Directional indicators

for those like me that are trying to add a little directional bias and trading to their option selling, Raghee from simpler has posted her charts to TOS and tradestation. I can only get the TOS version to work. Pretty simple charts to follow

Here’s an example. Not as clean as @fibwizard but easy to follow. Red short, green long, blue transition. The dots along the 21 ema show buying or selling strength and the boxes are auto plotting darvas for support and resistance. I use them a little on 15, 60, and 4 hour chart.

Upside Warning denied

#VIXIndicator The clock resets. We need three consecutive closes below 17.76, so Friday is the earliest this may happen. A close above 19.75 tomorrow will mean the Downside Warning is reinstated.

AZO Earnings

#Earnings – Down big but not that far below breakeven. Sneaking in another call sale this week before possibly rolling.

Bought to Close AZO MAR 2 2018 790.0 Call @ .25

Sold AZO MAR 2 2018 665.0 Call @ 3.20

Position is now 660/665 Strangle @ 9.10 for this Friday


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Back just in time to make a few trades…

Bought to Close TLT MAR 2 2018 120.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for .44)

Sold TLT MAR 16 2018 119.5 Calls @ .48

SPX rolling

#SPXcampaign In light of the weakness and possible failure of Upside Warning, I stopped nearest put spread and rolled into equal-sized, same date condor. Likely I’ll have to roll one of these sides, but better then waking up tomorrow with a large gap down.

Stopped: $SPX March 16th 2750/2725 put spreads for 8.30. Sold yesterday for 5.80.
#CondorRoll: Sold March 16th 2670/2695/2820/2845 condors for 7.85.

UVXY trades

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY June 55 call for .76. Sold for 11.00 on Feb 6th.
STO UVXY March 16th 16 call for 1.95.

Looking more like no Upside Warning today… going to have to roll some put spreads if we creep closer to 2750.

UVXY call spreads

I’m going to start selling some closer to the money/aggressive UVXY calls to help reduce basis on SVXY. But because of the lower strike prices I’m spreading them for now.
First batch: Sold $UVXY May 18 20/30 call spreads @ 1.20.