#Futures – And you guys were teasing me when I posted this! I didn’t trade it since I really was just bored…LOL

🙂 🙂 🙂


Sunday Open


YM opens down 170..Made 176 points on the open move…

will see how the rest of the evening runs…

/VX VIX Futures

#Futures – Scalp good for a half point…

Sold /VXG8 @ 14.25
Bought /VXG8 @13.75

My Best YM Day thus Far


Take a look at the YM for today Fuzzy..a terrific day…:)



Glad today is over, as well as my trade week….today was hard work …


Corn futures?

#Futures – I must be bored but corn ( /ZC ) sure looks like it’s ready to go higher. Pretty tight daily squeeze after a big drop.

/ES hedge

#Futures – Short /ES against short puts for basis improvement. I’ve been slightly over writing the puts to keep up with the rise. Taking some off to give ‘er more downside room.

Bought to Close /ES AUG 17 (Wk1) 2450 PUT @ 4.25 (sold for 12.50)