sunday Open Trade YM


5pm Mkt opened reasonably flat…along the Vwap average line..
7:45 YM enters a squeeze, Wave moves above zero. Enter long YM at 20240, stop at 20220
8:00 YM squeeze trigger to the upside, Launch power strong above 50, ym starts to move up
8:30 YM moves above 20260, stop moved to BE
8:55 YM hits the 20280 level and stalls, wave and squeeze are declining, Trade closed, for 40 points
gain @ 40 points

Gives me a head start for the week coming..
also if the YM holds at 20260 or higher, we will open with a 30 or 40 point gap-up at 8:30 open..might be an opportunity for a open gap fade trade..

cheers, FW