Expiration Closed Early and Some Trades

$SPX 2/27 2400/2375 BECS

Closed Early
$SVXY 3/17 BTC 45 put @ .05 99% profit
$SVXY 3/17 BTC 40 put @ .05 98% profit

$SPX STO 3/31 2225/2250 BUPS @ 1.25 Thank you @jeffcp66

#$RUT $SPX Knock off Campaign
$RUT 3/17 1315/1335 BUPS @ 1.20 (SUZ @OMM trade)

$UVXY STO 3/10 30 calls @ .30 Thank you @jdietz1954

SPX ITM roll

#SPXcampaign #ITMroll
Bought to close $SPX March 6th 2315/2340 call spreads for 23.40. Sold for 21.40 last Tuesday.
Sold to Open $SPX March 3rd 2325/2350 put spreads for 2.50 about 40 minutes before bell.
Sold to Open $SPX March 13th 2325/2350 call spreads for 20.55 about 10 minutes after the bell.

Was able to move up 10 points again, but wasn’t able to time the swings, so I have a .20 debit on this roll. That’s fine, since I have had credits on all previous rolls on this trade. Also I sold the put spread for this Friday so it won’t be in the way if we start a multi-week decline.

$DUST calls

Sold the following on the spike:
$DUST Apr 21 53 calls @ 1.38
$DUST Mar 31 41 calls @ 2.24
$DUST Mar 17 41 calls @ 1.20


STO September 50 puts @1.75


STO January 50 puts @ 3.40 in the IRA.

$GDX – what’s up with…

$GDX – what’s up with the GOLD Miners. The metal is within a few ticks of a 3 month high?


In an account that I manage.

STO January 60/250 strangle @9.90


STO January 55 puts @4.31 in same IRA. I am still waiting for the big correction.


STO June 55 puts @1.25 in my IRA> I am sitting on a lot of cash in that account.

STO June 60 puts @1.70 in my IRA.

$SVXY #ShortPuts Sold March 17th…

$SVXY #ShortPuts Sold March 17th 110 Puts @ 1.66. when $SVXY was at 128.06. Where upon TOS promptly crashed. Must have shocked the system. I now see that I was a bit early.