PANW patience

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Relieved to see a big spike UP in this one, reverse of last quarter’s spike down. This should pay off holding the underwater position for three months. (sorry, @fuzzballl)

NUGT and DUST closures (+ one for FB)

#ContangoETFs Closed up a few with decent profit to clear the slate for new sales. Focussed mostly on short calls on both; puts riskier in these downward racing dogs.

BTC DUST June 9th 47 calls for .05. Sold for 1.25 on Apr 27th
BTC DUST June 16th 24/47 strangles for .65. Sold for 2.85 on Apr 26th
BTC NUGT June 16th 51 call for .16. Sold for 1.05 on May 17th

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #StockTrades
STO FB June 16th 150 call for 3.75. #Rolling for 100 shares I plan to keep longer term, as practice in managing covered calls on an up trending stock.

Goodbye PEP

#Earnings #StockTrades
Sold to close all PEP stock for 113.75. I don’t need this weighing me down if we’re going to have market volatility. Cost basis 113.20 from earnings #IronButterfly last month.

FB trades, continued

#Earnings #StockTrades #CoveredCalls
As per my previous post, more stock sold at 138.80, and BTC March 31st 140 call for .90 (sold for 1.40 on 2/22).

FB trades

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #StockTrades
With FB hitting all-time highs this morning, I first sold the April 28th 145 covered call for 2.00. I then put Trailing Stops on my stock position, at three levels: 2.00, 3.50, and 5.00 trails.

The 2.00 trail was hit, so sold one-third of the stock for 140.30. Cost basis 131.20.

MELI trade closed, FB stock sold

#Earnings Bought to close $MELI March 17th 180 puts for .50. Sold for 2.00 yesterday.

Sold to close $FB stock for 135.21. This is one-fourth of my position of my 13-month earnings trade. Cost basis 132.88 on this lot.

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FB covered calls

#Earnings #StockTrades #CoveredCalls #Rolling
BTC FB Feb 24th 140 covered call for .04. Sold for 1.07 on Jan 13th.
STO FB Mar 31st 140 c0vered call for 1.40.