#ShortStrangles #Futures #Hedges – Catching up on some losers although I look at my ES hedge as being a #TakeOneForTheTeam 🙂 🙂 .

/ES: Stopped out on the big run. Best money I ever spent!
Sold /ES APR 21 (Wk3) 3460/3060 Put Spread @ 16.75 (bought for 34.00 and these are $50 per point)

TSLA: After chasing this around with a bunch of rolls bailing on it. Not worth the hassle.
Bought to Close TSLA MAR 19 2021 560.0/770.0 Strangle @ 18.50 (sold for 16.85)


#Hedges – Taking a small loss on this hedge. I’ve still got some long volatility in my UVXY positions so don’t need the added risk here. Nice bounce today letting my out.

Bought to Close VIX MAR 20 2020 15.0/13.0 Bull Put Spreads
Sold to Close VIX MAR 20 2020 17.0/22.0 Bull Call Spread

Closed for .14 debit. Original trade was put on for a .06 credit. Net loss .08


#Hedges – @Kelly has inspired me to venture back into the belly of the beast. This is similar to my recent “beer money” trade. Going out to March and selling put spreads to finance call spreads and doing it all for a credit. I’ll be looking to book it on any decent spikes. Might sell a few extra UVXY calls while I’m holding this…

Sold VIX MAR 20 2020 15.0/13.0 Bull Put Spreads
Bought VIX MAR 20 2020 17.0/22.0 Bull Call Spread

Entire package for a net credit of .06

Max gain of 5.06 but would probably book it at much less than that. Max loss of 1.94 if VIX is below 13.06 at expiration.


#assignment Letting LABU, TQQQ and…


Letting LABU, TQQQ and TNA all be called out tomorrow. All profitable but I am exiting the triple game after seeing the tasty trade research.

Also staying out of earnings as much as I can. My earnings track record is not so good, lost on 8 out of 5 when I decided to stay out a few quarters ago. I will stay in them if I already have #fuzzy on.

Making enough money just doing #pietrades, #fuzzy, #hedges, and Pie trade #optionladder that I can stick with those. May be boring to some, but it is mechanical and it works. 2 accounts hit all time highs the last 2 weeks and both had SVXY in them. 2 down, 1 to go but that was the biggest loss and will take more time but on a portfolio basis I am back above my cost basis so technically all the losses have been covered 🙂

20 months to break even.

Plan not to ever do that again 🙂 🙂

And the hedges will help, see below.

Theotrade VIX hedge…

#Hedges -From last weekend’s freebie. Go to the 10:30 mark to see his VIX hedge. Basically sell puts to finance bull call spreads. Could be getting close to time again…



#SyntheticStock – Closing down the hedge on my SLB Jan’19 67.5/67.5/65 synthetic stock, BTC SLB Mar9’18 67.5 calls for 1.40, sold these last week for 0.28 so loss of 1.12 per contract. Instead of rolling immediately I’m gonna leave unhedged for now, SLB looks to be blasting out of a volatility squeeze (I hope!).


#Hedges They kill a good…

They kill a good trade unless the #Fuzzy is far out.


STC Feb 16 #Fuzzy 43/43/41 Long $1.10
1-28-18 cost 1.29 less 2 #Hedges net cost 61.25 Profit 46.25
Missed taking it off a few days ago.