#Futures – Stopped out on my hedge. Not really needed anymore with a lot of ITM short calls helping with any downside. These trade at $50 dollars per point.

Sold /ES MAR 23 3500/3300 Bear Put Spreads @ 18.75 and 15.00 (bought for 29.00)


#CoveredCalls #Futures – Crazy day.

/ES: Decent gains. Glad I didn’t wait to close it.

Sold /ES 3600/3550/3500 Put Butterflies @ 10.25 and 11.00 (bought for 7.00)

ISRG: Early assignment and too early on this sale. Earnings next week.

Sold ISRG OCT 21 2022 185.0 Call @ 5.20

NVDA: Lots of overwrites on this one. Taking a few more off.

Bought to Close NVDA OCT 14 2022 133.0 Calls @ .01 (sold for .95)
Bought to Close NVDA OCT 14 2022 135.0 Calls @ .01 (sold for 1.40)

SPY: Stopped out to the upside on a few and closing a few for safety. Re-loading next week.

Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 365.0 Calls @ 2.80 (sold for 4.40)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 370.0 Calls @ .88 (sold for 3.05)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 370.0 Calls @ 1.05 (sold for 2.65)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 374.0 Call @ .30 (sold for 2.20)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 375.0 Call @ .23 (sold for 2.95)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 375.0 Call @ .25 (sold for 1.95)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 14 2022 376.0 Call @ .17 (sold for 2.60)

Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 365.0 Calls @ 1.95 (uugh waaay too early)
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 373.0 Call @ 2.74
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 374.0 Call @ 2.46
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 375.0 Call @ 2.10
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 375.0 Call @ 2.15
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 376.0 Call @ 2.10
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 377.0 Call @ 2.45
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 378.0 Call @ 2.20
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 379.0 Call @ 2.00
Sold SPY OCT 21 2022 380.0 Calls @ 1.75


#Futures – Just for fun bought a few put butterflies for Friday expiration. Risk 350 to make 2150 per buttefly.

Bought /ES 3600/3550/3500 PUT @ 7.00



#ShortStrangles #Futures #Hedges – Catching up on some losers although I look at my ES hedge as being a #TakeOneForTheTeam 🙂 🙂 .

/ES: Stopped out on the big run. Best money I ever spent!
Sold /ES APR 21 (Wk3) 3460/3060 Put Spread @ 16.75 (bought for 34.00 and these are $50 per point)

TSLA: After chasing this around with a bunch of rolls bailing on it. Not worth the hassle.
Bought to Close TSLA MAR 19 2021 560.0/770.0 Strangle @ 18.50 (sold for 16.85)


#BullPutSpreads #Futures – Sold this the night of the Senate run-off in Georgia. Taking about 65 percent 30 days early. These trade at $20 per point.

Bought to Close /NQ FEB 21 11000/10500 Bull Put Spread @ 15.50 (sold for 42.00)

/ES Lottery Ticket

#Futures – Just for fun rolling profits and going inverted for the weekend.

Sold to Close /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 3100.00 Call @ 4.20 (bought for 2.40)


Bought to Open /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 2600.00 Put @ 2.95

/ES Lottery Ticket

#Futures – Just in case we get a trade deal might make a buck or two. Low risk…

Bought to Open /ES NOV 19 (Wk3) 3100.00 Call @2.40

CL/WTI Trade this Morning


09:10 Sold 5 Lots of /CL at 56.00 Level…
10:50 Exit trade at 55.00 Level

+100 Tick Gain..

/ES Swing Trade


Short ES at 2990…at 2:50pm CST
Exit at 2977..at 7:30pm….
Profit of +13 points on the ES

/ES Swing trade..

6/29 Long /ES at 2915…off the bounce at the 38.1% retracement..
7/15 Closed /ES long today when price hit 3020..which was the Day high then..

105 point gain in /ES for a two week trade….

Micro E-mini Futures

#Futures – Just stumbled across this on twitter…



/NQ scalp…

#Futures – Got excited and had to share. Took 19 points out of the NQ futures in my first live money try using the Theo Trade strategy. Just played the tiny bounce off 7100…


#Futures – And you guys were teasing me when I posted this! I didn’t trade it since I really was just bored…LOL

🙂 🙂 🙂


Sunday Open


YM opens down 170..Made 176 points on the open move…

will see how the rest of the evening runs…

/VX VIX Futures

#Futures – Scalp good for a half point…

Sold /VXG8 @ 14.25
Bought /VXG8 @13.75

My Best YM Day thus Far


Take a look at the YM for today Fuzzy..a terrific day…:)



Glad today is over, as well as my trade week….today was hard work …


Corn futures?

#Futures – I must be bored but corn ( /ZC ) sure looks like it’s ready to go higher. Pretty tight daily squeeze after a big drop.

/ES hedge

#Futures – Short /ES against short puts for basis improvement. I’ve been slightly over writing the puts to keep up with the rise. Taking some off to give ‘er more downside room.

Bought to Close /ES AUG 17 (Wk1) 2450 PUT @ 4.25 (sold for 12.50)

A Tiring Futures Day


i hit it hard today, on Both the YM and ES..a tiring day…from 7am – 1pm..

Combined trades netted 1325 points..

My best ever trade day…Taking tomorrow off..


Futures Trades


8:30 Long ES at 2442 at Open
9:00 Exit at 2447, new HOD
gain 5 Points ( equal to 50 YM Points)

9:05 Short ES at 2446, at HOD bounce, as NQ crashed
10:00 Exit at 2434, at new LOD, under the Mid PP
gain 12 Points ( equal to 120 YM points )

9:35 Short YM at 430, at the 34ma, as YM follows the NQ crash
9:45 exit at 330, at the new LOD, just above the Main PP
gain 100 Points

all in all, not bad for a summer Monday…

/ES hedge

#Futures – A little more basis improvement on the short /ES hedge…so far keeping up with the rise. Should pay off someday when we get an Aug 2015 repeat.

SOLD /ES AUG 17 (Wk3) 2325 PUT @ 11.00

/ES hedge

#Futures – Love having some protection up here while gradually raising the basis.

I’ll take assignment Friday of a short /ES position @ 2396 basis. Sold a Jul 2400 put against it @ 27.00. That’s nicely profitable now so setting a stop on it at breakeven. Since it’s basically safe I’m adding an Aug put also.

SOLD /ES AUG 17 (Wk3) 2350 PUT @ 16.50

If we tank from here I’ll get stopped out at even on the Jul put and can then ride the short /ES down to 2350 and then decide where to roll the Aug put. Still decent downside protection but also the ability to raise the short basis all the way to 2440 if we don’t implode.

EDIT…actually it looks like Jun contracts expire Friday. I’ll need to roll that call out a week and then take assignment of the Sep contract.

YM Trades after 5pm


The UK event spooked the mkt at the 5pm open..gave me a chance to go long at the low of a 100 gap down..

Long at 21080, on the knee jerk reaction…
Exit at 21145 for a 65 point win

Long at 21128, off the S1 PP
exit at 21163, at the 34ma
35 pt win

a Nice headstart for friday..

/CL strangle

#Futures #ShortStrangles – Following hcgdavis into the oil fields…

SOLD /CL AUG 17 45/55 STRANGLE @ .83

/ES hedge adjust

#Futures – After a couple rolls down earlier this week I managed a small profit so re-setting for June.

BOUGHT /ES MAY 17 (Wk3) 2350 CALL @ 19.75 (sold for 28.50)
SOLD /ES JUN 17 2370 CALL @ 26.00

Record Day in YM


From 5pm Last night thru 3pm today, I had a record day..
365 Points gained in the 23 hour trade session…

Have to love IV…


/ES hedge

#Futures – Looks like I’ll be taking a short position this Friday with a basis of 2387. Pre-selling a put against it to raise the basis even further while still giving a little room for some profit on a pullback.

SOLD /ES JUN 17 2400 PUT @ 23.50

YM Today


Not a bad day, considering YM posted a red 19 point day…


YM Trade

Opening gap trade this morning.
STO 20918 at 6:32am
Placed an OCO order with stop at 20938 and profit target at 20865 (3 pts above the PP)
Target filled at 6:50am. 53 points in 18 minutes. I’ll take it.

Special Event YM Trade


The French Presidential elections this evening..The futures open up 200 or so..

Corrected Entry…due to Chart issues…My apology ..

Entered at 600, at market open..
Exited at 710 at the R2 Pivot..

+110 Points at open …

The Heiken-Ashi candles gave an incorrect gap up value..thus my entry at open
was at the 20600, not 20500, as was previously written…sorry for the erroneous entry..

/ES hedge

#Futures – Been selling puts against the short emini gradually raising it’s basis. Closing the put for the weekend for a little extra protection.

Bought to Close /ES MAY 17 (Wk3) 2340 PUT @ 38.75

A rather Nice day in YM


A good trade day today in the intraday….


/ES hedge adjustment

#Futures – Short /ES against short Apr 2350 put. Rolling the put down and out to June to increase downside protection a little.

Rolled /ES Apr 2350 Put to Jun 2300 @ 3.25 credit

Night Trading


YM evening session

17:10 Entered long YM at 860, just after session opened, at the main PP
20:55 Exit trade at 900, at the R1 PP

gain +40 points


Futures Trades


8:30am Entered a gap fade Short on The YM at 20920
8:40am Exit the trade at the 20890, on the pivot bounce…

gain of 30 points

9:40am Entered short YM at 20880, just under the 34ma
9:45 am Exited my trade as YM crossed the 865 level, just above the Mid PP..

Gain of 15 points

45 for today
355 for the week..

not too bad for a newbie….

YM Trades this morning


8:30 Open gap fade, entered Long at 790
8:40 Exit at 830 as we crossed the Mid-PP near the previous close..
Gain +40

8:45 Entered Short at the 830, as YM bounced off the 34ma..
9:00 Exit at 800, as the YM crossed the S1 PP..
gain +30

11:00 Entered Short at 800 as the YM moved south on a trend line break
11:15 Exit at 780, as YM stalls along the 38% fib just under the Mid PP…
gain +20

90 points for the morning…so far so good…

Fun Market Day


After a decent up move at open, the YM broke slowly into a down trend, lower hi’s, Lower lows, and finally broke down..filling the gap from the Trump speech day…after filling the 810 gap, it moved back to teh 61% fib at yesterdays close…

12:15 Short YM at 865..at the point of break down, at the top of the channel..
12:30 Exit trade as YM stalls into a box..

gain 30 points on the move down


/ES experiment

#Futures – Adding a new position using fibwizard’s call strike from his SPX trade earlier. Going a roundabout way to make it a no risk to the downside trade…while setting up a nice short entry if we rally big.

SOLD /ESM7 (June) @ 2366.50


SOLD /ESM7 APR 17 (Wk3) 2425 PUT @ 66.25


1. Position makes 7.75 on anything below 2425
2. I’ll go short /ES at a basis of 2432.75 on anything above 2425
3. Anything in the gray area between 2432.75 and 2425 is profitable with closer to 2425 being better

This is an experiment….looking at it now with all the numbers in front of me a better play would’ve maybe been to sell a slightly lower put to capture more possible gains while getting a short basis closer to 2425.

YM Trade


Open Gap Fade
9:00am Bought YM Long at 20920, fading the open downside gap
9:45am Exit YM Trade at 20960, as the price hit the Mid-PP, and formed new HOD..
Gain of 40 points

2:40 $ticks exceeds -1000, Enter a long YM trade at 20900
3:00 Exit my trade as the Fade of extreme ticks works, at 20920, at a 61% Fib level
Gain of 20 points

80 points for the day( includes 2 small 10 point scalps)


#Futures – Re-establishing a slight short position for some protection. This won’t make much but it’s a safe starting point.

SOLD /ES @ 2374.50


SOLD /ES MAR 17 2400 PUT @ 29.00

This gives a short basis of 2403.50 so if /ES finishes below 2400 position makes 3.50. If it finishes above 2400 It’ll be a great point to sell more puts. I’ll look out to the June contract after this one…

Futures Trade today


11am Entered YM long at 21080, as the ticks gapped up, and YM broke out of sideways box
11:15 Exited YM trade at 21160, as YM made a new high to 21162 and pulled back..
Gain of 80 Points

Nice Day on The YM


Lunch time Moves
11am Shorted YM at the 810 level as ES, Ticks and indexes converged …
11:30 Exit at 770, as ticks hit -1200,
gain 40 points

11:35 Long YM at 780, after Ticks hit -1200, and a bounce of the Mid PP..
12:00 Exit trade at the 810, for 30 points, as price comes back to the 34ma and 61% fib retrace
gain 30 points



#Futures #ShortPuts – Forgot about this order…filled early this morning.

Bought to Close /ES APR 17 (Wk3) 2200 PUT @ 10.75 (sold for 22.00)

Friday Futures Gap Trade


Friday, YM(Dow-30), gaps down at open 80 points, pre-mkt volume normal, Gap fade trade started

8:30 enter YM long at 20720 at open, dow-30 opens 50-50..
10am exit half my trade as YM hit the 20760, at the PP Midlevel..
gain of 40 points

remaining half of my trade left to run….

12:00p Exit the other half of the trade at 20760, as YM cant seem to break the 760 level..
Gain of 40 points on that half also..

If the gap doesnt fill later, we will go into next week with a black hole..which will draw it the YM back to the
gap fill area level..I will mark my chart and be aware of it…


Gap Fade Futures Trade


YM Opened about 50 higher than yesterdays close at 3pm…
Executed the Gap fade setup at 8:40..
8:40 Short YM at 20790, as it Gaps and starts to fade..stop set at 30 above, Target at previous close
9:15 Target of 20755 hit, target sell order executed, trade finished
Gain of 35 points

9:55 Shorted YM at 20750, as it broke the lows of the previous close yesterday, stop at 20 above..
10:19 Target of 20730 hit, as it approached the Center PP, target sell order executed
gain of 20 points

11:30 Faded the High Tick alarm of +1000 and the 11:30 move up..
11:35 Shorted the YM at 20810, stop at 20830, target was at the R1 PP and 38% fib at 20780
12:10 Target of R1 was hit , sell order filled, trade complete
gain of 30 points

12:30 After lunch push up
12:30 buy Limit was hit at 20780, at or near the R1 PP, stop at 20750, ticks start moving up..
13:20 Target at Mid-PP at 20800 hit, sell order hit and complete
gain at 20 points

Trade day over for me..
Gain in the day session = 105 points
gain in last nights session = 45 points


#Futures -Taking a little risk off…

Bought to Close /ES MAR 17 2200 PUT @ 2.50 (sold for 12.25)
Bought to Close /ES MAR 17 2270 PUT @ 5.50 (sold for 10.25)

Still holding April 2200 sold for 22.00…

sunday Open Trade YM


5pm Mkt opened reasonably flat…along the Vwap average line..
7:45 YM enters a squeeze, Wave moves above zero. Enter long YM at 20240, stop at 20220
8:00 YM squeeze trigger to the upside, Launch power strong above 50, ym starts to move up
8:30 YM moves above 20260, stop moved to BE
8:55 YM hits the 20280 level and stalls, wave and squeeze are declining, Trade closed, for 40 points
gain @ 40 points

Gives me a head start for the week coming..
also if the YM holds at 20260 or higher, we will open with a 30 or 40 point gap-up at 8:30 open..might be an opportunity for a open gap fade trade..

cheers, FW

Futures Trade


9:35 Long YM as the 9:30 stall completes, and $tick moves back above zero..trade entered at 20070, stop at 20050..

9:45 YM moves up to 20110, stop moved to 20090

10:05 exit my trade at 20110, as the marjket starts to stall and rest at the 10am hour..

Gain of 40 points, 25/point

Open Trade ES


9:30 9:30 reversal moves down and bounces at 2283…
9:35 Long ES 2283, as wave stays above zero and bars stay blue….stop at 2281
9:40 ES moves to 2288, stop moved to 2286
10:00 ES moves to Center PP, at just under 2289..stop moved to 2287
10:00 ES moves to 2290, stop moved to 2288
10:05 exit trade at 2290, as the ES stalls and wave turns red…

gain 7 points



#futures My accounts were just approved to trade futures. I’ll start paper trading the /ES and /YM and learn from @fibwizard, @fuzzballl, @vxxkelly and everyone else before I put real money on the line.

Futures Chart

@fuzzballl @vxxkelly

I am not a good teacher, so bear with me..The chart has the lines tool I spoke of earlier..and my pivots displayed..
The method used is to measure the opening YM candle, and draw the green/red lines for open range…
that allows the 2 gold lines, for expected open move and 9:30 reversal support to be drawn…as well as the the 3 extended target lines above , or below..

opening candle opens 15-20 points..end to end
Lines are drawn
YM then moves 30-50 points (20040-20070 today )
exit the trade at a target line or pivot bounce

9:30 reversal
The futures indexes will almost always reverse at 9:30am..
if the reversal stops at the Gold Line, YM has a good chance to continue back up to a higher target
if, like today, it breaks down below the gold line for 30 mins or so, and then tries to move up..it will usually top out at the previous target, and then sell off the target line , back into the open range area..like this mornings -57 point move..
The 9:30 reversal/continue/sell off will usually go until 11:00, when dead time for lunch takes over…take your lunch break

11:00am – 12:30/1pm Dead time..

AfterNoon Session
12:30/1pm after lunch, traders come back and make a small push up/down, usally good for 20 -40 points most days..after which it slides sideways into the 2pm pro hour..I dont play the 2pm – 3pm pro hour..I am a beginner, learning to trust my system..I make my 40-60 points between the open and lunch zone..

The above is what I was taught in the Futures class I took..its one of many trade methods..I like it because it works consistantly, and its easy to learn..I am good at trading fib lines and PP levels..this method does the same..for a futures trade..

Most of us here trade for income..be it selling options, or futures..Futures is by no means easy..I am getting better at it..I set easy to reach goals by which I can live by the below..

1. set your exits and entries…ahead of time
2. do not hesitate to enter or exit..never 2nd guess your discipline or stops
3. wait for the moves and lines and validate with the indicators..when in doubt, get out..

My Plan goals for the YM;
40 points daily..
5 contracts per trade
20 point stops
risk = 500.00 ( 25/point x 20 points )
40 points daily = 1000.00 weekly/4000 monthly
Today I made 70..it doesnt seem to be a terrificly difficult goal..the more I learn, hopefully the better I’ll get…

Sorry this went really long…Chart is below…
regards, Wizard

YM After Lunch Trade

12:15 Entered YM Long at 20000, as it bounced off the Target-3 line , stop at 19980
12:20 YM above the 20010, stop moved to 19990
12:35 Stop moved to BE at 20000, as wave crosses zero to the upside
1:25 Exit trade at 20010, for 10 points…
gain @ 10 points..
my day is over, trade-wise..for 70 points today…

#futures YM STO @20047.00 YM…

YM STO @20047.00
YM BTC @20028.00

YM 10am Trade

10:15 Short YM at 20050, as TTM_Squeeze triggered to the downside, stop at 20070
10:20 YM moves thru 20040, stop moved to 20060
10:25 YM moves thru 20030, stop moved to 20050, trade at BE
10:30 Exit trade as YM bounces off the S1 Pivot..
Gain @ 30 points

YM Open Trade

8:35 Open YM long at 20040, as squeeze fires to the upside, with Wave-a moving to the upside, and Sq-Power high
Stop set at 20020

8:40 YM moves above 20060, stop moved to BE at 20040
8:45 YM moves past 20070, stop moved to 20050, locking a 10 point gain
9:20 target stop at 20075 hit, trade exits

gain @ 35 points

ES After Lunch

12:30 Enter long ES trade at 2285, stop at 2283..as wave-a moves to positive bars..risk = 2 points
1:00 Stop moved to 2284, Risk = 1 pt
1:20 ES enters a squeeze, wave above zero, I still hold, bars still blue..
1:30 Exit trade at 2285, for no gain…Wave turns red , scalp arrows turn down

cant win them all…

Open ES Trade


Feb 03 8:45 Enter Long at 2283, as wave momentum moves to the upside..
Feb 03 9:03 Exit trade at Pivot Point, at 2288…as price consolidates and wave/squeeze bars reverse to downside..
gain of 5 points

ES Pre-Market Trade


Feb 03 7:12 Long ES at the 2279 just before the squeeze fires to the upside…squeeze momentum carries the trade
Feb 03 7:51 Exit my trade at the 2286 for a 7 point gain..wave momentum declines, squeeze over
gain = 7 points

ES Trade


Same as earlier..
1. Price squeezes
2. Wave bars move positive
3. power bar moves above 10
4. Trend bars change to blue
5. ride the trade from 2272, and exit at 2278 for a 6 point gain, as the Wave moves below zero..and the trend bars change to red.

gain of 6 points
250 per point


After close ES/YM Trades

Feb 01 5:05pm shorted ES as the TTM_Squeeze fired off to the downside..at 2275
Feb 02 00:10 am Exited my trade at 2265 as the TTM_Wave bars approached the zero line..another 1 PP move..
gain of 10 points..

Feb 01 5:05pm Shorted YM as the TTM_squeeze and TTM_Wave Fired in tandem to the downside at 19820
Feb 01 10:40pm Exit my trade at 19750, as the TTM_Wave bars cross the zero line, and the squeeze moves upward
gain of 70 points

late Day Trade


Feb 01 13:28pm Short ES at 2277 just before the Squeeze fired to the downside..Wave signalled a down move
Feb 01 13:41pm exit my trade as teh ES crossed the Center pivot line and stalled at the 2272 as the squeeze bars flattened out..and the wave bars reversed..

Gain of 5 points , 250/point

Trading done for today…

Missed YM trade



I missed the 80 point drop in YM at 9:03, as I was in a trade with ES…just to show you I am not as good as I would like to be..I should have got them both as they both tracked down for a pivot-pivot move…

ES Trade

Feb 01 9:03am Shorted ES as the TTM_Squeeze triggered to the downside with good power…at 2282
Feb 01 9:14am Exited my trade at the 2277 as the Squeeze and Wave bars changed direction..
gain of 5 points, 250/pt…


Pre-Market YM trade

#ym #futures

Feb 01 06:22am Went Long 5 contracts YM(dow-mini’s) as TTM_Squeeze triggered to the upside,
Feb 01 08:40am Exited my YM trade as it bounced and stalled the R1 pivot, at 19890
gain of 70 points, 25/pt


Opening ES trade

#ES #futures
Jan 31 8:38 On the open, shorted ES on the gap down..at 2271 as TTM_Wave dropped below zero..
Jan 31 9:04 Exited my trade as the ES stalled at the S1 pivot line, and as the squeeze indicator started its move up..
Gain of 8 points at 250/point


ES and YM at Open


Jan 30 8:41 Shorted YM @ 19940, as YM continued thev breakdown..
Jan 30 8:48 Exited my trade as YM bounced at the 19870, after a break and fake at the S3 pivot…
Gain of 60 points @ 25/pt

Jan 30 8:31 Shorted ES at 2280, as it fell out of the TTM_Squeeze to the downside
Jan 30 8:45 Exited my trade as the ES bounced at the S3 pivot line..at 2272..
Gain of 8 points at 250/pt


Opening Futures Trade

#es #futures

Jan 27 08:34 Shorted the ES(sp emini ) just before the TTM_Squeeze fired to the down side..at 2293.5..TTM_Wave verified by starting to move negative…

Jan 27 08:56 Exit my trade as ES hits the session low, at the S1 Pivot line..TTM_Wave verifies the move is over with a polarity change..and above zero move ..

Gain of 5 points @ 250/point


Opening Dow futures Trade

After the opening slide and subsequent bounce at the 20000 line, I went long :
Jan 26 8:44 Long 5 YM contracts as teh TTM_Wave went green on teh bounce at 20000 level..
Jan 26 9:11 Exited my trade as the YM stalled at the 20,050 level and consolidated..TTM_Wave verified the chop..

Gain of 50 points @ 25/point


Futures Trade


ES trade
On the bounce at the 61% Fib retrace, went long 5 contacts at 2288..( 10:51am), exited my trade as ES paused at the 2292 for a 4 point ES gain..
4 points x 250 per point…


Futures Trades


2 trades for 30 points each today..best I can do on a slow day…
60 points @ 25.00/point

Entered at or just before the TTM_Squeeze signal fired …verified with the TTM_wave signal..
Exited my trades as the squeeze and wave signals turned down…also 90% of the 2nd trade was between the R1 and R2 pivots…as it approached the R2 Line, it was time to exit..


Opening Futures Trade


Jan 23 08:40am Short 5 YM contracts as the YM crosses down over at 19760..TTM_Wave-A moves from above zero to negative red bars..Stop placed at 19780.

Jan 23 09:21 Exit my trade at the 19710 as YM bounces at the 19710, as TTM_Wave-A turns Green and moves to zero…

Gain @ 50 points @ 25.00/point…


10am Futures Trade


Jan 19 09:29 Shorted YM at the center Pivot, at 19730
Jan 19 09:29 Exited the trade at the S1 Pivot , at 19670

gain of 60 points

10:20 Reversed my trade at the 19680, as the YM bounced at the S1 pivot,
10:22 Exit my trade at the 19720, just under the Center pivot..at 19720

additional gain of 40 points

finished for today…