#OT For the new option…

#OT For the new option traders.
Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Mentoring offers free introductory classes covering many of the trade types that are used by members. These classes are the first session of a 4 to 6 week series of live instructions. Fees are a 300-500 depending on the length. He primarily focuses on index trades, SPX and RUT using calendars, spreads, butterflies, short term 1-3 days to long term 45 day trades. He uses these free intro classes to troll for business. These classes are standalone so no membership is required. He latest class is:

Join Dan tomorrow at 1:00pm CT for a Free Webinar. (Actually today I’m late getting this out but classes are recorded)

Topic: Trading Double Calendars for Income in 2018.

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I have taken some of his classes and gained a lot from them. I have no stake in this I just know how I new to this world struggle understanding all the Fizzies and Rockets, and hedges that many other members here place. Getting a working understanding using live trades with Dan has helped me put a lot of things into perspective and gain confidence in my trading the SPX.