Sunday Open


YM opens down 170..Made 176 points on the open move…

will see how the rest of the evening runs…

@fibwizard…you out there ?

What’s the crystal ball showing for the open? We get a bounce and then sell or she gonna tank from the start?



Spending some time reviewing Chris’s (from ST) Videos on UO

Very Interesting, seems to sink in a bit better this time around


$SVXY $90 puts
$SVXY $95 puts

Made these trades when $SVXY bounced back up to $108 @ about @2:25 central, as I was going to be away from the market for the last 1/2 hour of trading.
BTC $SVXY $105 puts @ $0.40 (sold for $0.60), got out with a profit
Rolled $SVXY $110 puts to Feb 23 $90 puts and Mar 9 $85 puts for credits. Moved them out in time and strike price.

Considered taking assignment, but decided to roll instead as there was potential for more downside early next week.


Good morning

I did some quick calculations of previous drops in the SVXY and this is my summary: Based on this, I think we have a lot more to go. My target is 60 to 70 on the SVXY, but I don’t know when we will get there.

9/14/2014 to 10/17/2014, 27% correction

8/14/2015 to 9/04/2015 , 57% correction

10/23/2015 to 2/12/2016, 53% correction

1/12/20108 to 2/02/2018, 25% correction so far