CC vs naked puts

We all know the graphs look the same but after a year of doing both I discovered something that makes a difference. I set up 1 account and have only traded CC in that account, a combination in the others mostly as #pietrades.

Interesting dynamics, both have performed well but the puts/call account did about 57.7% annualized. The CC only looks like it will be close to 88% annualized. That is a significant difference and the difference between doubling an account in 12-13 months vs. 18-24 months.

Very important now that 2 of my big IRA accounts are now little accounts from the SVXY debacle. At 88% could replace all the lost money in 3 years.

So anyway, selling ATM or even slightly ITM CC may improve returns compared to just selling puts. I think mostly because they are OTM and the ATM options have more premium. They also seem to be easier to roll down and when you roll them up you get appreciation plus extra income.

Feb 15 #Fuzzy Land Whew!…

Feb 15 #Fuzzy Land
Whew! Sea sick anyone?
1. Closed yesterday’s SPY #AtomicFuzzy for 41% profit on the core trade, total of $580. During the brief market swoon today I thought I’d take the profit. I didn’t anticipate the huge up move that followed.
My future Atomics will be set with April expiration unless I specifically want a quick flip.
2. Opened a new AAPL Atomic Fuzzy: Apr 170/170/165 @ 6.39 x 2, 180/185 Call Credit Spread @ 1.35 x 4. AAPL had a nice MACD cross today on the daily.
3. Closed the 15 DIA Fuzzies that I opened yesterday for a $1700 profit.
4. Rolled hedges on the AAPL and FB fuzzy bears that are taking heat.

My CLOSED fuzzy total for the quarter now is $26,454. I sure would like to reclaim that 50-handle…but I’m still being cautious. This string of powerful up moves….not a single one of them is a 1-standard deviation move. How can that be, you ask? The down move on Feb 5 was 5.4 standard deviations….as long as that bar stays in the SD average for compilations, it will affect all other bars printing. So, even though I’m looking for 3 1-SD up bars to confirm the rally, I have to keep in mind that the bars are being tamped down by that massive Feb 5 bar. Any indicators that you use that are tied to standard deviations will be seeing the same skew.

Closed Another SPX Early

$SPX BTC 2/16 2650/2675 BUPS @ .20 STO @ 1.75 Last week it was a BIG negative Thank you @jeffcp66 I know I am learning. Appreciate your incites. I mean insights, although lately many of us have become incited. And Lady Luck .

CYBR covered calls

Sold $CYBR Apr 20 50 calls @ 1.65. Been writing calls on this stock for quite some time. With this sale, my basis has been reduced by 14.25 (originally acquired at 57.40 so basis now 43.15). Selling the 50s gives me a little more upside as well, with the stock decisively breaking through resistance and just about filling the gap from July.

Here we go again

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX March 9th 2810/2835 call spreads for 3.40. Sold for 1.50 last Thursday. Holding off on roll for now.

TQQQ Bearish Fuzzy

BTO Jan. 2019, 165 put @ 35.207

STO Jan. 2019, 165 call@ 30.985

BTO Jan., 2019 170 call @ 28.403

STO Feb.23,155 put @ 2.846

Trade cost 29.80 plus the 5.00 spread, so I need .73 cents per week to break even.

SPX Campaign / Closed Early SPX WUBA OLED CRM WYNN / Rolled DVN

$SPX STO 2/23 2665/2690 BUPS @ 4.75 and @ 6.70
$SPX STO 3/16 2475/2500 BUPS @ 1.40
$SPX STO 3/16 2875/2850 BUPS @ 1.80 Thank you for all @jeffcp66

$BIDU STO 3/16 210/220/270/270 IC for 2.50

Closed Early I’m a little gun shy
$SPX BTC 2/21 2675/2700 BUPS @ 5.00 STO 2/13 @ 16.80 Thank you again kind sir @jeffcp66
$WUBA STC 2/16 75/85 BUCS @ 3.73 BTO 1/5 @ 5.00 Several days ago it was nearly 100% loss. Today only 26% loss. Of course before that which should not be named happened there was significant profit. Will probably open another BUCS in this name in hopes of earnings run. Earnings 2/26.
$OLED BTC 2/16 BUPS @ 7.00 STO @ 2.55 Made up some ground recently on $AAPL resurgence.
$CRM STC 2/16 105/115 BUCS @ 6.72. BTO at 3.50 Happy 😉
$WYNN BTC 2/16 150/160 BUPS @ .20 (GTC order) STO 1/30 at 2.84

$DVN Rolled 2/16 41 put to 3/9 41 put for even.

#earnings #shortputspread DE Sold March…

#earnings #ironcondor DE
Sold March 16, 140/150/180/190 for 1.70

Taking off BIIB

I’m using today’s small bounce to get out of this short put for tomorrow’s expiration. It’s now above the strike price slightly so I’m out and taking my modest profit.
Bought to close $BIIB Feb 16 300 put @ 2.25. Sold for 3.60 on 1/8.


Closed #Fuzzy Ran through #Hedge 6.89 total cost 3.57 327.75 Profit

Thank You Sue & Fuzzball

BTO 2-5-18 162.5/162.5/160 Long 4.50 170.00 hedge got me