma this should pay off big. VXX $43.87

#shortcalls NUGT Jan 2019 $64…

NUGT Jan 2019 $64 call closed $2.10, sold $4.10. redeploying cash

Closing WBA Apr

Bought to close $WBA Apr 20 60 puts @ .40. Sold for 1.43 and 1.85 from 10/9/17-10/13/17.
With earnings estimated before April expiration I decided to close this down for most of the profit.


Big move up after earnings but has come back to the lower end of today’s range.
Selling some premium in April with the IV still elevated (IVR 60).
Sold $STMP Apr 20 230/240 bear call spread for 1.72 credit.
Short strike is near the Oct highs.
Be careful with this one–markets are really wide; both of these contracts have low volume and OI.

$MU #shortputs I decided to…

$MU #shortputs I decided to close mu Feb 23rd 45 Put at .99. Just not feeling the love today. Just too early yesterday. 0.44 loss plus fees.

OLED Earnings

#Earnings – Thanks @Jeff for pointing this one out…I almost over looked it. Playing fairly aggressively and skewed bullish. Selling the put side just inside the expected move and the call side at twice the expected move…

Sold OLED FEB 23 2018 145.0/180.0 Strangles @ 4.25