/ES hedge

#Futures – Short /ES against short puts for basis improvement. I’ve been slightly over writing the puts to keep up with the rise. Taking some off to give ‘er more downside room.

Bought to Close /ES AUG 17 (Wk1) 2450 PUT @ 4.25 (sold for 12.50)

A Tiring Futures Day


i hit it hard today, on Both the YM and ES..a tiring day…from 7am – 1pm..

Combined trades netted 1325 points..

My best ever trade day…Taking tomorrow off..


Futures Trades


8:30 Long ES at 2442 at Open
9:00 Exit at 2447, new HOD
gain 5 Points ( equal to 50 YM Points)

9:05 Short ES at 2446, at HOD bounce, as NQ crashed
10:00 Exit at 2434, at new LOD, under the Mid PP
gain 12 Points ( equal to 120 YM points )

9:35 Short YM at 430, at the 34ma, as YM follows the NQ crash
9:45 exit at 330, at the new LOD, just above the Main PP
gain 100 Points

all in all, not bad for a summer Monday…

/ES hedge

#Futures – A little more basis improvement on the short /ES hedge…so far keeping up with the rise. Should pay off someday when we get an Aug 2015 repeat.

SOLD /ES AUG 17 (Wk3) 2325 PUT @ 11.00

/ES hedge

#Futures – Love having some protection up here while gradually raising the basis.

I’ll take assignment Friday of a short /ES position @ 2396 basis. Sold a Jul 2400 put against it @ 27.00. That’s nicely profitable now so setting a stop on it at breakeven. Since it’s basically safe I’m adding an Aug put also.

SOLD /ES AUG 17 (Wk3) 2350 PUT @ 16.50

If we tank from here I’ll get stopped out at even on the Jul put and can then ride the short /ES down to 2350 and then decide where to roll the Aug put. Still decent downside protection but also the ability to raise the short basis all the way to 2440 if we don’t implode.

EDIT…actually it looks like Jun contracts expire Friday. I’ll need to roll that call out a week and then take assignment of the Sep contract.

YM Trades after 5pm


The UK event spooked the mkt at the 5pm open..gave me a chance to go long at the low of a 100 gap down..

Long at 21080, on the knee jerk reaction…
Exit at 21145 for a 65 point win

Long at 21128, off the S1 PP
exit at 21163, at the 34ma
35 pt win

a Nice headstart for friday..

/CL strangle

#Futures #ShortStrangles – Following hcgdavis into the oil fields…

SOLD /CL AUG 17 45/55 STRANGLE @ .83