Too Much Too Soon? Only Time Will Tell

Inspired by @jeffcp66

$SPX 2/17 2295/2310 BUPS @ 1.15
$SPX 2/24 2275/2300 BUPS @ 2.10
$SPX STO 3/17 2200/2235 BUPS @ 2.10


I took my profit on the 600 call in 2019 and the 500 put in 2019 and also covered the 785 call for this Friday. Altogether, it was over a 20% gain on that trade. I got the idea from Fuzzball so a hat tip to him.

BTO Mar17 SPX 2300/2295 1.30…

BTO Mar17 SPX 2300/2295 1.30 Debit

More stops, more rolls

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Feb 16th 2335/2360 call spreads for 4.25. Sold for 1.40 on Jan 20th.
#ReverseRoll Sold to Open $SPXPM Feb 17th 2320/2295 put spreads for 3.45, 1.5x position size. I keep daring the market to have kind of pullback… it’ll work one of these times.

Bought to close SPX March 10th 2360/2385 call spreads for 3.90. Sold for 1.45 last Tuesday.
#CondorRoll Sold to Open SPX March 16th 2200/2225/2400/2425 condors for 2.80, 1.5x position size

Couple of Late Trades

#shortputs #shortcalls
$JNUG STO 2/17 11 put @ .45
$T STO 3/24 41.5 call @ .40 (covered)

Closed Early
$SPY STC 2/17 230 call @ 3.15 BTO 1/27 @ 1.36

$WDC covered call

$WDC Feb 17 80.00 covered call in #IRA.
Cost 78.14 when stock at 78.55.
Wanted the stock, but if called away on Friday it is a nice bit of cash.

/VXJ7 quickie…

Sold last night and covering today. Thought we might get a little more drop but I’ll gladly take the .20 gain…

Bought to Close /VXJ7 @ 14.85 (sold for 15.05)

Anyone up for selling a…

Anyone up for selling a strangle on MLM?

REGN aggressive roll

Rolling put side of March strangle up to the 50ma…

Rolled Mar 330 put up to Mar 360 @ 5.17 credit.

New position is now 360/395 strangle @ 11.82


STO March 3, 2270 puts @4.20

I am taking one for the team so we can get some volatility.