Updated SPX Chart


Looking at the chart, with the squeeze and momentum taking off a week ago, it was evident, selling the downside was the way to go..as the squeeze fired up with accelerated momentum and price strength, I sold a delta 65 ITM put..its up 35%, for a nice gain…

There is a rule of 6, if we are up for 6 bars, it likely continues..

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Another day, another call spread stopped. Or two.

Bought to close $SPX March 16th 2390/2415 call spreads for 4.20. Sold Monday for 1.55.
#CondorRoll: Sold to Open SPX March 16th (same date) 2260/2285/2415/2440 iron condor for 4.45.

#ITMRoll: Bought to close SPX Feb 22nd 2300/2325 call spreads for 23.75. Sold for 7.50 on Feb 9th.
#CondorRoll (although each side sold separately):
Sold to open SPX March 1st 2305/2330 call spreads for 21.00
Sold to Open SPX March 1st 2320/2295 put spreads for 3.00

$UVXY #CoveredCalls – Adding some…

$UVXY #CoveredCalls – Adding some speculative short/partially covered calls on the late bump in volatility.
Sold UVXY FEB 17 2017 21.5 Calls @ 0.24 – expires in 2 days
Sold UVXY FEB 17 2017 22.5 Calls @ 0.15 – expires in 2 days
Sold 1 UVXY Mar 3 2017 22.5 Call @ 1.07
Sold UVXY Mar 10 2017 34.0 Calls @ 0.42

VIX moved up into the close

Sold $SVXY Jun 16 60 puts @ 1.41

SPX Roll



Feb 03 sell 2 mar 17 2190 puts $8.00 $1,600.00
Feb 15 buy 2 mar 10 2200 puts -$3.00 -$600.00

Gain @ 65%

Feb 15 Sell 2 Mar 17 2260 puts $5.70 $1,138.00

REGN put side roll up

#Earnings #ShortStrangles Taking a cue from @fuzzballl and rolling up the good side,
BTC REGN March 17th 330 put for 1.50. Sold in the 330/400 strangle for 6.10 last Friday.
STO REGN March 17th 350 put for 3.80, so 2.30 credit on the roll.

Looking like the 400 call may have to be rolled UP. All biotech surging.

TMUS straddle

Borrowing an idea from a Tasty Trader. IV rank is still high at 59 (earnings were yesterday).
Sold $TMUS Mar 17 60 straddle @ 4.30 credit with the stock at 61.06. Looking to take 25% out of this trade. Breakevens are 56.76 and 65.36.

$UVXY #ShortCalls, #ContangoEtfs Bought to…

$UVXY #ShortCalls, #ContangoEtfs Bought to close my Feb 17th UVXY calls @ .05.

SBUX, some stock sold

#Earnings #StockTrades Sold $SBUX stock for 56.80. This is slightly above breakeven for this lot. Putting various limits, trail stops, etc, on the rest. No too interested in holding long term, and covered call premium is too weak.

Was assigned the stock via earnings #IronButterfly… sold the long puts to reduce cost basis to 56.76.


STO March 24, 20.5 puts @0.53 cents