After close ES/YM Trades

Feb 01 5:05pm shorted ES as the TTM_Squeeze fired off to the 2275
Feb 02 00:10 am Exited my trade at 2265 as the TTM_Wave bars approached the zero line..another 1 PP move..
gain of 10 points..

Feb 01 5:05pm Shorted YM as the TTM_squeeze and TTM_Wave Fired in tandem to the downside at 19820
Feb 01 10:40pm Exit my trade at 19750, as the TTM_Wave bars cross the zero line, and the squeeze moves upward
gain of 70 points

#Earnings #SPXCampaign

$AMZN STO 2/17 910/900 BECS @ 1.18
$AMZN STO 2/17 790/800 BUPS @ 2.96
$BMY STO 2/3 48 put @ .45
$FB STO 2/3 123 put @ .70
$FB STO 2/3 125 put @ 1.00

$SPX STO 2/6 2325/2300 BECS @ 1.20
$SPX BTO 2/13 2330 2355 BUCS @ .40 (Lottery ticket – but a good idea – thanks @jeffcp66)

#longcalls #earnings
$ULTA BTO 3/17 260 call @18 Earnings March 9th

VIX Indicator and SPX Chart…

VIX Indicator and SPX Chart have been updated

SVXY adjustment

OK…here’s what I did…gulp. Since it’s in an #IRA I can’t leave the short call naked so wanted to do something to get it out of the way of the long call profit.

Bought to Close SVXY JUN 16 2017 115.0 Call @ 22.20
Sell to Open SVXY SEP 15 2017 200.0/170.0 Bull put spread @ 24.70

So….a 2.50 credit for the roll and 3.00 for the original call sale for a total of 5.50 on the 30 wide spread. Now let’s say when Sept. rolls around SVXY is trading at 30. I would own 100 shares at a basis of 54.50. Not bad when you factor in all the other shares that would be in the position at much much lower prices from put exercises and outright stock buys…( I actually hope this happens!)

If we don’t get an implosion (not likely) this position would still have a shot at expiring worthless.

Now…the rest of the story:

Still holding Jan. 2019 70 strike long call currently at 65.75 (bought for 43.00) so nicely green. Also still holding Jan 2019 50/30 bull put spreads that are working. I can now manage these as necessary without the short call issue. Seems worth the hassle to hang onto the big gains…

For everyone else that’s looking to re-load on SVXY, this adjustment almost guarantees that the opportunity will be here soon! 🙂 🙂

$UPS #FallingKnife – another good…

$UPS #FallingKnife – another good candidate

$FB Up after hours to 137.26 now.

Looking good for #earnings

ANTM puts

BTC Feb. 17 135 puts @0.05, sold @1.35

$FB #Earnings Sold Feb 17…

$FB #Earnings
Sold Feb 17 125/140 strangle for 2.50. Using the monthly expiration to get some more premium.

SPX stuck

#SPXcampaign It seems we may like to stay in consolidation. Last week we had a small push up that never amounted to much, and this week we’ve had the same thing down. In the end, we’re still stuck. Maybe jobs report Friday will unstick us, but I’m not waiting.

Adding an extra condor, each side sold separately:
Sold to Open $SPX Feb 21st 2300/2325 call spreads for 5.40
Sold to Open $SPX Feb 21st 2250/2225 put spreads for 3.60

A question: Is it prudent to buy back

$FB STO 2/3 125 put @ 1.00 (Now at .48)
$FB STO 2/3 123 put @ .70 (Now at .25)


Interesting predicament here…

Originally bought a 2019 call with the intention of selling front month calls against it. As you know SVXY has been screaming up. I’ve rolled the call out to June but it’s still not enough. It’s just about offsetting my call profits….Grrr.
To get it out of the way I’m thinking about rolling it out to Sep or next Jan to a DITM 20 wide put spread. Then…I can book the profits on the long call at some point and worse case scenario I’d own a little SVXY at a basis of about 18-20 dollars above where it’s trading. If it doesn’t tank and keeps rising it would be a bonus.

Am I crazy?

Looking at:

BTC SVXY June 115 call and STO Sep 225/200 BuPS @ 1.75 credit. Or…can go out to Jan for a 20 wide.

$SVXY #ShortCalls – Sold 1…

$SVXY #ShortCalls – Sold 1 SVXY Jan 19 2018 225.0 Call @ 5.30 with the stock at 121.08

late Day Trade


Feb 01 13:28pm Short ES at 2277 just before the Squeeze fired to the downside..Wave signalled a down move
Feb 01 13:41pm exit my trade as teh ES crossed the Center pivot line and stalled at the 2272 as the squeeze bars flattened out..and the wave bars reversed..

Gain of 5 points , 250/point

Trading done for today…


After the rate no change decision

STO Feb 10 $32 calls @ $0.33

Now have full call ladder for next week.

VIX tick

Looks like the FOMC 2pm ET volatility resulted in a bad VIX tick, down to 9.97, which would be lowest level since February 2007. I’m not buying it… look for it to be adjusted in a day or two.


Bored….selling against March 290 call. Feb 260 put looking safe.

Sold IBB MAR 17 2017 260.0 Put @ 2.75

UAA put spread

Under Armour UAA Mar17 22.5/17.5 put spread sold for $1.48 ($.84 in the money)

Missed YM trade



I missed the 80 point drop in YM at 9:03, as I was in a trade with ES…just to show you I am not as good as I would like to be..I should have got them both as they both tracked down for a pivot-pivot move…

MRK earnings

#Earnings #IronButterfly Not a big mover on earnings, so playing for little to no movement.
Sold to Open $MRK Feb 3rd 60/62/64 iron butterfly for 1.19. Max risk .81.

Oct. 25, 2016 BO 1.97%
July 29, 2016 BO 0.39%
May 5, 2016 BO -1.31%
Feb. 3, 2016 BO -0.71%
Oct. 27, 2015 BO 1.05%
July 28, 2015 BO 0.92%
April 28, 2015 BO 5.04%
Feb. 4, 2015 BO -3.22%

Oct. 27, 2014 BO -2.01%
July 29, 2014 BO 1.05%
April 29, 2014 BO 3.59%
Feb. 5, 2014 BO 0.03%

Avg move = 1.8%

#ULTA Earnings

$ULTA BTO 3/17 260 call @ 18
Earnings expected March 9.

FB earnings

#Earnings #StockTrades #ShortPuts #CoveredCalls
Already long stock, short 138 and 140 covered calls, short 126 and 129 puts.

Today, sold to open $FB Feb 3rd 123 puts for .65. Will add more if price goes up.

Biggest UP move: 15.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.1%, Average move: 5.6%. This trade is 6% OTM.

ES Trade

Feb 01 9:03am Shorted ES as the TTM_Squeeze triggered to the downside with good power…at 2282
Feb 01 9:14am Exited my trade at the 2277 as the Squeeze and Wave bars changed direction..
gain of 5 points, 250/pt…


SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX March 3rd 2345/2370 call spreads for 1.40, with SPX at 2281. Missed fills on the early pop up.

#Rolling Sold to Open $SPX Feb 6th 2290/2315 call spreads for 4.10. It seems we are having trouble getting higher. So I am hedging my long trades with aggressive short trades. I will roll this if we break above 2290 before Monday’s expiration.

#OptionsExpiration Expired last night: SPX Jan 31st 2225/2200 put spreads. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 4.60 on Jan 6th.

Pre-Market YM trade

#ym #futures

Feb 01 06:22am Went Long 5 contracts YM(dow-mini’s) as TTM_Squeeze triggered to the upside,
Feb 01 08:40am Exited my YM trade as it bounced and stalled the R1 pivot, at 19890
gain of 70 points, 25/pt


$MYL #CoveredCalls – a nice…

$MYL #CoveredCalls – a nice pop this morning pushes the premiums up a bit.
Sold MYL APR 21 2017 42.5 Calls @ 0.81
Sold MYL JUL 21 2017 47.5 Calls @ 0.73

Closing Earnings Trade

$AAPL 2/3 122 call @ 6.00 A nice triple

ANTM puts closed

#Earnings Bought to close $ANTM Feb 3rd 152.5 puts for .35. Now need a pullback below 155 to get out with profit. (Sold 145/152.5/155/162.5 #IronCondor yesterday for 3.75).

$IBB iron condor closed

BTC Feb 17 305/300/260/255 for 0.50. Originally sold for 1.50. Will take the 66% max profit and looking to reload something similar for March expiration.

#earnings $FB STO 2/3 125…

$FB STO 2/3 125 put @ 1.00

AAPL puts closed

#Earnings Bought to close $AAPL Feb 3rd 121 puts for .02. Now looking for a pullback below 124 by Friday’s close. (Sold the 118/121/124 #IronButterfly yesterday for 2.44)