Closed Out FB Earnings Strangle

$FB BTC 2/2 175/205 strangle @ .10 Thank you @jeffcp66

SPX Trades


STO Feb 23 2750 short side puts, at 10.50 earlier in the afternoon

STO Mar 09 2750 short side puts, at 17.60, same time as above..


#ShortStrangles – Clearing out some long term shorts that have pretty much quit moving (at least until the next split). Going to use spreads but re-position in closer for now.

Bought to Close UVXY JAN 18 2019 5.0/15.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 2.39 (sold for 4.75)
Bought to Close UVXY JAN 18 2019 10.0 Call/25.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 2.10 (sold for 4.90)


#SyntheticStock – Was going to wait until after earnings but taking advantage of this little whoosh down to get the credit roll of my weekly.

Rolled AMZN FEB 16 2018 1210.0 Call to AMZN MAR 16 2018 1220.0 Call @ 1.10 credit.

Picking up another 11.10 of upside…

AMZN Earnings

#Leak ? 🙂 That’s not possible!

#earnings #ironcondor GOOG This from…

#earnings #ironcondor #shortputspreadGOOG AMZN
This from TradeWise, the TD Ameritrade paid “service” (you can get 3 fee months for asking)
1107.50/1110/1222.50/1225 for 1.01
Not from Tradewise
AMZN Feb. 16 1417.50/1420 for 1.35, took a long time to fill

VRTX, partially closed

#Earnings Yesterday, Sold $VRTX Feb 2nd 160/167.5/175 iron butterflys for 5.59. 3 total.

Today, closed (1) for 2.85. It is sitting dead center now, but it’s still got a day until expiration so the straddle is still worth about 2.80. May close another today, and/or leave them both for expiration.

Ten year note

I see the yield is creeping up to 2.77% which is a quick move from 2.60% and that is making me nervous about this market.

In my IRA, I just covered my SVXY 37.5 puts for January 2019,  for 3.50, sold at 7.00, to free up some cash and sell a higher strike for more premium. Not sure when I will sell.

UPS #FallingKnife Sold $UPS Jul…

UPS #FallingKnife
Sold $UPS Jul 20 100 puts @ 1.10. May add more if we get some additional move down.

#fuzzies, #pietrade

CMLviz (earning report on 2/8)…

CMLviz (earning report on 2/8) BTO NVDA 9 FEB 2018 Long 40 Delta call at 9.69 BTO today will close 1 day before earning (2/7)

#OT For the new option…

#OT For the new option traders.
Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Mentoring offers free introductory classes covering many of the trade types that are used by members. These classes are the first session of a 4 to 6 week series of live instructions. Fees are a 300-500 depending on the length. He primarily focuses on index trades, SPX and RUT using calendars, spreads, butterflies, short term 1-3 days to long term 45 day trades. He uses these free intro classes to troll for business. These classes are standalone so no membership is required. He latest class is:

Join Dan tomorrow at 1:00pm CT for a Free Webinar. (Actually today I’m late getting this out but classes are recorded)

Topic: Trading Double Calendars for Income in 2018.

Click here to register now:

I have taken some of his classes and gained a lot from them. I have no stake in this I just know how I new to this world struggle understanding all the Fizzies and Rockets, and hedges that many other members here place. Getting a working understanding using live trades with Dan has helped me put a lot of things into perspective and gain confidence in my trading the SPX.


#SyntheticStock – Textbook pop out of a nice squeeze. Actually gave it some room with the first weekly sale. 9 days so booking and looking to reset on any weakness.

Sold to Close GS Jan 2019 260/260/250 synthetic stock
Bought to Close GS Feb 2018 275 calls

6.17 per contract net gain…

REGN put

Selling another put on an old @fuzzballl favorite.
Sold $REGN May 18 280 put @ 4.00 with the stock at 351.33. Delta 10.
Earnings are next week.

AMZN strangle added

#Earnings #ShortStrangles
Adding a wider, safer strangle that will cover my max loss on the iron butterfly.

Sold $AMZN Feb 2nd 1300/1675 strangle for 4.25.

AAPL earnings

#Earnings Thought I was being sharp by selling $AAPL puts a week before earnings. Sold Feb 2nd 175 puts last week for 4.62 (avg price). Not so sharp in the end. I bought some 155 puts for .29 as a safety net.

Today I sold AAPL Feb 2nd 177.5 call for .65. I’ll add another if premium increases. That’s putting me into a very narrow 2.5 point range for ultimate victory, so I most likely will be rolling or taking assignment of something tomorrow.


EA closed

#Earnings On Tuesday, sold $EA Feb 2nd 110/130 strangles for 127. I’ve now closed all of the short calls, one at a time, avg price .452. Letting the short puts expire.

LMT #fuzzy My LMT fuzzies…

LMT #fuzzy
My LMT fuzzies got blasted today due to hedge annihilation. Closed 20 contracts for a mere $700 profit, lots of the previously-reported hedge profit got taken out today. Will reset.

New fuzzy: MSFT Apr 95/95/92 for 2.73, Hedged w/ feb 9 99 for .25. I made $3460 on MSFT naked puts this morning. MSFT is my “animal spirit.” My dog is nicknamed Satya Nadella, so she gets a special treat every quarter when MSFT reports.


AMZN Iron butterfly

#Earnings #IronButterfly This one is worth trying each quarter in case AMZN does not move much. Risking 2.95 to make 37.05.

Sold $AMZN 1410/1450/1490 iron butterfly for 37.05. Will profit if AMZN ends tomorrow between 1412.95 and 1487.05.

Does anyone know of…

Does anyone know of for trading? Got email with a low price offer.

#pietrades for next week. Just…

#pietrades for next week.

Just sitting on my hands to let theta do its work, currently 748 in my favor. But here is management for anyone following.

AAPL the time value in the 165 CC should crush after today. As long as I can roll the CC to next week for 0.5 credit or roll up a strike for even, will do either of those. If not will let it assign over the weekend for full $471 profit on 3 lots. If it drops will sell a call next week.

GM is currently 0.25 ITM but still showing a slight profit. Will let it assign then sell CC next week.

GILD is still deep ITM but with the pullback do the same as AAPL. If I can roll it in 2-3 weeks for a 0.5 or higher credit or move it up will roll. If not will let it call out, it still has 21 DTE because of recovery trades.

SVXY 125 puts expire next week, currently ITM and will probably let them assign and flip to CC the following week.

I am fairly flat at the moment. Going snowkiting (skiing with a kiteboard kite) in Maine next week to a place there is no internet or even cable TV so did not want anything on I had to babysit. I can take assignment on everything I have on or let it expire for max profits. May even tackle Mt Washington, have not been up there in 17 years!

The only trade I may close or tweak before leaving is the #spycraft /ES strangle which is already showing a profit but will let some more value decay over the weekend. I can trade until Wed.


#Earnings repair trade with #SyntheticStock – Well…the put sales were looking ok until the Ebay announcement came out so we’re now in repair mode with this one. I really thought the stock would be down even further so not bad so far.

The put sales brought in 600 and the cost to close was 2330 for net loss of 1730. I’ve set up a synthetic with 10 contracts so I’ll add 1.73 to my total cost of the position.

Sold PYPL JAN 18 2019 80.0 Puts @ 9.47
Bought PYPL JAN 18 2019 80.0 Calls @ 10.28
Bought PYPL JAN 18 2019 77.5 Puts @ 8.64

This gives a net debit of 9.45 for the Jan 2019 position. Add the 2.5 point max downside and the 1.73 put sale loss and get a max loss possibility of 13.68. Based on that, and the 50 weeks remaining in the trade I only need to average about 27 cents per week in sales to cover the absolute worst case scenario.


Sold PYPL FEB 9 2018 81.5 Calls @ .77


#rolledup $UVXY rolled Feb 02…

#rolledup $UVXY

rolled Feb 02 $10 calls to Mar 16 $11 call for $1.05 credit. I expect by March the UVXY will revert to trend and be well below the strike.

rolled second tranche Feb 02 $11 call to Feb 16 $12 for 0.50 credit. I will be out of town next week and half with limited internet availability.

FB covered call

#CoveredCalls CoveredCallCampaign Now that earnings are finished, returning to selling calls on my long stock.
Sold $FB Feb 23rd 200 covered call for 1.90.

PYPL post earnings

Sold $PYPL Jul 20 62.50 puts @ 1.30 with the stock at 78.22.

#pietrade #shortputs UAL Rolled Feb….

#pietrade #shortputs UAL

Rolled Feb. 2, 67.50 put to Feb. 9 for 1.25, a .63 credit, originally sold Jan. 24 for .90

$SPX #spxcampaign Condorized my Put…

$SPX #spxcampaign Condorized my Put spread for Feb 16 expiry by selling the 2910/2930 call side for 0.65. I was a bit quick on the trigger.

BABA Earnings

#Earnings -Bouncing now but order filled before I could get to it. Breakeven after commissions…

Bought to Close BABA FEB 2 2018 195.0 Puts @ 1.95 (sold for 2.00)

But…the selling is good for my synthetic with weekly call sale ITM…

FB Earnings

#Earnings – I’ll take this as a gift based on the initial reaction of the stock. Zuck bailed us out on the conference call…

Bought to Close FB FEB 2 2018 177.5/202.5 Strangles @ .17 (sold for 2.20)

AMZN earnings

#Earnings Sold $AMZN Feb 2nd 1325/1660 #ShortStrangles for 8.00. I think that’s the highest premium I’ve ever seen for a strangle OUTSIDE the maximum moves of the past 12 quarters.

Biggest UP move: 14.1%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.6%, Average move: 7.2%.
My strikes are +14.5% and -8.6% OTM.

UVXY calls

Sold $UVXY Mar 9 26 calls @ .74. Highest strike.

FB closed

#Earnings Bought to close $FB 175/205 strangles for .10. Sold yesterday for 1.52.

BABA dumping

#Earnings It’s down to levels not seen since Tuesday of last week.

Good morning