#spy sell 4 NOV 2022…

sell 4 NOV 2022 368 PUT @2.15

SNAP stock

#LongStock #AfterHours
Sold to close $SNAP long stock for 20.14. Bought for 17.45 (avg price) after hours on earnings day, May 10th. Struggling a bit at this level so I’m dumping it. Don’t often trade shares this way but it seemed like a good buy, and it was!

$SVXY #ShortPuts #AfterHours – Bought…

$SVXY #ShortPuts #AfterHours – Bought to close 1 SVXY May 05 2017 80.0 Put @ 0.01.
Sold on 03/24/17 @ 1.25

$UVXY #ShortCalls #Afterhours – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #Afterhours – Sold 1 UVXY May 19 2017 40.0 Call @ 1.91

$SVXY #ShortPuts – #Afterhours fills…

$SVXY #ShortPuts#Afterhours fills
Sold 1 SVXY May 12 2017 75.0 Put @ 1.29
Sold 1 SVXY May 19 2017 75.0 Put @ 1.53
Sold 1 SVXY Jun 2 2017 75.0 Put @ 1.95

PANW stock sold

#AfterHours #StockTrades #Earnings
Sold to Close $PANW stock for 146.52. Bought for 140.85 after their earnings announcement, after hours on Nov 21st. This was supposed to be a 1-hour to 1-day trade. But it decided to dip down below 124.00 before recovering.

$SVXY # CoveredCalls #AfterHours -…

$SVXY # CoveredCalls #AfterHours – Some late reports
Sold SVXY AUG 19 2016 65.0 Calls @ 0.50
Sold SVXY SEP 16 2016 60.0 Calls @ 2.80

AAPL stock

#AfterHours #LongStock Sold to close $AAPL stock for 99.00, breakeven from my purchase after hours on earnings day. That was second half of my position. For the first half, I sold it at 93.50 and also sold a July 95 call, now naked. I will rock and roll with this position as the stock wavers.

Impressed with its recovery. I have only a small position but I know many people that are long this stock, so happy for them. However, I don’t trust it much above 100 in the near-term. If you are long, I would at least put a trailing stop on it and not be long if it gets below 96 again.

AAPL roll out

#StockTrades #AfterHours #CoveredCalls
STC $AAPL stock for 93.50. Bought for 99.00 after hours on earnings day. Played for a bounce but instead got a crater. This is half my position, rolling into an options strangle. Will sell put on down day, but for today…
STO $AAPL July 15th 95 call for 2.85. For the moment, this is covered because I have the other half of my stock. I anticipate this will be before their earnings date.

After hours GOOGL trade

#Earnings #AfterHours
Last night bought $GOOGL stock for 730. Sold half a few minutes later for 740. Stopped myself out on the rest at 734.00. The profit is double what I lost on the bullish butterfly I bought yesterday, so all’s good.