Closed Out FB Earnings Strangle

$FB BTC 2/2 175/205 strangle @ .10 Thank you @jeffcp66

SPX Trades


STO Feb 23 2750 short side puts, at 10.50 earlier in the afternoon

STO Mar 09 2750 short side puts, at 17.60, same time as above..


#ShortStrangles – Clearing out some long term shorts that have pretty much quit moving (at least until the next split). Going to use spreads but re-position in closer for now.

Bought to Close UVXY JAN 18 2019 5.0/15.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 2.39 (sold for 4.75)
Bought to Close UVXY JAN 18 2019 10.0 Call/25.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 2.10 (sold for 4.90)


#SyntheticStock – Was going to wait until after earnings but taking advantage of this little whoosh down to get the credit roll of my weekly.

Rolled AMZN FEB 16 2018 1210.0 Call to AMZN MAR 16 2018 1220.0 Call @ 1.10 credit.

Picking up another 11.10 of upside…

AMZN Earnings

#Leak ? 🙂 That’s not possible!

#earnings #ironcondor GOOG This from…

#earnings #ironcondor #shortputspreadGOOG AMZN
This from TradeWise, the TD Ameritrade paid “service” (you can get 3 fee months for asking)
1107.50/1110/1222.50/1225 for 1.01
Not from Tradewise
AMZN Feb. 16 1417.50/1420 for 1.35, took a long time to fill

VRTX, partially closed

#Earnings Yesterday, Sold $VRTX Feb 2nd 160/167.5/175 iron butterflys for 5.59. 3 total.

Today, closed (1) for 2.85. It is sitting dead center now, but it’s still got a day until expiration so the straddle is still worth about 2.80. May close another today, and/or leave them both for expiration.