/ES Lottery Ticket

#Futures – Just for fun rolling profits and going inverted for the weekend.

Sold to Close /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 3100.00 Call @ 4.20 (bought for 2.40)


Bought to Open /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 2600.00 Put @ 2.95

/ES Lottery Ticket

#Futures – Just in case we get a trade deal might make a buck or two. Low risk…

Bought to Open /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 3100.00 Call @2.40

CL/WTI Trade this Morning


09:10 Sold 5 Lots of /CL at 56.00 Level…
10:50 Exit trade at 55.00 Level

+100 Tick Gain..

/ES Swing Trade


Short ES at 2990…at 2:50pm CST
Exit at 2977..at 7:30pm….
Profit of +13 points on the ES

/ES Swing trade..

6/29 Long /ES at 2915…off the bounce at the 38.1% retracement..
7/15 Closed /ES long today when price hit 3020..which was the Day high then..

105 point gain in /ES for a two week trade….

Micro E-mini Futures

#Futures – Just stumbled across this on twitter…



/NQ scalp…

#Futures – Got excited and had to share. Took 19 points out of the NQ futures in my first live money try using the Theo Trade strategy. Just played the tiny bounce off 7100…


#Futures – And you guys were teasing me when I posted this! I didn’t trade it since I really was just bored…LOL

🙂 🙂 🙂


Sunday Open


YM opens down 170..Made 176 points on the open move…

will see how the rest of the evening runs…

/VX VIX Futures

#Futures – Scalp good for a half point…

Sold /VXG8 @ 14.25
Bought /VXG8 @13.75