AMZN down initially

Looks pretty good for neutral plays as it should come back by morning or midday.
CMG also looks good for neutral plays.


Squeeze setting up
wave below zero
price at 19811
Stop at 19830

RL adding

Sold $RL Apr 21 70 puts @ 1.80.
I put on Jul 60 puts this morning so I know have a small ladder in this name.

Fuzzzy .. ES



you could have had another 8 points on the 10-11am slide from the 2278-2270 lines..same setup as the others..
wave @ zero
trend bars go red
exit at the bounce
wave momentum changes

CMG earnings

Sold CMG FEB 3 2017 400.0/450.0 Strangle @ 4.40

AMZN earnings

#Earnings – Sold 810/840/840/870 iron fly @ 26.25

Risk 3.75 to make 26.25. Sold 30 wide on a 35.75 expected move.

CVS puts–#FallingKnife

Sold $CVS Jul 21 65 puts @ 1.44

Fuzzy – Chart Explanation


Fuzzy, the chart explains what I see when I trade and what I look for…
60 point move…


@fibwizard Watching your Futures activity…


Watching your Futures activity and the member commentary, really seems like a very positive method. Following the commentary by its nature comes in choppy statements. Are you aware of a source to study the overall method. For example, did John Carter’s book “Mastering the Trade” go into detail of this approach

RL puts

Sold $RL Jul 21 60 puts @ 1.30.